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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stat track consistently throughout the 2021 season, but I'm going to try to create a few threads for a few stats that seem particularly relevant for the team's success or failure. One area of concern for the Panthers over the past few seasons has been 3rd down conversion on Offense: 2019: 31.88% (rank #29) 2020: 38.97% (rank #24) (Stats via Team Rankings) https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/third-down-conversion-pct?date=2020-02-03 https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/third-down-conversion-pct?date=2021-02-08 So, it was a concern in week 1 to see a very low success rate in 3rd down conversions: 4-14 (28.4%) and 0-1 on 4th down attempts. (24th in the league.... picking right up where we ended the 2020 season in terms of rankings). Thankfully in spite of a lot of stalled drives, it was "just the Jets" and we squeaked out a closer than needed win. But it prompted me to want to start keeping a detailed record of our 3rd (and 4th) down conversion success, looking at the stats each week, including details by drive, distance, game situation, player. I'll hopefully be posting some tables and brief analysis each week to keep a running track of how we're doing in 3rd down conversions. See below for data from weeks 1 & 2.
  2. Alrighty, where was I? Well, I'm in a peaceful Cornish meadow middling around with some jam, venison jerky and rose after a fantastic sweat lodge session. Meanwhile, PANTHERS. Who I like this year (And some may surprise). Lets get saxy. Let's get jammy. JAM OUT Sax-takes 2021 The two men below are the most critical to our success in 2021: We have an MVP caliber all around player in CMC and one of the more hyped young offensive minds in league circles. This may seem obvious but it is just so important and I deem them our absolute must work x-factors to make the playoffs. CMC needs to go mad and Brady needs to execute in the redzone with the right calls. We've built a defense to compete with the modern NFL offense better than most teams IMO. We're in a really good spot thanks to the last few drafts and one of the better FAs we've seen in our history. The offense is what needs to get going and these two are the ones to lift us. But of course with this in mind, don't forget about #14. He's our guy now. Just razor focus right der. Jermaine Carter Jr. Say whaa? I say, "ohhhh yeah". But for reals, I saw some very nice in game awareness with Carter last year and when he finally got into the lineup instead of the Whitehead guy (adios muchacho), I thought performed rather well with room to grow. He also worked his way out of Rhule's doghouse into the main casa. He's not lightning fast but is very quick and alert, moves around fluidly and he was the one who held the LB unit together IMO. Given Shaq's meh-ness and Perryman's injury bugs (who I think can flourish here), Carter has a shot to be our most effective linebacker. Watch out for him this year. Dan Arnold Another position where I really really like what we may have in Tremble but the Darnold to Arnold connection is real and can thrive. TEs can thrive with Brady's offense, we just had none last season. I can foresee Arnold putting up really good numbers for us and being the type of guy who makes Darnold's job much easier. And I mean c'mon, look at that hair folks. I think we found a gem in him. He's only 26, 6'5, and from Wisconsin. I mean, love Wisconsin. The lakes, the northwoods, snowmobiling to Chequamegons Bar from the old cabin near Cable. Daquan Jones Do not overlook the impact Jones will have as a veteran leader (and good one at that) for a very young and feisty defense. This is something Shaq unfortunately doesn't have the capacity for and we need one. He provides a much needed void in that respect and a physical one next to Brown. However this is another where we should absolutely not look past Braviyon Roy going into year 2. Nixon is a maybe for impact but Roy has a real chance for a lot of snaps behind the Brown-Jones interior. Burns-Brown-Jones-Reddick is a solid Sax Man Predictions: Omar Bayless will make the team and could leap frog David Moore & Shi Smith on the depth chart Sam Franklin may supplant Juston Burris but I will go out on a limb to say Burris is not a scrub some make him out to be. But I like Franklin a lot. Don't discount Hartsfield either but Rhule and Franklin are tight methinks. Sam Darnold will throw min 24 TDs 3800+ yards DJ Moore will have a 1300 8 TD season Brian Burns will be a mad man My bold and saucy: Panthers will go 11-6, make the playoffs, and won't be 1 and done in it either. I feel good about the coaches, defense, everything. We just need Darnold to click and we have something. One more for the road: el fin
  3. Waiting for camp to start always seems like a long process, but admittedly it was a little shorter for me this summer, as I kept myself busy. Now that I've turned more of my attention back towards the Panthers, the biggest question remains, and that would be Sam Darnold. It's easy to feel good about Darnold when buying into the narrative that he sucked because the Jets sucked and now Rhule and company have freed Darnold from a sentence of 3 years to bust. Everything's gonna be alright, and he's going to lead us to the glory of the Lombardi trophy risen above every head in Panthers' nation. But, then again, there are short articles like this one by our friend, Tim Weaver, who rightfully summon the spirits of skepticism to dance with all those feel-good fairies at the forefront of our minds about the coming 2021 season. "According to Pro Football Focus, Darnold has the lowest passing grade (55.7) from a clean pocket since the 2018 season. Bridgewater ranked No. 32 in that stat last year, while Darnold ranked dead last at No. 39. "Perhaps the most critical area that needs