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  1. If we win the Super Bowl it will likely be because: We snuck in the playoffs by Darnold being smart with the football, making plays when needed, but not forcing what isn’t there; while the defense was a top 10 unit. Once in the playoffs, the defense lets loose and smothers everyone we play. Taking risks that pay off. Offense is much the same, with a methodical efficiency. A few 50/50 balls gets us the wins.
  2. 1. Steve Smith 2. Julio Jones 3. Mike Evans Smitty with Matt Ryan as QB his whole career would have been huge for him.
  3. I am optimistic, I THINK I like where we are headed. Lol! A lot of that will depend on Darnold. I feel like the organization has already proven thru two drafts and a COVID season that they are not the same ol Panthers. Just adjusting in the middle of a game (I know....shocking) has made me optimistic. The defense played well last year considering the personnel. The offense played well despite losing CMC and having QBs without the ability to push the ball. Add in the fact that the staff took notice of where we were struggling and picked guys to combat that, I’m stoked! (3rd down defens
  4. I agree with you since we have the coaches and GM we have. But if Hurney and Ron were still here, would you still say 100%? Lol! Ron would sit him behind a vet receiver so he could learn behind a guy who couldn’t teach his new puppy to chew a dog toy.....
  5. That block was LEGENDARY! I was watching it with my cousin who was a Tampa Bay fan. He walked away celebrating. He was like, “That’s it, good game.” and I just said, “It ain’t over yet.” and stayed glued to the TV. I lost it when they blocked it. One of my fav moments for real.
  6. True, but I think that says more about how bad they were, than about how good they will be.
  7. Dang! Mac Jones looks so much like his mom......I mean, I haven’t met her.....but....
  8. I wore #21 in basketball because of Deion Sanders....so.....lol!
  9. Bucs: 13-4 Panthers: 10-7 Atlanta: 10-7 Saints 8-9 Bucs lost no one in a cap strapped year. We improved greatly after losing 8 games by a possession or less. ATL will have a killer offense, Davis will be considered one of the best RBs this year with defenses keying in on their wide receiver/ TE options. However, I don’t trust their defense. Winston doesn’t have Evans to win those 50/50 balls, but Kamara keeps them from complete irrelevancy. Division will be tough this year.
  10. Yeah, they got that value and more thru four trade downs. People can say what they want about who was drafted, but the value aspect is undeniable.
  11. Technically, they traded down twice in the second and got two third rounders. So they kind of got that value back already and some. A second next year is pretty much considered 3rd round value.
  12. I have to say (A) because of the value in these picks. Chuba, Nixon, Brown, and Shi are some very talented guys for day 3. LS is low value til something bad happens (got the best college LS). Also, I think Keith Taylor will get more playing time than we think. If not this year, then def next year.
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