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  1. Sorry, I've missed seeing your posts. Don't feel slighted lol. I've been avoiding this place because of the toxicity. Look once a week mostly skimming topics. How he throws is how he has been throwing his whole football life. It is what it is. I still maintain that Young adjusted his throwing action because of the conditions. Even Eddie Pineiro said after the game that the winds were swirling.
  2. Many posters are saying Young's throws were slow. Funny, I haven't seen that comment in threads on other weeks nor in predraft evaluations. Not even in Panthers Twitter/X where they tear everything apart. This place has gotten so toxic. So let's consider this scenario for those who enjoy counting the speed of throws. It's raining. Heavy rain most of the game and even when it went to light rain everything/everyone was wet. Very wet. And maybe not 30mph wind gusts but the wind was enough of a factor that Tabor called a timeout so Hecker was punting with the wind. Now, in those conditions, as a receiver, would you want a speedball coming your way or a slower ball, easily catchable, no matter what gloves you have on? Bingo! And as for the pass defenders, everybody was running slower with bad footing because of the conditions. Everybody. Bryce Young intentionally threw slower balls because of the conditions so his receivers had better chances of catching them. Kid is smart. Smarter than some Huddle posters. Even Josh Allen has said he does that in bad weather games. I'd say it's QB101. Now, he may still end up being another Ryan Fitzpatrick ["Too much magic. Too much magic." but I digress.] Right now he's our QB1. Rookie mistakes, yes. Things to work on offseason, yes. But I'll cheer him and the team to victory every time and celebrate when they win.
  3. So, does this end the need-an-offensive-minded-head-coach experiment?
  4. I've been saying this for a few weeks now. He's the one that should've been fired by Reich let alone now.
  5. Thank you @kass. I hadn't seen that. Calm, cool & collected ....... coach and QB. Love it!
  6. This is true. Jeremy needs to fix his server so "x.com" embeds the same as "twitter.com".
  7. We blame Ickey for inadequate play but there were a few things I noticed that might have us thinking it wasn't all his fault. The RG Throckmorton slid right, leaving Ickey on an island and the RG ended up blocking no one. Brown gave Ickey no help. Not even a chip. Nor was there a check down throw for Bryce. On at least 3 of those sacks Bryce stood still, flat footed, in the pocket for 2+ seconds before he was hit. Why didn't he roll to his right or throw the ball away?
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