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Favorite NFL Team

  1. Who: Carolina Panthers (1-2) at Arizona Cardinals (2-2) Kickoff: 4:05pm TV: FOX RADIO: 1110WBT BYE WEEK = OVER AND DONE!!! Keys to a Panthers Victory: - Front four of the Panthers defense must get pressure in base packages and rattle Palmer early. - Ted Ginn must stretch the field and allow Greg Olsen to roam in the middle. - Whoever Patrick Peterson is not covering needs to step up and make some plays. Prediction: Panthers 24 - Cardinals 6 Click here to view the article
  2. A few months back, before training camp started, I did a commercial photo shoot for RSP Nutrition that featured Jon Beason in product placement shots. Jon arrived with a friendly smile and handshake. He looked liked the Jon Beason of old. But did he feel like he Jon Beason of old? I have had a few photo shoots with Jon among other social interactions. I'd consider him more of a friend than an acquaintance. "How ya feeling Jon" I asked, expecting his usual upbeat "ready to go" or "getting better every day". If Beason is anything, its an optimist. Instead he replied with a "We'll see" with a h
  3. That is, perhaps, until now. In Carolina, Ginn has found a quarterback and a system that is not afraid to go vertical to him. Cam Newton may be the biggest difference maker for Ginn at this point in his career. Ginn says so himself... "A guy like Cam, he has a big arm and he's not scared of the speed. You get a guy who doesn't have a big arm sometimes and after you get two steps on a guy, he is scared he might under throw you and the defensive back might pick it off." Ginn currently has a pair of 40+ yard touchdowns from Cam Newton.This week against the Arizona Cardinals, Ginn has
  4. Here is a look at how the Carolina Panthers match up against the Arizona Cardinals: Quarterback: Carson Palmer vs Cam Newton. One is a pocket passer on the downward slop of his career. The other is one of the most dynamic play makers the NFL has ever seen. This is an easy call, Advantage: Panthers Running Backs: Arizona starter Rashard Mendenhall is having an awful year. Last week against the Bucs he averaged less than 3 yards per carry and fumbled twice. The backup is a 6th round rookie. Carolina has Deangelo Williams averaging 4.7 yards a carry and features one of the best running games i
  5. The Carolina Panthers head to Arizona on Sunday where they will try to being their record to 2-2. After handing the NY Giants their first shut out in years, the Carolina Panthers defense will continue their quest for league domination. Arizona currently ranks 27th in the league in total offense. The Panthers should be able to hold them to under 10 points. Here is a preview of what you will see Sunday.... Arizona won't be able to run the ball. Rashard Mendenhall had an awful performance last week. 21 yards gained on 12 carries and two fumbles. It doesn't get much worse for a running back. Roo
  6. Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster... all running backs who are being out performed by the Carolina Panthers own Deangelo Williams. Deangelo quietly ranks 4th in the entire NFL, yet you won't hear his name in the media. Deangelo Williams With the promotion of Mike Shula to Offensive Coordinator, the Carolina Panthers doubled down on a running game still being important in a passing league. A risky move, but it appears to have some early returns. The Panthers have the second ranked rushing attack in the entire NFL. An amazing accomplishment given that Jonathan Ste
  7. While we all site and wait for the dreaded bye week to be over, let us take some time to appreciate the lovely Topcats for keeping the Bank of America crowd pumped up and ready to go. These gals work extremely hard perfecting their high kicks and hair swings for all of our benefit. Let us take a moment to thank the Topcats for all that they do! Click here to view the article
  8. During warmups, Jerry Richardson typically plays host to the visiting executives. He is routinely seen driving them around on his cart as he shows them the stadium. This day was different. Jerry was not playing host. Instead, he got out of his cart and made his presence felt in the end zone during warm up drills. At one point I thought he was in danger of being hit by an offensive linemen, but he didn't budge. As they players walked to mid field, Jerry Richardson stood there stoically. The result was the biggest lopsided victory in Panthers history. The Panthers fired on all cylinders and
  9. Today, the Panthers get back on track with a glorious win against the Giants! Where: Bank of America Stadium When: 1:00 Weather: 75 and partly cloudy TV: Fox Radio: 1110 WBT Follow @carolinahuddleon twitter for tweets from the sidelines Keys to Panthers Victory - Intercept Eli Manning at least twice - Apply pressure with front four while in max coverage - Cam must spread the ball around and not lock in on receivers - Help Byron Bell with Justin Tuck Click here to view the article
