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  1. Jesus Christ what has happened to the English language?
  2. Ok. Thought you meant 30 + years
  3. Is the sound screwed up for everyone or is it just me? Can barely here the guys talking and the crowd noise is loud af
  4. What is with the sound? Can barely hear the commentators.
  5. The sad thing is Gettlelman was right you need Hog Mollies. I pointed out yesterday to my wife that the Giants O line is so much bigger than ours. Our O line is pathetic! Insert any QB and they will fail.
  6. Please God take this no talent ass clown and the rest of his staff back to college!
  7. I can’t remember a more boring offense than this. Pickles 2010 was probably more enjoyable to watch. Get Darnold out of the damn game.
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