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  1. Agreed but I’ll bet half that money goes towards the practice facility. If they’re going to spend “real money” on a remodel it needs to be a dome.
  2. Nah, has more to do with not knowing where the throwing lanes are but height doesn’t help. There’s a reason that if he was 6’ 4 he would’ve been the consensus number 1 over all. But hey, let’s all pretend height and size doesn’t matter in the NFL.
  3. That’s why you don’t draft a guy that’s my size first overall. I hope I’m wrong and eating crow after young brings us our first SB win.
  4. That’s awesome. I was in Munich last September. Beautiful city.
  5. RIP little one. That must be a pain I never want to experience.
  6. And gives girls herpes. Larga vida Ron Mexico.
  7. What joke of a call. Absolute BS.
  8. Based on some of y’all’s comments, It’s amazing to me how some of you don’t have front office jobs in the NFL. Or the very least scouting jobs.
  9. Dan Morgan was no slouch. 59 was HOF good, but when healthy, 55 was really good.
  10. If we could win games he would. As long as we’re irrelevant, agreed.
  11. Bro, that brings back some memories. I still chuckle that clayj deleted everything and left. Good ol locker room days
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