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  1. Maybe Steve needs to spend a little less time on WFNZ and more time working on catching balls. I've seen more drops from him this year than in all the rest of his career combined. Hate to see him age out.
  2. Heck if its a fumble we three and out it or turn it over......not a lot of difference.
  3. This is why we don't sign Cam to a hundred million contract.
  4. Back to the Cam and Shula we know...or thought we knew.
  5. Let's see. Cam in the second half when the game hung in the balance led the team to .....zero points. I can see why folks are upset. No way could a veteran like Derek lead the team to this high point total. I have an idea. Since Cam has failed miserably in second halfs let him play the first half and Derek the second. I dare say we can't do much worse than we are now.
  6. I'm going to start a Therapy Center in Charlotte for all you Cam fans when the Panthers cut ties with him either next year or the year after. He's no better than Josh Freeman right now. Actually he may be less than Josh since Josh did have a season with 10 wins. Cam got 10 of his 14 wins (took him two seasons) after other teams quit trying. Cam's a great athlete but after two seasons the NFL's defenses have caught up with him. Time to get something for him while a little glimmer remains.
  7. My criticism of Cam's play has nothing to do with race and I won't dignify your post by saying anything else about it.
  8. I am far from a troll. PSL holder since season 2. If he is calling 70 percent of his plays then that's all the more reason he's not getting it done. I think the announcers just said what the Panthers coaches told them since one of the greatest criticisms of Cam from folks who've played the game is that he doesn't have the contidence of the coaches to change plays. Steve Smith when asked about it this week gave one of the longest non answers I've ever heard about it without saying Cam can change plays.
  9. I don't hate Cam. He's just become irrelevant in year 3. His weaknesses are being exploited. And as for facts...wait till he's no longer here and then judge who has his facts.
  10. If Coughlin is here I've got a PSL I'll give away.
  11. I think Gettleman's non endorsement of Cam as the QB of the future should speak volumes to anyone who's listening. You saw today how teams will handle him. He locks in on his receiver, doesn't call audibles in his third year, doesn't have the confidence of teammates in fact he distances himself from them when off the field, when you have a speedy linebacker spying on him he's no threat to run,.....the list goes on and on.
  12. Cam's out of here at the end of his contract anyway. I bet right now whoever the new coach of the Panthers is will not come with Cam. It's a clean slate with probably only Kuechly safe. Everyone else is expendable.
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