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  1. Good signing - known as a run stuffer and not pass rusher. Rotational guy but solid depth.
  2. Eagles let their RG go in FA cause he was a lowly 71 LOL
  3. Did he put a towel over his head? Just preparing myself for the media reactions
  4. I like that part of the thought process was that Dalton also started as a rookie QB.
  5. I personally prefer Stroud because of his pinpoint accuracy and ability to drive the ball downfield. I think he is slightly better than Young in both those areas.
  6. Let’s be honest - if they like everything about Bryce but his size, they should draft Bryce. Plenty of big QBs have failed. Bryce played in a pro system and took hits from nfl sized players in the SEC for years. I’m still team Stroud, but I don’t mind either and trust this FO and coaching staff.
  7. With cap space still available, surely we are looking at Yannick as well as Chark, right? Yannick isn’t great against the run, but we brought in a couple guys who specialize against the run. Gotta think we are still targeting a pass rusher.
  8. That’s including the restructure numbers according to OTC. Dead cap would be 3.5M
  9. Jackson will never see year 3 of his deal. The structure was very team friendly. We cut him after this season and save 10M with only 3M in dead cap.
  10. Yep. Could be even less depending on who is sent to the PS. Several PS candidates are making 1M this year. That would raise the threshold for the top 51.
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