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  1. PREDICTION: Tropical Storm SAM formed today and will be Hurricane SAM by Friday https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2021-09-23-tropical-storm-sam-forecast-atlantic
  2. It's a defensive slugfest on both sides. Short week, travel weary Panthers. Gonzalez kicks the game winner. 13-10 Panthers
  3. Is this Truth Or Dare? Love that game! I never thought that it would be so hard to get a good kicker. I knew Slye wasn't it but, damn.
  4. Back when NFL Network was a young pup and fantasy football became such a big thing there was a show where Baldy and a few others would breakdown plays from the previous weekend's games complete with X's and O's and film. I can't remember the name of the show but I used to watch it every week.
  5. Yes, ST was a mess Sunday. Kicker especially. But Alex Erickson did a good job as PR. That recognition of a live ball after hitting a Panther's foot was exceptional. No other Panther saw that. He's a keeper.
  6. lol It was a snark statement. Not to be taken seriously. To point out how foolish those pointing out Darnold's mistakes in a win against New Orleans are. But you're right.
  7. Wasn't there a Steeler rookie that played while Roethlisberger was hurt that same year that rolled right over us? Bad memories of that year.
  8. The NFL has not sanctioned Watson. They've basically ignored what's going on. The Texans all on their own have acted like he's not part of the team. Good for them.
  9. Payton isn't accepting any excuses for how his defense played and we shouldn't either. If there's any coach, besides Belichick, that can plan and scheme a gameday without assistant coaches, it's Payton. Injuries are part of the game. If they don't have good depth, it's their problem not ours. We played an excellent game. Not perfect. Geez, Horn missed an INT; he should've had 2./s I am very, very happy and looking forward to Thursday.
  10. I can't give you a score. But it's going to be a fight to the end. Saints fight the entire 4th quarter to catch up and win . They fail. Game ball goes to Alex Erickson who remembers how to return punts. We win this one.
  11. The enemy of my enemy is my friend until he's not.
  12. The Keep Pounding chant never erupted spontaneously. It has always been prompted by scoreboard graphics or Sir Purr. Getting 72,000 people, some noticeably drunk, to chant in unison without a prompt is near impossible.
  13. WTF that's putting the blame on the victims (the stadium crowd) instead of taking responsibility for screwing it up and leaving it off the script.
  14. I watched the Bills v Steelers replay game tonight on NFLN. The chyron at the bottom showed fantasy suggestions for this week. Jameis Winston was in the "Sit 'em" category. Apparently they think Winston will fall back to earth this week too.
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