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  1. Cam has moved on. I seriously doubt he thinks much about the panthers anymore.
  2. I wish all the dads and dads to be a great day filled with hookers and blow. We’ve earned it.
  3. Most of my buddy's who played ball in college we’re also listed taller than they actually are.
  4. fug you, I had blocked that out of my mind Ugh, I will never forgive him for that.
  5. I miss the leg of the lord. It was nice having such a great kicker for such a long time.
  6. Another impeccable second round draft pick by Hurney. Looking back over the years it makes me cringe at his picks after the first.
  7. Great to see the fellas out there getting in work. Little is the gift that keeps on giving…I really hoped he worked out but it’s looking like he might not make it to camp.
  8. They have a new coaching staff. I think that eliminates them?
  9. Perseverance pays off. Nice job teaching him the benefits of hard work.
  10. I prefer 1pm starts so the disrespect is fine by me.
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