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  1. This kid in middle school was just going off one morning about this group he had seen on MTV that he called "The Bloody Monkeys". I was 13 then and watched about a thousand hours of MTV a week, but I had no idea what I was talking about. He gave me nonstop poo for probably three weeks because I hadn't heard of "The Bloody Monkeys". Years later I put it together that he must have seen that they were called Blood something or other, and then conjugated that into The Bloody Monkeys because they were wearing monkey costumes in the video. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  2. There's always going to be some horseplay with kids but some poo like that can turn tragic easily. If we were doing that and some adults saw it they never tolerated it for good reason. I remember getting into a fight with a bigger, stronger kid who was older than me at a public pool once. He overpowered me and had me in a chokehold underwater in the shallow end. I still remember the sensation of not being able to escape and not being able to breathe no matter how much I was struggling to.
  3. Your body has a natural tendency to float, so if you get free of the vehicle/whatever and let go you'll float to the surface. Then there are a few different techniques you can use to float until help arrives: https://aceboater.com/en-us/in-water-survival Trust me though I get it. My grandmother on my mom's side was a young child in Wyoming back in the era when a lot of rural people still got around by horse, and there was some kind of incident where the family tried to cross a river and she almost drowned. She was terrified of water her entire life. Like wouldn't even get into the shallow end of a pool at the beach.
  4. Just look at the demise of Sports Illustrated. I used to comb through a hundred thousand words about coffee, airports, and other random bullshit in Peter King's column every week hoping to find a precious sentence or two about the Panthers. Now you just to go to YouTube or Twi-uh, X, and find hours upon hours of guys breaking down our film in absurd detail. And it's free... ish.
  5. I have YouTube TV and cancel it after the draft until the preseason pretty much. With us not having a 1st round pick this year I might even dip after the NCAA tournament is over. Hell even my boomer parents have cut the cord and use a FireStick now. Cable TV won't really be a thing in 10 years imo, if even that.
  6. I was raised Greek Orthodox and according to church doctrine I punched my ticket to heaven when I was baptized as an infant, so it's all good G.
  7. I'm not a big college basketball guy but NC State palpably had something going into that game, you could feel it. UNC seemed kind of loose in the pre game whereas NC State looked torqued up to about 11.
  8. Big ups to Duke, Carolina, Utah State, and Wake Forest for completely fuging up my parlays this week
  9. It depends on the teachings of the denomination. Premillennialism (there's a checklist of events that will happen and then Jesus will snatch people up into heaven while everybody left on earth suffers through the Tribulation before the final judgment) didn't become mainstream thought in the Protestant denominations until the 18-19th centuries. Trying to interpret events in global politics as being analogous to Revelation has been going on forever, across the rise and fall of different superpowers, empires, regimes, etc. 9/11, the Iraq War, Y2K, etc. were all supposed to be ballgame just in my lifetime. I'd also say we were much closer to WWIII during the Cold War than we are now.
  10. A lot of people have gotten really rich saying we're living in the last days for decades upon decades
  11. He went from a top of the world type situation to the kind of junkie you find sawing off catalytic converters for drug money, and then all the way back to a professional career in sports media. He'll tell you himself that he had every physical trait and measurable you could ever want, but he was an arrogant asshole with a massive ego and that's what destroyed him. Yeah biggest bust in NFL history and so on, and he might be wrong about Caleb Williams, but I don't think his opinion is worth dismissing out of hand.
  12. Brown is going to get a bag, hopefully from us.
  13. Hearing the guy tell his story about exactly how and why he fuged up, including the embarrassing details about him getting arrested for breaking into houses and stealing pills out of old ladies' medicine cabinets and poo, leads me to give his opinion at least some weight. e: that's not to exonerate the trainers and medical staff who carelessly pumped him and other players full of opioid painkillers in the slightest
  14. Assuming we ever definitively find out whether the claims in the OP are true, it's not like it's going to drop tomorrow. There won't be a memo from the desk of David Tepper that says "yeah Nicole wanted Stroud". For better or worse Bryce is probably going to be here for a while. I mean he could always turn out to be a serial arsonist or something and get sent on his way, but I doubt that.
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