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  1. Considering Young is the only defensive player listed, seems pretty clear he is the droy also
  2. After seeing how tough Indianapolis was, I am increasingly hopeful that Ed Dodds is the pick for the Carolina Panthers. Now that the colts season is over, he is available for hire.
  3. Lmao that was absolutely a fumble
  4. That a feature y'all would like?
  5. NFL players will be much happier to give this guy another chance than fans are. I can't see anyone being upset over it.
  6. Even if it is old it has been relevance as that douche is interviewing with the jags
  7. The corret answer is yes, in a fuggin heartbeat.
  8. Panthers announce they’ve finished six GM interviews past 2 days: -Patriots player personnel dir. Nick Caserio -Bills asst GM Joe Schoen -Titans player personnel dir. Monti Ossenfort -Saints asst GM Jeff Ireland -Browns VP of football ops Kwesi Adofo-Mensah -Ex-NYG GM Jerry Reese
  9. They can interview during bye weeks. That's when McDermott interviewed with the Bills if memory serves
  10. Interesting candidate. Only 35 years old from a legit franchise. I would much rather do this than some old retread.
  11. Yeah, and Tannehill is in the playoffs. Stop pretending like QBs don't sometimes resurrect their careers. I was hoping as such, because I'm a fan of this franchise.
  12. Started out showing promise. Regressed as the season went on. Not the answer.
  13. Who do we keep? UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS FB Alex Armah WR Pharoh Cooper RB Mike Davis CB Rasul Douglas CB Corn Elder LS J.J. Jansen C Tyler Larsen TE Chris Manhertz G John Miller T Taylor Moton T Russell Okung G Chris Reed WR Curtis Samuel OL Michael Schofield LB Julian Stanford LB Adarius Taylor LB Tahir Whitehead RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS WR Keith Kirkwood DE Efe Obada T Trent Scott WR Brandon Zylstra
  14. Not sure. Seems likely he will start, but he has fallen out of the good graces with Rhule as of late. Going to be an interesting offseason.
  15. Saints have a lot to play for. Panthers have nothing. This will get ugly fast
  16. Treat all New York jets players as if they were held hostage against their will while playing because, well, they kinda were.
  17. This has probably, scratch that, definitely been the toughest year of my life. Thanks to yall for helping make this place a nice distraction full of nonsense and the occasional rational football discussion. If 2021 isn't any better I plan on starting a religious free love cult and moving into the mountains. Yall get first dibs on cabins and choice of harem members (men and women, we don't judge). Love, JI
  18. Sure. He would come with more expectations though I think.
  19. A mentor can instill professionallism. Can't instill physical gifts. Swap him with Grier, give him a chance. If he doesn't change, cut him. Worst case scenario is you lose a guy that was inactive all year long
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