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  1. It’s the “legend” I have a problem with.
  2. I don’t know too many people vouching for drafting a QB after the first. Most arguing against drafting one in the first are doing so on the notion that you need to sell the farm to do so.
  3. I’m more concerned with the “signs” and not so much the “symptoms.”
  4. This. I don’t think we need a Watson caliber player to compete for a Lombardi with the weapons we have as long as we protect the QB and don’t become anemic on defense. This move makes a lot of sense.
  5. People see what they want to see. Most vouching for a CMC trade were against drafting him to begin with. His injurious season last year is the crow they’ve been waiting to serve for 3 years. They’ll likely eat their share next year now that the organization has figured out they can spread the ball around and not put the entire workload on his back.
  6. I mentioned it because people seem to think the only way we could pull off a trade is to give up our biggest asset. QB is the most important position in football but you don’t trade your best weapon leaving your new franchise QB without a future HOF weapon.
  7. I love seeing the negative pie count. Nice touch, Igo.
  8. What makes anybody think Watson wants to come here with a busted O-line and the absence of the best weapon we’ve had in Carolina since Steve Smith? QBs salivate at the notion of handing off or passing to a guy like CMC. He makes them look that damn good. Stop with the nonsense.
  9. Thanks for the hot take. Now fug off.
  10. “Produce” is one word. Obliterate franchise and NFL records is another thing altogether. CMC is status and one season of unlucky injuries isn’t changing that. Time y’all started accepting it.
  11. If they’re doing things legit, likely not. Bills are going to the
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