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  1. It always got on my nerves when people would lose avatar bets and just have to change their userpic to something stupid like half the other ones on this board (e: like all of mine). Make them change it to the Saints logo or something that would get them flamed out of every thread.
  2. Every draft board in the country exploded after pick 3
  3. Really though what the hell is Denver doing. Their QB room right now is like Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater
  4. Oh yeah well let's see him get away with OPI like Tony Gonzalez then I'll be impressed
  5. lol he went to the same school and everything. How did I not remember that. McNair too.
  6. ngl I think he's the most intriguing QB in this class. Like we know what Lawrence is but Lance given a year or two to sit and learn could be special.
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