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  1. As someone who beat the “we need a TE”drum “for this offense to be success” last year, this gives me great pleasure.
  2. I’m use to that so we’re good.
  3. So you’re telling me I can’t refer to him as “deuce deuce” anymore?
  4. Would love to hear your elaboration on what constitutes a “good old boy move.”
  5. Agreed, although I’d argue the degree of work ethic varies greatly at the college and professional level. Some folks just have God given abilities and are able to get away with a less than stellar work ethic while others have to rely on their work ethic that much harder to get to the level they do. All NFL players undoubtedly have some degree of both these characteristics but the latter is something that is in many instances obvious when a player “overachieves” and when they “underachieve.”
  6. He should have stfu after the 30 second mark. Just unwound everything he was spinning about taking responsibility and wearing his boy boy pants.
  7. Kind of hard to assess his ability when no one has seen him take a snap at TE yet. We can infer all we want but it doesn’t make anything definitive. Persona plays a role for sure but people are making more out of this than it needs to be.
  8. If I’m not going to lazy route and answering with a QB I think it has to be Kelce for me. Dude is a frigging beast.
  9. The action of kneeling is about the only thing even slightly similar in their respective plights.
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