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  1. I would take Fields at 8, but not Lance now that we have Darnold. I love Pitts game, but if we are ever serious about being a championship team, we have to go OL at 8 and probably in the second as well. Only trade I would make is to swap places with Denver at nine if Lance falls and they have to have him and fear we will take him. We could still get our OL and a second round pic as well.
  2. OL, CB, C/G, S, and DT. If Fields is there at 8, I'd take him. Darnold has no track record of success no mater what his circumstance is. No guarantees that the habits that got him traded are correctable.
  3. Yes, Jones did have a lot of talent around him. But so did Fields and Lawrence and he never discounted that for them. I dont want us to draft Jones, but he has more proven skills than Lance who folks want us to draft. With Lawrence and Wilson apparently off the boards, I would take Fields and begin molding him into an NFL QB. Anyone else is a crapshoot
  4. If it comes down to Fields or a LT, I take Fields. Yes, our line sucks, but there are OT and OL available in rounds 2 through mid 4th that can make us better. You rarely get a chance at a Franchise QB without giving up a fortune
  5. I think Fields would choose to wear another number due to the pressure and comparisons. But if he did, give it to him
  6. We screwed up by not making a move already. The Watson chase was stupid and now we are going to have to give up that much for a player who has never taken a snap in the league. Looks like we stay at 8 and draft Mac Jones. And pray he's the next tom brady.
  7. I'm good with Wilson or Fields, prefer Wilson. I see Aaron Rodgers when I see Wilson. A little cocky and a fantastic arm. Fields has never played in a pro offense that makes multiple reads, but the raw ability is there. Lance has talent but is the biggest bust potential. I wanted Wilson from the start but if he is going to be a Jet, Fields is a nice consolation prize. Now that Watson is out of the picture, the real question is do we need to move to 2 or three. That is unless you are content to live with Teddy and draft Mac Jones.
  8. Move up to 3 and get Wilson/Fields. Give up our #8 this year and a 1 and 3 next. Should be good enough as the Dolphins need a WR and 8 is a good slot for that. I never wanted Watson because of the crippling number of picks would mean for our competitiveness in year to come. And I am on record thinking Wilson is the next Aaron Rodgers. Fields with proper coaching can be excellent, but isn't as NFL ready as Wilson. Fields is not the next Haskins
  9. Everything looks like a fastball, but I'm sure after not playing all year except for one game he was excited. The arm is there but the film isn't. If you draft him its based on pure potential.
  10. You wouldn't have to cut him if you weren't stupid enough to draft him to start with. He's a bust and watching his turnstile technique of blocking isn't going to make it better.
  11. No to Watson. The players and picks that we would have to give up would hamstring us from being competitive for years. It isn't worth the cost.
  12. As a Mississippi State season ticket holder who has seen major talent on defense go high, I completely disagree on Kylin Hill being top 50. He isn't terrible but if he is selected before the third someone needs to be fired. His flaws keep him from being great. He has no breakaway speed. He dances too much and never fights for the extra yard, preferring to go out of bounds. He is a terrible pass blocker. Lastly he was kicked off the team. I wouldn't touch him. He has malcontent and headcase written all over him.
  13. Reaching is in the eye of the beholder. This is a quarterback driven league and many teams in front of us and several behind us need qbs. Everyone knows the 4 at the top of the draft, but no one knows who will be a failure. Lawrence going to Jacksonville, one of the leagues worst franchises may not work out. Lance may be the best of the bunch, but there is very little film on him and not major competition. We can't win in the league with Teddy Bridgewater and this is the closest we will get to a franchise qb while still having to give up 2 number ones. No one knows who is a reach.
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