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  1. Was that English they were speaking?
  2. Igo Has his own show Basically! Have you not noticed WFNZ ripping the site off for years? Hack Attack is about as close to A Huddle Podcast as you can get! Every once in a while Mac will throw the Huddle a bone. But for the most part the Hack Attack on WFNZ is a recap of what we read here.
  3. LOL @ the Midget in the background! I would seriously pay him to stand in my garden!
  4. Only thing I wanna remember from 2011 is The #1 Draft pick being announced. And Topcat Laura in the rain in Jacksonville!
  5. Mel Kiper needs to reach for a comb and a head shape specialist! This pick proves the "talking heads" are just that! Gettleman knows football and understands Value! The guys sitting on the side know names!
  6. I was reading the comments on the pre draft Shaq article. Alot of fans from alot of teams wanted Shaq in the first round! I trust Gettleman! And welcome Shaq!
  7. As my co worker always says "When was the last time you saw 2 pot heads about to fight". I don't smoke but you are right about alcohol being legal and not weed.
  8. rdog157h


    Topcat Laura is the G.O.A.T ! So fine
  9. I'm glad she isn't a Math teacher! Cause there is nothing worse than getting called to solve a problem on the board after day dreaming! If you know what I mean!
  10. I am never up this early on a Sunday! Must be Game day!!!!
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