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  1. What was the rationale behind that anyway? It seemed arbitrary and like the No Fun League at its best.
  2. My dad's good friend had a farm out near Statesville that we spent many a Saturday hanging out on when I was little. Beautiful country but, yeah what you said.
  3. Maybe if the cost of living is considered in conjunction with its proximity to Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, Boone, etc. I'm sure a trailer out in Iredell county somewhere would run you cheaper. It has a ton of chain restaurants, retail, and so on. If you like Let's Go Brandon bumper stickers and rebel flags they've got you more than covered there too.
  4. If you saw the OP before entering this thread you knew what to expect
  5. Quandale Dingle is a sleeper who will turn some heads imo
  6. Yeah we're talking about a business which owns the capital and the means of production striking a tax deal with a government body. It's inherently categorically incorrect to call that "socialism" lmao.
  7. Does anybody know if guys are still signing contracts in that broom closet we used to see pictures of?
  8. I don't know what you guys are talking about, modern country is highly creative and varied. Here, look at the charts for this week: 1. Wheeler Shelton, "My Truck Ain't Fancy" 2. Sturgill Walker, "(She Ain't) Fancy Like Them" 3. Shelton Sturgill, "Ain't Nothin' Fancy About Me" 4. Walker Bentley, "AI Generated Combination of References to Trucks, Beer, and not Being Fancy" 5. Aaron Lewis "(fug Joe Biden and fug You and You'll Be Sorry when the Boogaloo Happens) My Truck"
  9. Yeah he was a good zone CB in his prime but with Horn, Henderson, and yeah even Donte Jackson we're built to run a man scheme
  10. I wonder why people talk so much about Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule on a Carolina Panthers message board
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