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  1. Great win by my Mountaineers! Go App!!!!
  2. Haha-but he played defense, so he gets a pass (that he can’t catch)
  3. We need him and Henderson back. Also - Shaq being out has been huge. It’s required us to play Reddick as a LB more often, reducing the amount of plays he can rush the passer. That’s not ideal when your best pass rusher can’t be used to rush the passer
  4. In college, programs rarely ever change what they do and the systems they operate out of. In the nfl changes are made every week. He better adapt or go back to college
  5. Haha - you seem like a level headed person. Welcome to the Huddle.
  6. You’ll fit in just fine around here. The goal is to start as many threads as possible and try to earn as many poop emojis as you can
  7. Clock management was terrible too. No urgency, wasted timeouts. The entire coaching staff has been outcoached for the third game in a row. McCarthy gave the blueprint to the league, and they’re taking full advantage of it.
  8. Jets and Jags gonna love our draft picks this year
  9. Unless something changes he’s not worth the price to extend.
  10. College coaches rarely panthers out. Rhule did ok last year, but he hasn’t progressed and has actually taken a step back. This team is dangerously close to imploding. You could see it on the players faces…they are defeated and are losing faith in each other and the coaching staff
  11. Have to think Tepper is going to have This coaching staff on a short leash. Simply no reason to be losing games like these. The team has zero discipline and the players look like they don’t give a crap.
  12. It was the opposite of that last week against Philly, and the defense still crapped the bed in the 4th. Bottom line is the defense just isn’t that good. We gave up 500 yards today and 400 last week. And 1000 to Dallas the week before that.
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