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  1. Thats the number of total yards we have today through about 3 quarters. Its always about your players. We have no qb, sorry but Cam is a shell of himself. We have no OL which has killed us all season. Out TE and WR scare no one. You can bitch about Tepper, Rhule, Brady, etc but players win games and we don't have enough of them. We are not a player or two away, we are not a coach or two away, we are in a complete offensive rebuild and if you can't see that, then you are blind.
  2. The 3 for 15 Cam. LMAO. The problem with this board is they think we are a coach or a player away. We are in a complete rebuild and no one wants to recognize it. Teddy sucks, so go get a QB. Sam sucks, so welcome back Almighty Cam. Now its back to coaching. No, we are 2 good drafts away and a total rework of the offense
  3. They were a 3 win team in last place, but by Gawd let's act like they were the Chiefs with Mahomes
  4. Really? He had no time on the last drive. Yes let's go through everything else. It was coaching. It was the defense. I would tell everyone to see Occam's Razor, but its a waste of time.
  5. It doesn't matter who we put back there, until we spend high draft picks and real money in Free agency on the offensive line, it won't matter. We saw Cam waste a big part of his career here getting killed behind a terrible line. Bridgewater and Darnold also took a beating behind them. Quit always talking about how we need to get rid of this QB or the other because no one is going to be successful until we fix this issue. We are in the 4th quarter and have 200 yards of offense. Superman can't fix this
  6. He was the best kicker in college the year he came out and is now realizing his potential. I feel confident when he lines up, which was totally different than Slye. If he stays healthy we found our kicker for the next decade and I can finally stop cussing the TV every time Butker makes a FG.
  7. I haven't seen a pass from you of any distance, but I want to. I want to see if your shoulder is healed and you are close to being back to what you used to be. You have touched the ball twice and there are two touchdowns. No one has questioned what you have left as much as I have. No one is hoping more than me that you are once again Superman. I still have doubts. I hope you prove me dead wrong, because this would go a long way to making us a contender again. Take this job and don't look back. It is plain to see the team is showing excitement like I haven't seen in a long time. Im pulling for you.
  8. Lol. He runs because we don't produce a pocket.
  9. Well yall wanted Cam back, and so here he is. Can't wait to see us going to the SB. What a joke
  10. Whats funny is expecting a different result. The same terrible lines that ruined Cam here, just got Darnold killed. Cam will have the same issues and he isn't the savior. What a clown show this whole site is.
  11. I'll take show me a Bama OLman that has been successful in the NFL for 500. They dont work out. Hard pass
  12. All of this just shows how little most know. Rhule came in with a bottom 5 team that was filled with older players past their prime or never were that good. He has turned over most of the roster, gutted by Chico and Gettleman/Hurney and has the defense as a top 5 unit. The special teams are in Flux at punter, but it looks like we have fixed the mistake of keeping Gano and letting Butker win Super Bowls at KC. The offense needs attention, but anyone thinking we are winning this year isn't sane. The OL is the worst in the NFL. There are no trades nor draft capital left to fill the holes. This is a draft and FA issue that will happen next year. Agent 89 said plainly this week that you can't judge Darnold by his play behind this OL. QB may be another position that needs to be fixed, but he literally broke bones behind this group. The skill positions are good, but we could use an upgrade of speed at WR and still don't know what we have at TE. We need depth everywhere. Anyone not seeing the issues is blind and it takes more than 2 years to complete a total rebuild.
  13. Charles Cross is a prototypical LT. Size, agility, power and a mean streak. Would love to get him or the Iowa Center. Cross would be first because you can find good centers, but LT are very hard to find.
  14. He got trucked by Mike Davis early. He punished him the rest of the game. Brought a smile to my face
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