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  1. Keep fugging Pounding. Cam is back and so are the Panthers.
  2. Sam sucks but stop all this Teddy talk. I don’t want his ass back here, either.
  3. After watching this team the last four weeks, honestly not sure how anyone can predict a win. Panthers 10 Falcons 23
  4. I understand some of you want him gone no matter what the circumstances but I’m willing to give him another year. Maybe a different coordinator on offense.
  5. He’s had two inept QBs to work with. That alone buys him one more year. But we can’t have another season like this or last. Get QB right or GTFO
  6. Welp. I got nothing left this season if this is true. Our team will win one or two more games, and just like last season, we will be stuck picking seconds as far as QB in the draft. Fug the Panthers.
  7. lol, the huddle poo’d on Teddy, including myself, and now some of you are campaigning for Tua? They’re the exact same player. Below average arm. Decent accuracy. Below average athlete. Not to mention glass for bones. Hard pass on him.
  8. I really don’t want to give up Burns. Losing him, Brown, or Horn would really suck.
  9. I voted yes but I wouldn’t trade the farm for him. Two first rounders and a player or two. I would pull the trigger.
  10. Making one move is a lot easier than planning on fixing an entire unit in one off season. I’m not saying the OL isn’t a problem. That would be stupid. But even when our current QB does have time, he botches it. Watson wouldn’t.
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