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  1. He will be missed. Thanks, coach.
  2. Just another reason it was idiotic not to trade him.
  3. A 4th is probably more than the compensation pick will be.
  4. “Washington tried to trade for Samuel last season, a quest that started in the summer and lasted until the trade deadline, ESPN reported Tuesday. The person who blocked the move: Panthers general manager Marty Hurney, who now serves as Washington's senior vice president of player personnel.” Hurney, the gift that keeps giving. fug you, Hurney.
  5. No way. I still love that guy. He was our FREAKING MVP QB.
  6. Hell, at this point he’s still probably an upgrade from what we have.
  7. Still, I would rather take our chances with those picks vs take on someone else’s problems. We don’t have any problems sucking as the past few years has shown, let’s not start giving away any chance of landing a stud for the next three years.
  8. WTF is wrong with this board? Y’all are acting like three first round draft picks is nothing. That is a huge amount of draft capital that could potentially harm us for a decade.
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