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  1. Wasn't he a decent receiving RB for the Lions a year or two back?
  2. Yeah you don't want to be knocked out, unable to protect yourself, and headed down on concrete Of course there have been times when I've been at a Panthers game where we just got shithoused and was irritated with the visiting fans rubbing it in our faces. But if you're not prepared for that then maybe stay home.
  3. Go to Guitar Center and buy the cheapest guitar they have. Now go on YouTube and search "beginner guitar tutorials" Congratulations, you now have a better hobby than serial shitposting about a below replacement level backup quarterback on a Panthers fan forum
  4. If you can't handle your fourth Bud Light maybe you shouldn't have it e: chrome dome in the purple shirt got fuging rocked, he was concussed or had a fractured facial bone or both. Reminds me of that kid who popped that Eagles fan in 2017.
  5. Panthers Suck!! Before you knock the Jets why don't you look at how many ex-Jets are on your team! Your team has 2 QB's from the Jets. One of your teams best WR's is an ex-Jet. Don't knock the NY Jets!! The Panthers problem is it's a 1 man team. Without Christian McCaffrey the team stinks. Look at the games your team won and it was all due to Christian McCaffrey. The bottom line is the Panthers really are not any better of a team than the Jets. At least the Jets problem is it's a team of 2nd year plyers and rookies. Nor like the Panthers that have a bunch of Veteran players. Go Jets!! **AZJETSFAN**
  6. Danny Dimes has been an NFL offensive player of the week this month. Nobody should sleep on the Panthers' ability to poo the bed.
  7. I'd give it to Rivera over Fox by a hair tbh. His Super Bowl loss was way worse and he only took us to one conference title game but getting to go to the playoffs three years in a row including the monster run in 2015 was such a breath of fresh air. But yeah in general they're the exact same style of coach with Rivera being modestly more flexible. Which isn't saying much admittedly.
  8. I bet Fox would rather go 0-16 his way and get fired than start a rookie Cam Newton in 2011. Maybe I'm getting my events mixed up here but iirc he brought in Brian St. Pierre and started him on like a week's prep against the Ravens to give Hurney the finger over drafting Clausen against his wishes.
  9. That dude's life is dedicated to shitting on everybody who isn't Marty Hurney. He used to write paper bricks about how we'd rue the day we let Gary fuging Barnidge go because of that fluke Pro Bowl year he had in Cleveland when he was like 30.
  10. Even if the game was at BOA it would be like a road game anyway. I was at the game in 2018 with the Gano 63 yarder and it was 50/50 at best. They were louder than the home fans and talking poo the entire time too.
  11. On that note, props to everyone who read that thread about the "best practice yet" last week and knew exactly what was about to happen.
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