improvement for Carolina’s offense is in the red zone. In 2020, they consistently had trouble getting over the goal line and finished the year No. 28 in red zone scoring percentage. This is another area Darnold has struggled in, though. PFF says Darnold’s passer rating in the red zone (77.6) is also the lowest in the league going back to 2018." These are things we may may or may not have heard before, but they are a reminders to be honest with ourselves that all we have right now is hope. Our season will largely go how Darnold goes. It's kind of "funny" but, we're hoping based upon his orbit around a black hole of suck--the Jets organization for years--that Rhule, Brady and company have enough pull to lead Darnold from a certain path of destruction to a place where he can shine and lead our team to the place where upper echelon teams exist on an annual basis. Yes, a few may ponder whether Darnold wasn't at the center of the suck himself, but I will tell you that I don't believe that he'll be allowed to suck the Panthers franchise down a black hole, because there are already too many forces that will not just sit by and let it happen. Make no mistake, the 2021 season will be the last potential sacrifice that Rhule, and, more importantly, David Tepper will allow. MY advice: keep hope alive, but also keep your expectations down to earth. Don't set your heart on Darnold being the savior, but don't dismiss his potential and the ability for our staff to accentuate his strengths and hopefully minimize his faults. Wait and see, but keep your mind open. At the end of the day, when the balance sheet is reconciled, there's really not enough invested in him--at this point--to raise our hands and thank our lucky stars, or to weep and gnash our teeth. We'll have a better idea of what he is in three months, and we'll have even better answers as to what we really have in a front office some time after that.
  4. • CAROLINA PANTHERS. I’d be surprised if the Panthers hadn’t made an offer by now, quite frankly. This is a fit in many ways. Very aggressive new owner (David Tepper), who would move mountains for a franchise QB. It’s not in the AFC, meaning Houston wouldn’t have to see Watson in the playoffs till the Super Bowl. (That would be a Belichick factor.) Because the Panthers are not flush with draft capital, I think they’d have to include a quarterback with some value and at least two very good veteran players. By the way: Cal McNair, I’m sure, would also love the fact that, if the NFL’s scheduling formula stays the same, Watson as a Panther would not play in Houston till the 2027 regular season. Cross-conference matchups happen every four years, meaning Carolina, which played at Houston in 2019, would host the Texans in 2023 and play at Houston in 2027. But that’s pretty low in the pecking order of factors in this trade. Very low. Peter King Proposal: A 7-for-1 deal. Running back Christian McCaffrey, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, receiver Robbie Anderson and first-round and second-round picks in 2021 (eighth and 39th overall), a first-round pick in 2022 and third-round pick in 2023 in exchange for Watson. Houston might push for the inclusion of 22-year-old pass-rusher Brian Burns as a vital part of any deal, which would be a tough giveaway for coach Matt Rhule. Of course, McCaffrey would be tough too.
  5. New Era caps & apparel has sh¡tty Panthers colors. Blue, to be more specific. I knew that I had some hats and gear that was just off-colored, and when I began looking, it was all New Era. The Reebok, Nike & 47 gear that I have all pretty much are true representations of our true colors. For some reason, New Era makes our gear look much more like Jags colors, and our Panthers Blue should not be teal. And if you have New Era gear, from the caps to the shirts, you know I'm telling the truth. I can't even wear my blue (which is really blue-green) bucket hat with anything but New Era because the color sucks! Even the black one has a Panther closer to teal, but I can kinda fake it. Why should we be punks? Seriously! I have more new era gear than anything, but I'm not buying another New Era product until they get our blue right! The others have it right, so it's not like New Era can't do it; they just won't. Unless Panthers fans pressure them to get it right, I doubt that they do anything. I don't want to be the lone whisper in the wind under a real sky. Please tweet at New Era and join me in my Panthers-gear boycott! We need to trend a hashtag and really get their attention! Come on, Carolina Huddle! Time to flex some muscle! New Era is effectively throwing shade--an ugly teal--on the entire fanbase.
  6. By offering next years 1st round pick and this years 2nd rounder. https://nfltraderumors.co/nfc-notes-eagles-falcons-panthers-3/
  7. The Carolina Panthers offensive line depth chart has become a little more clear now that the OTA practices have come to an end and the Panthers Mini-Camp is set to begin. Here is how the depth chart is shaking out according to my eyes and notes... View full article
  8. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-2015-nfl-draft-special-inside-the-war-room-carolina-panthers/ Good morning Panther fans! Here's my inside the war room special for you guys. Enjoy! Em
  9. I saw the computer comp on NFLN, and Mike Mayock said it was an interesting comparison---his tone giving me the feeling that he was actually considering it to be somewhat true, so I looked him up, and maybe... Nelson Agholor looks fairly smooth and looks to be a threat on punt returns. An unnamed NFC scout apparently believes that his ceiling is as a slot receiver. Perhaps the scout is right, but it sure does look like he can play on the outside when I look at his highlights, and he looks fairly physical. As for speed, he ran a 4.42 which is almost identical to Maclin's 4.45
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