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  1. ...he’s not wrong. The research is on his side.
  2. I may be in the minority, but I don’t want to trade for a disgruntled QB with a possible ego issue. Since when do we allow athletes dictate to owners or upper management? Why would the team owe him anything other than paying him an outrageous salary and wanting him to preform?
  3. How do I say this with tact... oh yeah, fug hurney.
  4. I'm a chiro in eastern NC. Never stopped working, but changed ALOT of protocols. As I am sure of most, Im sick of wearing a mask while working.
  5. I dont get to play tons, but when I do I play cod. Gamer Tag: jbizzlenc
  6. Self policing should help. Thanks, Jeremy.
  7. We had one of those, it got us to the Super Bowl.
  8. Tell me the truth, you always try to get back together with your ex’s? Be honest.
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