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  1. Which playoff teams are liable to sit starters? TB would be a no brainer for one NY Giants?
  2. Tepper had a huge rookie mistake in hiring Rhule. I actually give credence to this rumor. If Harbaugh fails, it will not be because it was a bad hire. I do not think Tepper will be outbid on this one
  3. So Troy Vincent says the "5 minute" warmup was NEVER discussed. Lots of great takes on that here wasted I guess
  4. I would say he failed to make chicken salad out of chicken ____ Probably not the guy for next season, but don't think he set us back
  5. That is what I mentioned last night, about less and less protection for guys for the sake of speed. I remember playing in high school and we had big thigh pads and lots of equipment. These guys today have little to nothing from the waste down. Pad em up all over, screw the 4.4 infatuation.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/what-happened-to-critically-injured-nfl-player-damar-hamlin-a-cardiologist-explains/ar-AA15UUtC This is a bit scary, especially for other football players
  7. Point was that they were running a bit slower. Speed is what is important to the NFL now. 4.4 is all that matters
  8. I remember 40 yrs ago when players were waaay more padded, and slower, but the game was still great. Of course, they didn't understand concussions then, just say you "had your bell rang" Just sayin
  9. Goodell should take the load off these teams and cancel the game
  10. Oline and Dline did not show up. From that, we got burned continually on defense, could not run the ball, nor pass protect. Horrible showing from the trenchmen
  11. I would disagree. Getting his team ready for a meaningful game against the Cowboys (probably) is way more important
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