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  1. He saw Ye's day today and was like "I can top that".
  2. Matt Ryan is washed, as if we needed any more evidence
  3. He was on a magic carpet ride. Until his second Super Bowl almost everything went his way in the most bizarre, crazy ways imaginable. It was infuriating to always lose to him. The Seahawks would always get a perfectly timed fumble, Cam would inexplicably one-hop a pass at the receiver's feet two yards into the end zone, and of course Russ would throw a prayer off his back foot while getting gang tackled and it would bounce off three defenders and get lodged in the WR's ass for a touchdown at the end line. The 2 point conversion play against Green Bay in (I think) the 2014 playoffs was the most bullshit thing I've ever seen. He runs to the far side of the field and just chucks it to the complete opposite end of the field near the goal line. It was like a 2 yard pass play that traveled 50 yards in the air. iirc the guy was double covered and he just hopped up and grabbed it while falling backwards into the end zone.
  4. Nobody uses forums anymore. The average poster on this site is probably like 40 by now.
  5. lmao what in the blue hell are they doing with the Jaguar's mascot in Jacksonville
  6. That was a straight bad throw, there was no pressure and the OL stoned the blitz
  7. Everybody in the NFL media ecosystem ranted and raved for years about how Wilson was dragging Seattle offenses with no talent into Super Bowl contention. Apparently that was kind of backwards.
  8. He has the same yips that sunk Delhomme. He rips that one and it hits Marshall in the hands.
  9. lol same I subscribe to Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force's life philosophy
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