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  1. If CMC stays healthy - we can trade him for multiple picks including a 1st and package a deal to move up
  2. Agreed. Just saying at least we didn’t have 10 three and outs. We did move the ball into scoring position several times
  3. We scored 4 times and were in scoring position a 5th and decided to go for it on 4th down. That’s 4 FGs - we convert half those to touchdowns and we would have scored 27 offensive points. That’s above the league average. i felt like week 3 was better than weeks 1 and 2. Just gotta keep improving. I like that we intentionally got Thomas and Ricci involved more last week. Need to build on that and start scoring tds
  4. I honestly want the cocky, arrogant swaggin 2020 Baker back. He changed his personality because of the off-season turmoil, and as a result it’s changed his game. He needs to get back to talkin smack on the field and operating with a sense of arrogance
  5. Said it Sunday, I’ll say it again. He is the best WR on our roster right now. Robby sucks, and DJ doesn’t even try
  6. Things are fairly tame these days - but I will say that it depends on who the opposing fan base is. You prob don’t want your son to be around certain fan bases (Philly, Cleveland, Washington, etc.) who tend to take over our stadium. Against the Cards?? Should be just fine. Enjoy and have fun
  7. Was their entire defense playing with broken legs?
  8. Good day for sure for the D. But we have to clean up our third down passing defense. It is so maddening!
  9. We were in scoring position multiple times and settled for field goals. I liked the play calling for the most part, feeding the run game a lot in early downs. Also liked the short throws to the TE and FB. Baker simply missed on too many throws today. Hoping he cleans that up and we score tds instead of field goals.
  10. For Rhule? Now, of course it was Anderson who presented it to him…but as others said in the other thread, the players seemed to show up in support of their coach today. Rattle off a few more in a row and I’ll buy it…for I’m still skeptical as of now that Rhule survives this season. Still hoping for a win each week regardless. Keep pounding!
  11. Rhule: “that didn’t work out so well in the end, so we decided to try something a little different this year by starting out 1-2 and hoping for a better finish.”
  12. Same problem last year. DJ didn’t run good routes and was rarely wide open. He also has shown at times he doesn’t fight for the ball. Today he had a chance to pick up an extra half yard for a first down and he instead casually stepped out of bounds. The dude needs to do more to help his case
  13. This is what a win feels like? Been a while folks! Keep pounding!
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