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  1. Meh, I get the feeling he will be somewhere else at the end of the season if Carolina has anything over a .500 season. Can't get too excited about him because of that.
  2. As for the bigs we are discussing, some look like 2nd rounders?
  3. I never saw DJ as the consistent deep threat. Robbie? Maybe Marshall? Sure DJ always represented the guy who did not have blazing speed but ran like a RB once the ball was in his hands adding yards to each catch. Will be a pleasant surprise if he makes it to a consistent long ball threat. Keep in mind with the multiple targets will will have on the field, DC's will not know who to double team and if Darnold is a quick thinking, and has the time in the pocket, it should be a fun season.
  4. Question: What to you use to cross a river? Ummmm.....bridge Anyway, what does this thread have to do with Shi Smith?
  5. I am sooooo interested in players numbers, please keep us in the loop
  6. I feel like David Moore has a better chance of making the roster than Deonte Brown
  7. Tepper a business man? Why not sell the turf in 1 foot squares like other teams have done?
  8. How long did you wait in line?
  9. Igo takes inspiration from your posts
  10. Loved watching the kid from Grambling in is press interview just a little while ago. Really pulling for him
  11. Yes, and nothing but redzone drills today
  12. None of these reporters allowed at practice? If so, why all the questions about practice?
  13. You'll have to go back to Monday
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