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  1. Won’t be able to make it this fall but was in Munich last fall. Beautiful area and the weather will be perfect. enjoy!
  2. They get a choice of picture and what jersey they were wearing.
  3. They can try but I’m pretty sure he goes in as a panther.
  4. The panthers are going to the superbowl!
  5. Is that real? Lololol I’ve been saying it since before we drafted him, you don’t take a guy that’s my size as the first overall pick.
  6. That last second touchdown in SD was an unbelievable moment.
  7. Me too. Thought it was less.
  8. That’s one way to keep the defense fresh.
  9. Haven’t listened to him in years but he put out some bangers way back when. Nostalgia. I’ve actually enjoyed the last few.
  10. I don’t agree with you but that poo is funny.
  11. Carruth was an embarrassment not a bust. Collins was a racist but had success elsewhere. Horn is still on the team so no way it’s even close… Yet. Brown should be number 1. Jarrett is on that list. Eric Shelton should be on that list if Jarrett is The fact you listed Horn and not Otah tells me you don’t know as much about football as your father did.
  12. Um…ok. You can use grow lights to help grow sod indoors. Sod typically requires natural sunlight to thrive, but if you want to establish or maintain sod indoors, you would have to use full-spectrum grow lights that mimic the sun's spectrum of light. You just have to make sure to provide the sod with the right amount of light, water, and proper care to ensure healthy growth. But I guess we all can’t be experts in horticulture.
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