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  1. Well Bryce is really showing something today. I’m impressed.
  2. We win that game nine times out of ten. We picked a bad day to have a bad day.
  3. Literally just typed in ‘Cam Newton winning the Super Bowl holding the Lombardi trophy’ into Bing image creator and this is what popped out. This might be the only win we get this season.
  4. I was a rabid Cam defender/fan since day 1 from here to the falcons, saints and bucs boards, various other forums, Reddit, and of course, real life. He’s one of my favorite athletes in any sport, period. He was a great guy that caught a hell of a lot of undue hate, criticism and outright racism. He was an extremely great player that got dealt a pretty raw hand and he was always marginalized by the greater NFL fandom. If you were an objective fan of the Panthers and Cam then you almost had to defend him because it seemed like us against the world in many ways with the way he was always misrepresented and painted. Bryce seems like a great guy but he’s done absolutely nothing to impress me on the football field so far. No one really “hates” Bryce like they did Cam, so I don’t really see what there is to defend. Maybe I’m just starting to get old, but criticism of his on field play is completely justified so far. Hopefully he develops into a good QB, but if he doesn’t… well… woo boy are we screwed.
  5. This team was just starting to finally instill some real culture during Cam’s tenure here and find some identity…. then we completely gutted it. Who the fug is on the team that even played with Cam? JJ Jansen and Shaq Thompson? lol This franchise was set back about a decade when we cut ties with Cam and Rivera. We could at least continue to give mother fuging touchdown balls to kids in the stadium. If we can ever manage to get another touchdown on offense that is.
  6. “Flashes of brilliance” it’s okay bro, you ain’t gotta lie
  7. lol can’t believe we slowed it down there banking on a 2 pt conversion.
  8. Not so fast. Run up the middle for 0-1 yards on 1st and 2nd then screen pass on 3rd is gonna catch em off guard eventually.
  9. Are there only 2 plays in the fuging playbook for Bryce?
  10. Can someone check Frank for a fuging pulse? What the fug was that poo?
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