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  1. History repeats. Last time it didn’t workout that well for us.
  2. Depends on what’s given up to acquire. If it’s three firsts or the equivalent, SB champs or bust.
  3. And then he wasn’t. I do miss the 03-05 jake. I still have nightmares of 2008 playoff jake.
  4. This past season showed me that we have more problems than just QB. Build the team with what we have. Make this team as strong as we can. At that point QBs will WANT to come here.
  5. I hope to God we don’t trade for him. The asking price is just too much.
  6. But but but, he always hit on his first round. Everyone of them is a future hof’er. Derp derp derp.
  7. Maybe. I’m not sure we had 3-4 or 4-3. Maybe a combo. The real problem I see with this team is lack of a long term plan or lack of leadership to implement said plan.
  8. We just tried that a few years ago. I still have nightmares. Love him or not, Rivera is a legit coach.
  9. Anyway that makes sense. These decisions can’t be made in a vacuum. Unfortunately, that seems to be what’s happened over the past few years. I am not okay with another Matt Kalil deal. draft bpa at a position of need.
  10. I just got my pork shoulder on the egg. Be done in about 12 hours. ENC style. Vinegar and coleslaw.
  11. I feels very 2010 with jimmy clausen. We’re gonna have the first pick in the 23 draft.
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