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  1. If 4 QBs go in the top 7, we should be rejoicing that we will be drafting one of the top overall prospects in the nation at 8
  2. The problem with across the board cap increases is that they reset the market for players salaries, so it doesn’t really benefit the organizations at all.
  3. I see us upgrading LB in FA. This is the year to go after quality starters, with every team but a few having limited cap space. There will be a ton of 1 year deals, which is fine since we have a ton of space available next year. I see us going after Reddick and Perryman or Williamson.
  4. He shouldn’t have been picked until round 3-4 anyways. Titans reached big time. They won’t get anything more than a 5th for him at this point. And he might just get cut
  5. I have this strange feeling that Watson will be our starting QB for the next 12 years. And yes, anything we give up will be worth it
  6. We all know this is a gift in the name of Brenton Bersin to name the football stadium after him
  7. Steelers trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Seahawks trading for Jamal Adams. Cardinals trading for Deandre Hopkins. to name a few...
  8. I could complete 80% of 3 yard passes with a clean pocket in the nfl
  9. These two were expected. Should get us to 30 million or more.
  10. Awful contract by Hurney - more dead money on the books. We only save 1 million, unless it’s post June 1 then we save 3.5
  11. Eagles are starting Hurts . And they won’t trade that pick - they will take the best OT available.
  12. Prob Hurney. Heard he thinks he’s the next Will Grier
  13. Sign Winston. He at least pushes the ball downfield, has a huge arm, and is mobile. Plus he’s got a year under his belt in the system we run.
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