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  1. I know right. It’s been two whole games and we’ve seen nothing dang it!
  2. YGM is outperforming Burns right now. There’s a reason Burns was only in on 68% of the plays and had to play 20% of special teams snaps
  3. I don’t think we’d get anything worth a darn from a draft capital standpoint for anyone. Best bet is to trade for a player at a position of need such as WR.
  4. Anyone who watched football knew CJ was going to be a great pro
  5. Yep - I’m not buying a single ticket or a single piece of merch until we have a winning record.
  6. Tickets are now as low as the $40s for the game next week. No one wants to go see this crap show.
  7. What about Russia? They’re used to losing
  8. Letting Brandon Beene walk set us back 10-15 years.
  9. Cut: Jackson, Chinn, Marshall, Shaq, Sanders Trade: Burns, Thielan, Dalton, Horn (for whatever we can get) Fire: everyone Bonus - sell the team and move it to Germany
  10. So tired of these optimistic hit takes. We played a bad Seattle team today with 8 starters out. We got beat like a drum. We racked up a billion penalties, couldn’t put muscle backup OL, had a piss poor defensive game plan, never made positive adjustments, played conservative football, couldn’t run the ball, etc. we took a step back today. This team is awful, coaches are awful, GM is awful, and the owner is awful. We have little draft capital, hardly any pics from prior drafts on the roster, and not a single star player. We are the worst franchise in the nfl.
  11. We’d be 3-0 with CJ Stroud
  12. Not me. Won’t be wasting money on a game or merchandise this year. I did pay $10 for a BY draft card, but I can use that to start a fire while camping this weekend at least
  13. It’s ok. His gf comes to practice to console him
  14. Other than Brown, is there a single draft pick on this roster from the last 5 years that’s worth a damn? And don’t say Burns. I’m over him
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