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MDs, RNs, PTs, OTs, SLPs, PAs, technicians unite! For anyone currently busting their hindquarters in the healthcare industry or anyone curious about what a typical day looks like for us especially during this COVID season. Share your funny stories, latest research, general facts, or simply get some emotional support because face it...we all need it right now.
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  2. And I absolutely second the mask wearing. Can’t wait to breathe again.
  3. Mainly geriatrics but I have a background in sports med as well.
  4. I'm a chiro in eastern NC. Never stopped working, but changed ALOT of protocols. As I am sure of most, Im sick of wearing a mask while working.
  5. I’m sure things certainly look different for you since Covid hit. Hoping 2021 is better for you.
  6. I live in Vero Beach Florida I am a Plumber at the Hospital and it's out buildings. It frigging sucks.
  7. I’ll start. Im a PT currently working in the low country. I’ve been fortunate to be full time throughout the pandemic.
  8. What do you do? Where are you from? Still working?

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