  10. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits about the NY Giants this week... Giants will try to run the ball against Carolina Former first round draft pick has struggled this season as a feature back. His two fumbles in Dallas and his 36 total yards this season are tell tale stats. Ron Rivera remarked that he believes the Giants will try to run the ball against Carolina, and he may be right, at least initially. Look for the Giants to try to establish a ground game in the first quarter and test the Carolina Panthers defense. The Giants are very healthy Carolina has had to bring in new sta
  11. The Carolina Panthers defense faces a tough task on Sunday against Eli Manning and the Giants. Here are a few things the Panthers can do to hold them at bay. Cover the Middle - The NY Giants bread and butter in the passing game is the center of the field and ten to twenty yards deep. Eli Manning's passing rating here is 137 and accounts for over a third of their total passing yards. With the Carolina Panthers secondary depleted, this will be a tough task. Luke Kuechly will have his hands full dropping back in coverage,Monstarz Inc must get pressure. The Panthers front four has been talking a
  12. If the Panthers have a chance to win on Sunday against the New York Giants, it is going to be on the shoulder pads of the Panthers offense. That's right gentlemen, you're up. For two weeks the Panthers have been kept in the game due to the play of the Panthers defense. Against Seattle, they allowed only 12 points. In Buffalo, they provided two key turnovers that resulted in 6 gift wrapped points (should have been 14 points given the excellent field position). This week, it is time for the Panthers offense to take control and win a game. With key injuries in the Panthers defensive seconda
  13. This game has to be one of the biggest heart breakers in Panthers history. Considering the large number of heart beakers, that is saying something. Offense: It may be quicker to say what looked good on offense. Greg Olsen and Steve Smith were worth watching. Tedd Ginn had some nice plays. The rest of the team was forgettable to terrible. Cam Newton had numerous overthrows including a quick out to Armanti Edwards that sailed 3 feet over his hands. That is a throw even Jake Delhomme would make at least 5 times a game. It is a real head scratcher. Byron Bell did not look like a legitimate righ
  14. Today we find out what the 2013 Carolina Panthers are really made of. Will the Panthers rise to the occasion in victory? Who: Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills Where: Ralph Wilson Stadium When: Kickoff is at 1:00 TV: FOX Game Chat is Open, 50 person limit, first come first serve. Panthers Keys to Victory - Win the turnover battle - Frustrate the rookie QB Manuel - Get more players involved on offense Click here to view the article
  15. In Buffalo, Sal Maiorana and Adam Benigni discuss Sunday's Bills-Panthers game. "I'm not concerned about how Cam Newton will attack them through the air." "I'm not concerned about defense against the Panthers" "I'm not sure Carolina can match New England front 7 wise" (lolwut?) We witnessed last night that Tom Brady has a worse wide receiver position to be in than the Panthers. Sorry Sal, it wasn't the Buffalo defense that held Brady, it was Brady's lack of NFL caliber receivers. Click here to view the article
  16. Here are a few things worth mentioning about the Panthers upcoming Buffalo Bills opponent. Bills Safety Jaruis Byrd missed the Bills home opener last week due to injury. It looks like he may miss this week as well. Byrd suffers from Plantar Fascitis, an inflammatory foot condition that affects the heel. The bad news for Byrd is that in most chronic cases, this is a degenerative condition that may not heal. Byrd is also not happy about his fanchise tag, and could be jockeying for a trade. _______________________________ ESPN did an article on grading the Bills Cornerbacks Overall, they ha
  17. On paper, the Panthers offense against the Seahawks looks almost palatable. Cam Newton threw with good accuracy, no interceptions, and a touchdown. Deangelo Williams averaged 4.75 yards per carry. If you read those statistics without watching the game you might assume the Panthers won the game. The fact that the offense put together only 7 points has many people, myself included, scratching our heads. I can best explain what I believe the Panthers offense was doing in boxing terms. Keep moving and throw lots of short jabs. Protect yourself from a devastating blow. Don't wind up for a
