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  1. Yeah he was always a pro and played his ass off here. If he had better hands he'd have been one of the top deep threats of his era I think. He had track speed but carried it over to the field and was fast in pads. I remember the utter meltdown Dolphins fans had when they drafted him. They were so freaking mad and confused. The "expert" call at that pick was Brady Quinn so I think that turned out okay.
  2. How would putting 16 year olds in prison make the cost of living cheaper. I mean please feel free to correct me if I'm misunderstanding your post, but based on the second half it kind of seems like you're asserting that cost of living is driving crime and not the number of 16 year olds in jail being too low.
  3. Somebody really needs to teach these kids a lesson. And that lesson is that sawing off catalytic converters and selling them to scrapyards with a fake ID offers up a much better risk/reward ratio than stealing cars.
  4. Wew lad been a long time since I thought about this show
  5. One of my favorite plays he ever made that I don't see mentioned much was against the Falcons in 2013. He more or less ran Tony Gonzalez's route step for step and picked off Matt Ryan. Ryan didn't even see him: https://imgur.com/a/kfEsUQm fuging beast that we were lucky to have the privilege to watch in Carolina. If aliens came to Earth and for some reason wanted to know what the middle linebacker position in the NFL was about then Luke is it.
  6. I actually saw his infamous somersault against the Bucs in some of the best seats I've ever scored at a Panthers game. Bottom of the upper deck at the 50. It was the highlight of the day in an otherwise poo game.
  7. Yeah my main memories of David Carr are him dropping back, patting the ball once or twice, and then bailing out of the pocket and just rolling... and rolling... and rolling... and then either stepping out of bounds or throwing the ball away.
  8. Chris Harris is lowkey one of the better safeties this franchise has had. e: and I second Damione Lewis who was brought up earlier. Very good rotational DT and held his own as a starter.
  9. Yeah it's nothing amazing but it is pro-ish football. I think Greg Hardy actually played a season in that league a few years ago
  10. lol those dudes hated each other and it was actually personal. I think that beef was second only to Smitty/Meangelo Hall
  11. Jake Delhomme reportedly told Brian Urlacher to Bear Down on his dick when they were kneeling out the Divisional game in the 05/06 playoffs
  12. I think people should wait until a couple hundred million Americans get at least one shot before they decide if it's safe e: okay I'm being a dick here but it's important to know that usually the reason vaccine trials take years is because the sample groups aren't that large. It's not a time thing so much as it is a matter of getting enough volunteers to do the studies. The big 3 vaccines in the US will probably all have full FDA approval by the fall because the group it's being tested on is so huge. The side effects we've seen from the J&J vaccine for example are so rare in such a large group that they probably never would have been uncovered in a traditional clinical trial.
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