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  1. We aren’t going to be much better if at all next season. We could easily have have a top 5 pick in 2025
  2. Bryce is awful. We drafted him so those kind of throws would be gimmes
  3. Didn’t think it was possible to suck worse than Matt Rhule, but we hired the guy that can do it. Throw the damn bank at Ben Johnson this offseason
  4. Making a simple observation about a player we could have drafted doesn’t mean we want to cheer for a new team. Some of you get in your feelings way too easily.
  5. Hard not to notice how he’s lighting up the league with less than average weapons. But the Panthers will Panther
  6. I’m rooting hard for him. Kentucky has taken quite a step back at the QB spot this season
  7. The Levis haters are noticeably absent today
  8. Lot more lurking than posting for me so far this football season. My girlfriend is pregnant and my son is due in early March. Just had a ton on my plate! Definitely been a fun college football season so far. Although I think our winning streak ends in Athens next week. Good luck to your Gators the rest of the way! BTW, can we get a redo on the draft and have the Panthers listen to us about Stroud?
  9. He’s looked infinitely better than BY so far
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