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  1. I am worried about the new kicker, he can’t kick it through the end zone for a touchback.
  2. Sean Payton has been pounding some beers. That gut grew alot
  3. As a hospital employee I can tell you first hand that it is no joke, I am in Florida. Rooms have 2 patients per room and running out of space. If you think its a joke and don’t get the vaccine I feel bad for you and your family. Listen to Medical professionals not Tucker Carlson! I hope your kids recover with no issues.
  4. I have my computer hooked up to my tv via hdmi. That’s how I watch or in my iPad if I am work
  5. https://sportsaccess.se/VAMOS213/?idev_username=koditips Click on start free trial put email username and password and hit sign up
  6. Like I said I have used them for years. It used to be a kodi app and now the broadcast from their site. Doesn’t have the lag like the free streaming ones.
  7. https://sportsaccess.se/VAMOS213/?idev_username=koditips
  8. https://sportsaccess.se/VAMOS213/?idev_username=koditips
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