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  1. If the team moves I would like to see the Jags come up. Give the afc a chance. Better market, better fans.
  2. The same people who bought “double trouble” t’s.
  3. The D line is less but I think the rest of the team is more. I’m pretty ambivalent regarding Rhule. I see his short comings but see positives too. The same was true with Rivera. Started off slow and turned into an above average coach. Time will tell with Rhule. I’m hoping for the best but am not getting emotional involved for now.
  4. We also lost our future pro bowl corner early on with no one to replace him. If they can leave him on an island and key in on the run d they will be fine. If horn has a sophomore slump we are doomed.
  5. I have no idea what he just said.
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