  18. As much concern there is about the Panthers offense after playing Seattle, there is an equal amount of excitement about the Panthers defense. A key component of the excellent defensive showing against Seattle was the healthy starting combination of Jon Beason, Luke Kuechly, and Thomas Davis. Going in to Sunday's game against Seattle, containing Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was a top priority. Allowing Lynch to run the ball would have extended the Seahawks time of possession and worn the defense out further. Thanks to the linebackers, the Panthers were able to hold Lynch to 43 yard
  19. What could have been a glorious return to winning ended up feeling like the same old routine. On with the grades. Offense: Scoring seven points will not win you any games in the NFL. That said, it is hard to figure how the Panthers only managed to score only seven points. Cam played reasonably well. The offensive line and the running backs looked good. The weakest link of the offense appeared to be options in the passing game not named Steve Smith. Brandon Lafell had the best camp and preseason of his career, yet disappeared when it counted. Tedd Ginn was open from time to time down the fi
  20. Who: Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Where: Bank of America Stadium Kickoff: 1:00pm Kickoff Weather: Mostly Sunny and 84 Degrees. Increased risk of burnt feathers. Tailgating info: TV: FOX Radio: 1110AM WBT Radio I will be tweeting amazing observations from the sidelines, follow @CarolinaHuddle on Twitter! Huddle Chat Room is Open! 50 person limit, first come first serve. This is it folks, the first Carolina Huddle Gameday Thread of 2013. The Panthers have a chance to win back the Charlotte fan base today with a win over the playoff caliber Seattle Seahawks. Panthers Keys
  21. Listen up Seattle! You are now ON NOTICE! Friends, Huddlers, Carolinians, lend me your beers. This week begins anew the NFL Season. A time in which our hearts and minds turn from beaches and bikinis to large sweaty men hitting one another on a field of plastic grass. A time when Sundays no longer mean mowing the lawn just to escape the horrors of our pathetic domesticated existence, if only for a moment. I submit to you on this day that football is our liberation. This week, we take back our balls. First up on our schedule and inevitable road to glory is the provincial town of Seattle. Thi
  22. Every season it is interesting to see extreme fan reactions to preseason games. After the game, twitter is ablaze with angry fits of criticism and outrage. The Panthers reaction to this outrage usually looks something like this.... Greg Hardy - Carolina Panthers It occurred to me that some fans need a preseason football viewing tutorial. Here are a few key points to help you understand and enjoy the preseason a bit more and save yourself some embarrassment on twitter. 1. The main objective is not winning. I know, this seems like football blasphemy, but if the coaches are being honest
  23. When the Carolina Panthers drafted RB Kenjon Barner in the 2013 NFL draft, there was a collective groan across the internet from Panthers fans. Another running back? What about our offensive line? The fans were upset, and some would say rightfully so. However, it appears that this draft day gamble is paying off. Kenjon Barner is quickly rising in the ranks of the Panthers crowded offensive backfield. A crowded backfield is nothing new to him... On the first day of training camp, Barner saw time mainly with the 3rd and 4th string units. More recently he has been running with the second string
  24. Really good practice today at Wofford. The weather wasn't to hot, and the mosquitoes were manageable. When I arrived Star Lotulelei was getting some one on one mentoring from a defensive coach. He was fine tuning his hand placement and shedding blocks. Star appears to be self motivated and a student of the game. These two things are as important as his physical traits, if not more so. Luke Kuechly stopped on the way in to sign a few autographs. The fans love this guy. Luke appears to go to the kids first for autographs, as he should. Rivera lit a fire under the team today. He apparently w
  25. Jon Beason gave an interview on the Mac Attack on 5/10/13. Searched for a previous thread on it but couldn't find it and somehow I don't believe it has been posted. Great interview and worth a listen. About 20 minutes long in total. Summary below. Beason about his charity event that took place on Monday night. Gave out prizes and some vacations and a Panther's fan package for a great cause and a charitable donation (MLB Foundation). Involved people buying tickets and going to The Palm restaurant in Charlotte and Beason and some other Panther's players including Gross, Kalil, Luke, Olsen,
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