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  1. Noooooooooo! JJ must be allowed to retire when he's ready not when he's forced out.
  2. I wish the best for TJ and the Olsens. I know Greg will be grieving for the donor family in the midst of all his joy. That's who he is. As we all will do as well.
  3. Okay. Sorry. Jenkins isn't the TE I was thinking of. It was Kris Mangum. I couldn't edit my own post to correct it.
  4. Thanks for the write up. Keep it up! I agree about Thomas. We're all hoping for an Olsen 2.0 but, heck, I'd even relish a Jenkins or Walls clone. Thomas ain't it. For a 4th year player to garner praise from the head coach about having a good offseason this early in the offseason ...... man, I'd start packing.
  5. Maybe Vinny Testaverde is still available?
  6. Atlanta. Forever. I was at a Foo Fighters concert and Grohl mentioned they had just come from Atlanta. In unison the entire crowd loudly booed. He asked why we did that and the crowd again loudly booed. It's a Charlotte thing. As for the Saints, it's more a Sean Payton thing than the team.
  7. What I noticed from the article is how the author off-handedly and snarkly dismissed the rest of our team as having no possibility of winning any games at all, including the coaches. He wrote it as if he thinks Sam has to win our games all by himself because that is our only chance. But, hey, we're not the Jets.
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