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  1. I believe it says: ”See through the storm. Return of the Spida.” So perhaps “return” means he is staying in Carolina?
  2. I don’t think anyone could look at our roster and say there aren’t holes at virtually every position. Whether they go BPA or offense playmaker, there should be zero reason they botch our first pick.
  3. I’m still not buying that Bryce was the original consensus. I firmly believe this test screwed Stroud and subsequently screwed us into making potentially the dumbest sequence of trades and draft picks this franchise has ever seen.
  4. The point was that Sean was arguably the best DC in the league at the time. So your complaint that he didn’t live up to or exceed the same expectations in pure performance is an unreasonable expectation .
  5. He took over our defense when McDermott went to Buffalo. Sean was the main reason our defense was so formidable in that 2013 run. So downgrading from that or in the latter part for the 49ers is not saying much. That’s the point I’m trying to make. HC position is much more than how you feel about his defense performing. The leadership aspect alone relative to Reich or Rhule cannot be understated.
  6. That’s my opinion as well. I know the coverage went soft near the end but the other 3.5 quarters can’t be downplayed.
  7. Yeah that argument wasn’t holding any water regarding Wilks. Not sure why people hate the guy. I think there are better DCs and HCs but he’s far from what people make him out to be.
  8. Well if you’re considering the 9ers defense was the best in the league the year prior to his arrival then he would have to replicate best in the league to not see a drop off. So that doesn’t statistically provide any relevance to the discussion and just comes across as nitpicky.
  9. You can harp on a bad situation he was put into 6 years ago for one season. I’ll factor in the entire equation. He was successful as a positions coach here. He was successful as a DC here. He was successful as an interim HC here. He was successful as a DC with SF.
  10. Why do you think Chase Young was traded so willingly? Also, Arizona has been an ass organization for quite some time. Much like Carolina, one guy isn’t going to come in and clean everything up in one season.
  11. So you’re saying he brought a very bad situation to an above average situation in Carolina, and then maintained greatness in SanFran?
  12. Probably the most realistic take. If we want to infer it’s a personality conflict I think that makes sense but we should stop throwing his resume under the bus. He’s an alpha. Can’t have multiple alphas on the coaching staff. Anything with two heads is a monster.
  13. I did. My comment stands. They don’t make it to the SB without his efforts. That defense played stellar for 3 quarters.
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