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  1. This could be the day Baker shuts the door on Sam. Hoping it’s true, at least. Panthers football is here!
  2. I am not someone who watches preseason football a ton. But I will be tuned in quite a bit for our games this year. I really want to see what Corral can do, even if it’s against second stringers.
  3. I hope Robby is coming around a tad. If anything, it’s got to be nice to be catching balls from someone other than Darnold.
  4. Darnold is fine and he’s earned a roster spot!!1
  5. Right. But let’s keep him just because the second best guy on our roster at this point is a rookie. Makes no sense.
  6. Oh give me a break. I live in reality and you choose not to. He’s terrible and we need to own the mistake at this point instead of keeping him around to ride the bench. We hAvE tO fOlLoW thE NFL hIeRaRcHy
  7. All joking aside, you really have to think Rhule is only keeping Sam on the roster for pride. Baker will be our starter, Matt should be our backup and getting those reps. We really don’t need Darnold at all. Rhule saving face is more important than getting our “future” all the reps he can get.
  8. Not surprising to hear. Potholes everywhere I go in my part of the state (Louisville area) We are behind on a lot of things, unfortunately.
  9. He’s not scary at all, anymore. He likely will be injured when we play them, anyways.
  10. Anyone who uses the word “trigger” has already lost. Blow me.
  11. Shut up, loser. Everyone is speculating itt. Shocking revelation on your end.
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