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  1. They make up for it in college basketball as NC is by far the best NCAAM state in the country.
  2. I’d generally agree but we don’t want to retain JAGs and busts. We sold all of our tenured talent before the 2023 season.
  3. Agree with the last statement. I was just noting what others who have watched more of him had to say about him. Not writing the guy off but I’ll hold my excitement until he does anything of value for this team.
  4. Their organization has a history of success. Generally always in the playoff discussion. You guys do this every year. You get yourself amped up over a FA signing or drafting some project and 98% of the time the ceiling is JAG. I’m just bringing it back down to earth. It’s OK to be hopeful but I’m done being excited until we prove something.
  5. Bottom feeder organization. Hard to get excited about anything this franchise does but if he works out it’ll be a nice surprise.
  6. Most Steelers fans I speak with seem to be glad to be rid of him calling him lazy and selfish. They give him props for route running but that’s all the positivity I’ve heard.
  7. Out with the felines. In with the DAWGS.
  8. Redskins was always the name and most with Native ancestry view it as homage to the culture. But if we are going to lose the name with political correctness, then Red Wolves was definitely a prime choice.
  9. I believe it says: ”See through the storm. Return of the Spida.” So perhaps “return” means he is staying in Carolina?
  10. I don’t think anyone could look at our roster and say there aren’t holes at virtually every position. Whether they go BPA or offense playmaker, there should be zero reason they botch our first pick.
  11. I’m still not buying that Bryce was the original consensus. I firmly believe this test screwed Stroud and subsequently screwed us into making potentially the dumbest sequence of trades and draft picks this franchise has ever seen.
  12. The point was that Sean was arguably the best DC in the league at the time. So your complaint that he didn’t live up to or exceed the same expectations in pure performance is an unreasonable expectation .
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