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Favorite NFL Team

Found 2 results

  1. These are some issues that I believe we typically had last year and how we faired yesterday in comparison: - Bridgewater was not making deep throws (We had one good completion. To be fair, our 0-line is still severely limiting our ability to go deep. I feel like we did see better arm talent though, and it isn't because our QB is unwilling, isn't capable, or is ignoring/not seeing a wide open Moore.) - No CMC for most of the year (This is obviously improved. Maybe a bit too much improved. Most agree we over used CMC and need to find a way to spell him. The season didn't get any shorter, that's for sure.) - No TE production for the majority of the year (More of the same. Would have loved to see Tremble get some targets, even if it was from out of the back. Tremble should not come off field for Ricci.) - Very poor play in the red zone (More of the same again. Turnovers, bad throws, getting stuff.....rinse and repeat. Offense did well when they were spread out. Darnold could have crawled in the end zone. Turnover was a stupid fluke play. Hopefully the miscues in the red zone will not be the norm. - Slye on FGs (More of the same yet again. Yes Slye did well for the Texans, but he didn't do well for us. It's very possible he played no better than Santoso if he was still rocking the black and blue.....or the white ice cream uniforms....whatever. In case you have been hiding under a rock, WE PUNTED ON THEIR 33 YARD-LINE.) - Defense could not execute on 3rd down to save their life (Very much improved! We made them look almost as bad as us on 3rd downs. It was mentioned before somewhere on this site that we would have lost this game last year. This is exactly why we didn't. We got them off the field, and that is refreshing.) - Defense could not stop the run (I feel like this goes without saying. Last year we would have given up more yards on a single rush TWICE, than we gave up all game. Held them to 45. If this continues and we keep the improved pass rush we are gonna be a force.) - Raw rookies starting in the secondary (We had a rookie in the secondary, but he def wasn't raw. He gave up that TD late, but that was mostly the result of a perfect pass. They went his way 3 times. Horn balled. Chinn was def an upgrade at the safety position. There just seemed to be one major issue with that completion to Mims. But the unit looked much improved over Jackson/Douglas, Pride, Burris, and Franklin....or whatever group we had most often. ***How do you guys think we faired in the areas we performed poorly in last year?***
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