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  1. I think everyone knew Teddy had reached his ceiling by the time we signed him. It was a horrible signing, because Teddy was never going to win here unless he had a perfect team. I don’t even think Sam knows how good he can be with this new staff and weapons. That’s the exciting part for me. At least most of it.
  2. I think people should be excited about Sam. It’s not a big deal, just explaining how your post came off to some. I’m not the only poster who read it that way.
  3. Your post to me came off as a shot at people that are excited about a new QB. Critiquing a practice throw in May is a little much, wouldn’t you say? Who cares if fans are excited about Sam. Your post came off like you do.
  4. If you were the person pooing on someone for being excited about Sam, then yes, you. If you weren’t doing that, then no, I wasn’t talking about you.
  5. Don’t mind people like that. He probably wouldn’t praise Darnold unless he threw a game winning pass in the Super Bowl. It’s perfectly fine for fans to be excited about their new QB.
  6. Finally a QB who can throw it further than 30 yards without it looking like wounded duck. That pass looked extremely crisp.
  7. Im usually one that doesn’t give a crap what number someone wears. But in this case, I wouldn’t like seeing anyone wearing number 1 again. Cam did things for this franchise that haven’t been seen before.
  8. Just my opinion but I feel like many more of us feel better about Sam than Teddy. Other than Igo and a few others, most of us agreed signing Teddy was a horrible move. I think in this case the majority are excited to see what Sam can bring. Myself included. There’s absolutely no reason to not give him a chance based on what happened with the Jets.
  9. Not sure if we can pass Tampa. They bring everyone back from a championship team (very dominant one, at that) and Brady gets a full offseason to practice. I do think second place is realistic and ultimately where we finish up Bucs: 12-5 Panthers: 10-7 Saints: 9-8 Falcons: 6-11
  10. Perhaps I am being optimistic, but Darnold has the talent to be a top 12 QB with the weapons we have here. Not to mention the coaching. Now he also has the potential to blow up right in our faces, but is it really out of the realm of possibility we win 10 games with this guy? 30 TDs 3400 yards 15 picks 66 completion rate
  11. David Moore is the only one I would bet on of that group. The other two I honestly have no idea.
  12. If Darnold is only “marginally” better than Teddy, than passing on Fields looks even more stupid. Sounds like our staff is banking on him being pretty good considering we didn’t even draft an offensive player.
  13. Joke of a franchise and that isn’t changing.
  14. Please lord let us have one of Sewell or Fields
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