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  1. Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney kept that guy's career alive a good two or three years longer than it should have lasted. People rightfully poo on Fitterer but Hurney was good for drafting some dude out of like Lenoir Rhyne in the second or third round every year
  2. Yeah he's a heavy-footed mauler and it's becoming clear he's not the athletic tackle we need in this zone blocking scheme. In the right scheme he could maybe be a LT but he'd be wiping away his tears with hundred dollar bills as an All Pro LG. It's not like those guys don't get paid.
  3. They're as likely to score as Beavis and Butt-head
  4. So... the flag wasn't for the hit? Now that was confusing.
  5. Those kind of penalties should be like targeting and subject to review. That was a clean hit.
  6. Tom Brady fumbles that ball. Sometimes I wonder what you people are watching
  7. Yep time to back the offense up after an electric play
  8. Great effort by Sanders to keep the legs pumping
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