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  1. Agreed, and we already gave up our 2nd in this years draft. I don’t like the idea of giving up a 3rd as well
  2. Can always count on David Newton....
  3. Are rookie pranks still a thing? If so I hope we hear about a few! Luke’s autographed helmet was a thing of beauty!
  4. They converted to Redskins fans months ago. No one left here will choose Samuel
  5. The video is being played in reverse
  6. This article was about offering other incentives short of Subsidizing stadium construction. Such as land acquisition costs, zoning concessions (relaxing density requirements or buffering/screening requirements), etc. Local governments have plenty of mechanisms to assist with projects beyond writing a check for construction. there have been hundreds of studies that show the economic benefit of sporting venues. So you can get the fug out . The latest research shows BOA has a nearly 600 million a year economic impact
  7. They do. Especially if they are used to host multiple events per year. Not only are you collecting taxes on a billion dollar facility, you’re collecting tourism taxes in every hotel room sold, food and beverage tax on every meal served, beer and wine tax on every drink sold, in addition to general sales benefit to each restaurant, hotel, gas station, etc patrons visit before and after the event. Occupancy taxes alone generate millions per year in revenue.
  8. Economic incentives suck...but they are part of the world we live in cities hand them out all the time. Sports franchises/venues have a massive economic Impact that often cannot be measured in sheer jobs created. Charlotte will pony up when the time comes.
  9. We aren’t going into the season with 5 DT’s, especially since Fox can line up there as well. I don’t see Short as better than anything we have there now...let the young kids get playing time behind Brown and Jones.
  10. A clean pocket with shitty receivers who can’t separate from their defenders and terrible, predictive play calling still = a piss poor situation for a QB
  11. I believe he is still unsigned. Not sure what the holdup is
  12. Made 52 million so far and is 27 years old. Nah...don’t consider that a failure lol
  13. Daley with help from Tremble from time to time
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