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  1. I think either way this was a fantastic move. Dan Arnold isn't winning us a Championship. We can afford to drop a TE. We can not afford to drop a CB, not one of Horn's caliber. Even if this doesn't work out it was a very good shot. Very low risk, HIGH reward. Sort of the Fitterer way.
  2. Jumped at the chance to draft Fields, so never drafted Horn. Resigned Curtis Samuel. (Therefore, he would not have brought in Reddick, Fox, or Jones.) Extended DJax before his play this year. Traded or released Carter last year. Sign and start Richard Sherman for the next 5 years.
  3. I completely agree with this. The CMC injury hurt, but we have other weapons and ways to scheme around the loss. After Horn went down there were questions on whether we would have to change our scheme defensively. Which is far more impactful IMO. CMC was not going to win us playoff games. This defense though is another story. We could have beaten the Saints with 3 FGs. LOL! *CMC coming back to an offense that started meshing without him....
  4. I completely agree here. Management understands it isn't worth rushing him back to cause a more serious situation. Bring in another guy, then tell JC to take his time and get ready. I think Henderson gives us the ability to say that and fully mean it. lol! I don't think it takes us out of the Sherman deal, if he plans on playing safety. Burris got hurt too right? Anyone heard anything on that....I haven't heard it mentioned.
  5. Yeah, I see no reason of keeping him. That isn't a knock on him, but we also have Taylor on a rookie contract too. And who knows what we will do in the draft next year.
  6. With CMC out, other people are bound to get more targets. TE targets should go up significantly. I hate to lose Arnold after seeing him make some good plays, but our defense was FREAKIN elite. If we have to change the whole scheme we are fuggggggged. I like the trade. Smart IMO.
  7. I have to believe playing with our defense will put him in a great position to succeed. No way the Jags front seven are as good as ours.
  8. My only question is, will he be good to start against the Cowboys Sunday? Because if so, I am a lot more confident going in. I really hope this means Tremble will get some more looks.
  9. Yeah, he didn't even have time to run for his life. lol!
  10. He SHOULD be no problem, but with our o-line.....he could be a problem.
  11. I think the biggest thing was the move in position for Micah Parsons. He done very well once they switched up how they were using him. He could be a problem.
  12. That won’t happen. I’m calling it now. Excuses galore.
  13. We really have had a light schedule. Saints didn’t have quite a few players. If we beat Dallas you might have reason to be angry. We beat who was on our schedule, we can’t help who was there. Even if we beat Dallas they will have a reason we didn’t earn that W too. Welcome to Panthers fandom.
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