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  1. 17-28, 170 yards, 2 TD-1 passing, 1 rushing We lose 17-14
  2. It’s a win win playing him at this point. We know we are mediocre at best with the other two. He sucks, we get a great pick. He doesn’t, we compete.
  3. Not sure why anyone would want us to lose unless we were completely out of contention. It’s already been proven you don’t need a top 3 pick to get a franchise QB and having a top 3 pick doesn’t guarantee quality at the position in the long term.
  4. He had 3 really solid games to start the year last year. This O line is a different breed than we’ve had in nearly a decade. What the hell…give him one more chance to suck. Can’t be any worse than Baker on Sunday.
  5. I’d still say PJ has the lowest floor. I believe what we’ve seen from him in the last few games is prime time PJ. That said they all suck and I don’t really care who starts between them although I would like to see Sam play at least one game to say we completed the carousel.
  6. I wouldn’t debate that. But making this comment 2 years ago would have you raked over the coals.
  7. Being out of market nowadays I rarely catch games live. When did this dude start mauling?
  8. Shame on Sean for letting his QB throw the football. Doesn’t he know how likely a UCL injury is, especially as a contact injury? /sarcasm
  9. I have a laundry list. You want recent or just general history because specificity basically encompasses everyone who ever played for us that had agreeable talent.
  10. Well that certainly rules Carolina out of his desired locations because we’ve seen plenty of talent die or leave here too early. I’d rather this franchise continue to suck than to watched smug-ass-pursed-lip-bounty gate-chode take the helm.
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