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  1. Please do. Clean that locker room up and get someone in the position that can catch and knows the difference between a Panther and a bear.
  2. More like Cam 0.3. That said, 1/3 of Cam is probably better than what we saw from Darnold last year or anything PJ has ever shown.
  3. I’ll take the Gandalf reference. Wisest of Middle Earth. Wielder of the Foe-hammer. Go back to the shadow!
  4. Don’t you have some race baiting to do? Fug off
  5. This just in: Only one concession register will be open during the game. Also, only meth heads and hillbillies allowed in for late games.
  6. It’s not his responsibility to support his entire family/ Why is this even a thought?
  7. I thought it was because racism. Huh….
  8. Personal attack requires a personal message. I was discussing said dildos with him. Not directly calling someone a dildo.
  9. I was actually one of the few against trading him as I don’t see him as “damaged goods.” None of his injuries were “season ending” so they can’t be super serious so no reason he’d be washed up, right?
  10. If the rookie turns out to be our franchise guy I’ll be excited for him and the team. If he is the best player on the field even better. That’s what separates me from some of you is that I can look at these things objectively.
  11. We can all go back and read the dialogue, my guy. Not sure why you hate the guy. Sucks we don’t have a prime Newton anymore but CMC is our best player when utilized appropriately. Get over it.
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