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  1. Good question...IMO I just don't think he's '1st Rd talent'. He was starting to come around at Mizzou but then missed the entire '14 season...I'd be skeptical You think Jake Locker & Blaine Gabbert were Top 10 talents?
  2. When you're drafted has nothing to do with your talent. Based off my own film study, Johnson graded out pretty high & earned a 2nd Rd mark. Well I appreciate that man, as long as you know it's coming from a lot of work being put in and not regurgitated & parroted thoughts! Yessir! Thanks Dunn! What would you tweak?
  3. Thanks PP! I'd hate it for Cam that they didn't grab an 'impact' offensive player early...would understand DE, but wouldn't like it.
  4. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-2015-nfl-draft-special-inside-the-war-room-carolina-panthers/ Good morning Panther fans! Here's my inside the war room special for you guys. Enjoy! Em
  5. Hey... I know you're the mod here and I wanted to pass this along to you first for your approval.. I will add the Carolina Huddle website to the end of my videos from here on out.. Is it okay to post Panthers related videos?
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