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  1. "And today could be the day" He goes to Seattle
  2. Fed has screwed us royally by their inaction last year. Now they are between a rock and a hard place with inflation/recession situation. I will guess 50. I am seeing some production dropping in Asia, especially for the "working man" items produced there.
  3. You have to figure since 2 picks is too much at the moment, that getting 5 more picks makes even less sense. So not sure what all those picks are for except to be traded
  4. We traded him to NY, right? Then NY sent him to Detroit along w Kemba?
  5. We are a talented bunch here Doctors Lawyers General Managers Professors Politicians Scientists all come here to post
  6. He should be used to defeat by now
  7. Patience will pay off guys https://nypost.com/2022/06/22/jp-morgan-reportedly-laying-off-hundreds-in-mortgage-business/
  8. BMW to a garage Bring My Wallet
  9. Fowler looking for an edgy article to fill the deadline and all the Baker angles were taken
  10. Will admit I do not watch NBA as much as NFL, but what I hear is that we are horrible on defense. If we pick natural defenders, especially in the middle and with Williams wingspan, is it a good thing? Of course the NBA is like the NFL and more about scoring these days.
  11. How many moronic Baker threads can be made here? How about "Will Bakers eyes match the away uniforms better than the home" "What commercials do you think Baker would make if he comes to Charlotte" "Will he and wife go on vacays with CMC and his hot GF" How long can this summer be?
  12. It's Monday Someone has a deadline for a football article. Why not something, something, Browns, something, Panthers, blah, blah, blah. Beats actually working for a real article. And you know it will get posted here
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