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  1. All things considered he should have just as many tools offensively as Teddy did last year. A healthy CMC and a stud LT would give us zero excuse not to win games.
  2. “Surest, safest, cheapest” of the options left. I don’t know the ins and outs of why we fell short on Stafford but with the price tag he went for I don’t blame them for not raising the stakes if Watson was still on the table.
  3. I wouldn’t necessarily say it will make us look like fools if he doesn’t pan out as he’s literally the surest, safest, and cheapest option at this point. Obviously we were all in on Watson before all the drama started. That’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket and pick too deep into the first to ensure getting the guy you want. I know I’m in the minority but I for one am thankful we didn’t sell the house to move up.
  4. Dude is younger than Lamar, Josh Allen, and Burrow. Give him a break and see how it unfolds.
  5. He’s done as a legit starter, man. I’ll never forget his prime here but that ship has sailed. Even if he was a fraction of what he used to be he doesn’t play for Carolina anymore. You’ll sleep better at night when you start living in reality.
  6. I remember a simile narrative last year. Remind me again how that turned out.
  7. The Bears had a great defense but that offense was paltry, and Trubisky wasn’t the only blame.
  8. There’s a “Florida man” report somewhere in there.
  9. Some short term memories around these parts
  10. I feel like I’m mid 2020 season again. Sack up, Huddle.
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