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  1. Pass on Dak. If we wanted to pay an average QB more than he deserves we would just keep Teddy.
  2. Im not sure I can get behind this being good for Houston. Is it really better if you were questioning if he would play for you again vs being told to your face he isn’t playing for you?
  3. In b4 the negative nancies come in with “Another Watson Thread” or “Shocking Panthers Interested in Watson” Saw this tweet a few minutes ago. Nice to hear reinforcement on his side. Put pressure on them to trade you.
  4. Any price is different than a hefty one. I trust we won’t give up everything.. it will probably be a load though. I trust our front office will make the right move. Just a quick note, this has been the most interesting offseason I can remember as a Panthers fan. We are finally being aggressive and I love it.
  5. He’s oozing talent but who knows how he will translate. The people wanting Lance are the folks who would have a stroke if we traded for anything.
  6. Nope. Extremely weird for a professional athlete to do that.
  7. I guess we will see. There’s a lot of smoke around us and Watson, and it’s the off-season before the draft. At the very least it’s going to be talked about a lot on here. This story has made it further than any of us thought possible in the first place. So who knows.
  8. Source? Or are you just checking who he’s following daily? Either way, it’s interesting.
  9. So we should trust you and not the daily reports coming from multiple sources that we are doing pretty much anything we can to get him? You for the next round of lottery numbers, too?
  10. After a year where we had literally zero income from fans coming to games, I doubt in the highest degree that we roll Teddy out there to start the year. Keeping him on the field will keep fans at home.
  11. It’s unfortunate that it keeps popping up. Because you’re right, it’s just not true.
  12. Would be amazing to see what Rhule could have done with a healthy Cam
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