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  1. And yeah, Cam’s arm looked fine. Looked the best it’s looked since 2017 to me honestly.
  2. Cutting him was a massive bone-headed decision that made next to zero sense then and makes even less fuging sense now. I’d be having a nice little talk with Rhule if I were Tepper right about now. Ask him what exactly his plan is, if he even has one.
  3. Thanks for deciding the game there refs, fuging cocksuckers
  4. Refs decide to start calling holding on the most important drive of the game lol
  5. It’s about time for Heineke to fumble or throw a pick
  6. Lol wtf delay of game as soon as we break the huddle?
  7. Love how the defense gives up once Cam gets back lol
  8. Jesus I didn't think we'd ever see that again.... poo is crazy SUPER CAAAAAM
  9. have the skins been called for ANYTHING today other than that horsecollar which saved a TD?
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