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  1. You’d think the Canes could spring for a horn that’s actually welded in place and doesn’t look like a science fair project
  2. I’m pretty sure someone here posted stats a while back that showed there is no statistical diff injury wise between turf and grass these days. 10 years ago? Absolutely. But todays turf is so diff
  3. Agreed. I think that’s why they made that trade with the Saints, giving them 2 first rounders next year just in case.
  4. Yeah I am from PA and most of my family are all Eagles fans. Howie has made some great moves this off-season to build upon last seasons playoff roster. They should win the East easily (Cowboys OL will be as bad as ours was last year).
  5. We’d have to go 4 deep to get to the point where he is paired with a rookie.
  6. Eagles are primed for a huge run in a weak NFC.
  7. I’d rather see what Spencer Brown has, as well as the other young guys on the camp roster. No need to invest more money at the position when Foreman and Hubbard are both capable backups.
  8. BC, Mays, Brown, Corbett… really nice having multiple viable options at G.
  9. Winning breeds excitement. The 2015 playoff game against the Seahawks was the craziest environment I’ve been at in any sports arena/stadium. It was simply incredible to be a part of.
  10. Seems like the Team agrees - ball is in Cams court. Cam is holding out for a starting gig, which isn’t going to come. My guess is he signs a 1 year deal here in July/August
  11. I really really like Matt. He seems likable, polished, competitive, smart, etc. i hope he’s the franchise qb
  12. The Panthers updated their Facebook Cover Photo today, with this…
  13. Since when are single game tickets in the upper deck $300? I had to double check thinking I was looking at resales. Nope…
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