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  1. We had a few saying they would love the chance in the thread about Connor Harrison. Now's your chance!!
  2. You are right. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2022/06/23/teu-greg-olsen-tommy-tremble-kittle-kelce/
  3. Greg Olsen is one of the originators so, no, I don't think it's just a commercialized thing for fun.
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/list-players-set-attend-tight-040031624.html?src=rss
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-announces-panthers-2022-training-194115606.html?src=rss
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/robbie-anderson-said-retirement-tweet-195535076.html?src=rss It's a no brainer. I want Robbie to succeed. I want DJ to succeed.
  7. I'm glad to see this. Love it. The corona pandemic took away so many things, team bonding one of the big things. IIRC Rivera had bowling at least every year and Fox showed a film during TC. Every team needs this.
  8. Welp, I hope WJZY does better this time than they did the first time they were the Panthers exclusive tv station. They would bump the Panthers Huddle (sorry Igo) show for baseball or NASCAR.
  9. You may remember him as @Lilsmitty09. His hype videos in the old days were off the charts. I'm excited!!
  10. The statue of Richardson is no longer in a public place. That's a plus.
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/top-takeaways-panthers-otas-wednesday-101554219.html?src=rss
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