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  1. His caddie had one of the more classy and respectful gestures ever at Augusta
  2. Guy had ice water in his veins and made one great shot after another Made a few small mistakes down the stretch, but others made bigger ones. Props to him. Hope he has fun carrying the Olympic torch
  3. How much would we get to switch from 8 to 20 with Chicago?
  4. yes, our line is offensive We don't need SAS to tell us that
  5. Starter for a year while new QB sits would be the best option. Jags, Broncos, and yes the idiot Jets should all be interested. Most with new coaches, so maybe a good(not great) blocking TE, or G or DT or Safety in trade. Otherwise, 5th rounder is your ceiling
  6. https://gbnreport.com/only-364-days-to-go-maybe/
  7. Last year mock, Bucky had Tua going 6 to the Chargers and Hebert going 18 to the Dolphins
  8. Percentages tell you that most are boom or bust as far as QB's go Way more Tim Couch guys than Peyton Manning guys
  9. Told you guys months back that with AJ Green gone, Chase would be the pick. Plus, if you read some things beyond Kiper, the Bengals got fairly comfortable and pleased with their young bookend tackles as the year went along.
  10. Sewell would make us much more competitive no matter who the QB was
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