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  1. Amazing how good a RB can be with a line that is decent. Hubbard performed well last year. Looking forward to seeing him build on that success
  2. He struggled a lot in coverage at times - that’s what folks remember the most.
  3. I just don’t see him as a top 10 DE. Yannick is also considered a top pass rusher, and he’s still a FA because he can’t stop the run. Burns is taken out of plays so easily, at least thus far in his career. Even our new coaching staff has said over and over that you have to earn the right to rush the passer, and that you can only do that by setting the edge and stopping the run. 2022 Burns couldn’t do either very well. I hope he develops into a true 3 down player who is effective in all aspects of the game. If he does, pay him whatever he wants
  4. Let him Play this year and see if he becomes a more complete player with proper coaching in his new role. If so, tag him (currently 20M) then make him prove it for a second year. Then sign long term if he shows he can be a 3 down player effectively
  5. Zach Wilson in the Carolinas for a couple days? Hide your wives and mommas
  6. A defensive lineman who is excited about camp in Spartanburg? I love that! Brown can really be a huge leader for this team this year.
  7. Yeah it kinda bugs me as well, but I guess it’s better than going all Zach Wilson
  8. Best - 12-5 worst - 8-9 likely finish - first place
  9. Ikr - Panthers fans complaining about a rule that seems to benefit us (no KR, a K who doesn’t have a strong enough leg to boot it out of the end zone) seems weird.
  10. Heck we hosted the NBA All-Star game…surely we can land an NFL event at some point.
  11. Landing a MNF game at home as our opener beginning a new era of Panthers football is a pretty big deal. Besides, the Panthers only abstained last time, we didn’t vote “no.” There is nothing to indicate Tepper was firmly in the “no” column to begin with. He possibly only abstained once he heard the vote was close to see if he could get anything at all.
  12. Monday night game at home in week 2
  13. College football has been doing this for years. Seems to work well. Besides, we haven’t had a good kick returner since Michael Bates so this is a rule that likely benefits us lol
  14. Lol. yeah the announcers are gonna fun with “3rd and short”
  15. I remember when Malik Willis was the preseason champ last year. Now he may not make the Titans roster. People salivating off one non padded throw without a pass rush are hysterical
  16. Only a few idiots think it was a reach. A lot of folks actually said him being there at 39 was great value
  17. 8 wins to go! Let’s go Canes!
  18. Rather open on the road. We have 9 away games this year. Opening at home means only 7 of the next 16 are home.
  19. I don’t agree. Tampa’s O-line is trash. They lost their top RB. Their pass rush is below average. And they have the worst QB in the division.
  20. Dang - Mingos wing span is bigger than Young
  21. We went from Super man to a kid whose favorite word is Super
  22. Plot twist - Panthers used Persons mock as their big board
  23. Remember this well. There was a fan reaction video that went viral after this game of a girl (chargers fan) screaming at the tv “that was longer than 2 seconds!” Bless her heart
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