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  1. This is kinda getting old. It’s clear Fittz is in charge. Rhule doesn’t have the authority to trade draft picks. Our last several trades have been very solid anyways. Sam was an obvious miss, but everything else has been solid.
  2. JPP, Everson Griffen, Takkarist McKinley should all be considered. We should also be open to a making a trade.
  3. The appeal goes to Goodell, who will likely move fast to increase the suspension to a full year.
  4. Yeah but when Brees did it, it disgusted me.
  5. We are about to see Luvu looking like Thomas Davis out there this year
  6. I read on Twitter that Brandon Smith has been elevated to the ones and twos the past few practices. Can anyone confirm?
  7. We STOLE him for a 3rd. We have two top 10 first round talents at CB, not to mention Jackson. With Woods and Chinn at S, this could be the best secondary this franchise has ever fielded IMO. Which is a good thing since opposing QBs may have 25 seconds to throw the ball
  8. Excited to hear how Baker does with the 1s with pads on. Hopefully he balls out
  9. They are clearly saving all of the piss that they can so they can fill up that “special” Gatorade cooler to celebrate coach’s first win this year
  10. To be expected when you have one of the best offensive lines in football
  11. Cam was bound to have a shorter career than most simply because of this throwing motion.
  12. Reps won’t change until preseason I imagine. Things will sort themselves out by the second game.
  13. I’m all for using mid round picks every year on a QB if there is a prospect you like. If they develop and you already are set at the position, trade them away. The Pats have drafted then traded multiple QBs over the years
  14. How is Troy Pride’s knee? Time to give him a call?
  15. The dude has been videoed for months during high intensity workouts. And today he is sore? Wth
  16. Get him in here! Would be a great rotational guy and a vet leader!
  17. I really think Nixon is going to play an important role for us this year. He graded out about average last season as a rookie with limited playing time.
  18. Burns is big play or bust. Last season he had far more bust plays. His mistakes were not the fault of anyone else. I think his being on this list is the result of the writer not watching Panthers games.
  19. I’m not worried about it - but Matt should be. If he isn’t in Spartanburg by the start of camp, PJ will be taking all of all of his reps. Matt cannot afford to lose reps
  20. If Cam plays for the Browns week 1, Jaycee Horn will have 3 ints. Calling it now
  21. Is this the guy who accidentally cut a check to the contractor for the Rock Hill project from the Panthers account? Lol
  22. Now this should be our go to look during cooler games. Incredible!
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