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  1. Corral was a good system qb in college. He isn't a starting pro qb and like several guys we thought were great pickups, he isn't. Our scouting evaluations are mediocre at best
  2. So it comes from California and New York, places so devoid of common sense that they would sue God over his creation. Call me unimpressed
  3. Solid C. Had chances to add better talent but reached on a couple and panicked on another. All of that is on paper. In 3 years, we should know how we really did.
  4. Ricks went to Philly and Tyrus Wheat went to Dallas. No word on Pool. Would still love to get a TE in for a look
  5. Get Bumper Pool, Eli Rick's and Tyrus Wheat. All 3 would make the roster
  6. Again I've watch Mingo in person since HS. He is going to be average. Nothing more, but I guess you can go watch his highlights on YouTube. He hates contact and when hit hard early, he gives you alligator arms. But you think he's a stud. Stupid
  7. I would hope you get at least 3 starters and 2 to 3 back ups. It's not happening in this one
  8. Yeah, you needed more that Bryce. We had legitimate needs for edge, DT, olb, ilb, cb, G. So far we drafted a 25 year old guy that wasn't considered a 3rd round pick and even if we wanted him, he should have been there at 93. So as far as meeting real needs, we got a qb. And at 93, the Steelers took TE Washington. Just don't see what we have accomplished outside of QB
  9. Seeing with screw up drafts like this, we will be drafting top 10 for a while
  10. Our draft is underwhelming. Sorry you are a koolaid drinker
  11. Most of you watch clips. I watched Mingo from HS at Brandon High and at Ole Miss. This is no different than folks falling in love with Greg Little. Mingo isn't going to be a bust, but he isn't Metcalf or Brown. It was a reach at 39
  12. This has been a pretty disappointing second day. Reached for both picks. No sure why we had to move up to get this guy.
  13. Might be because they don't have one. We have a ton of holes you aren't filling in the late 3rd
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