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  1. https://www.oreillyauto.com/flux-capacitor
  2. For the love of God, please don't get this thread moved to the tinderbox
  3. bologna cake.... the equivalent of a crime against humanity
  4. And what collection would be complete without...
  5. Didn't know SCP had a daughter and took her on his sales trips
  6. I would normally be on board with your input Jeremy, but sure-handed receivers can enable a shorter pass game that will effectively keep the chains moving and help keep a balanced offense for the running attack as well. As much as people are tired of hearing it, if catchable balls were not dropped at the rate that they were over the past two weeks, our offense is much improved.
  7. The biggest thing I've come to assess fairly reliably in preseason is how the trenches perform. Specifically, if our guys are moving the opposition's lines then that bodes very well for us. Of course, the opposite is true as well. There are gameplanning things that can be done to mitigate weaknesses and exploit strengths of course, but with vanilla gameplanning most of the time we are looking at one-on-one matchups. Because Shula's offense is predicated on a successfull running attack, signs that this line will get push consistently is a severe thumbs up for us. Bufallo's 1st string will be an excellent yardstick to see how we actually measure up.
  8. As long as Rob Ryan is heading up that defense, I am thinking that whatever personnel they put on the field won't make a difference. The defense's best weapon for the Saints in years prior was the offense. In my opinion, the Saints made all the wrong moves for this off-season. It would have been right if they started with swapping Rob Ryan for someone else, but they didn't. For now, the Saints lone hope is a stout running attack to jump start everything else. If that falls, so does everything else. If it clicks, then they have a shot, but little more than that.
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