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  1. If the second half was any indication, we will be just fine. We have assembled a nice roster with decent depth. We drafted Hubbard and Tremble for a reason. Time for them to step up. We signed AJ for a reason - time for him to step up.
  2. Hoping for a Cowboys win Monday so we can get some friggin respect when we beat them at 2-1
  3. If 2 games constitute wear and tear among nfl players, you’d see players dropping left and right all across the league. injuries happen. It’s not because of the field. It’s because both players play an extreme sport where injuries happen.
  4. If Fox keeps playing at the level he has through 3 weeks, I’d consider him a key piece as well. We’ve got a lot of folks to re-sign, but also have a lot of cap space
  5. At the end of the day, what does it matter? Way too many thread police around here. He posted new, relevant content. I for one appreciate this thread.
  6. I’ll be at the App State game tonight with the family - but I’ll also be checking in on the game using my Spectrum TV App, watching when I can! Time to go to 3-0!!!!
  7. It appears Saints fans think our o-line is pretty good.
  8. Agreed. He is a below average passer and has been since he entered the league.
  9. He was ok. The entire o line didn’t get much push at all in short yardage to go situations. Pass blocking was ok. Not terrible, not great.
  10. He should be an awesome presence in the nickel! also - is it just me or is Roy looking like an absolute draft steal?
  11. Great win for the Titans! Always good for us when an NFC competitor loses to an AFC team
  12. Man sure hoping seattle Blows this
  13. Wow. If we aren’t 3-0 come Thursday night then something went horribly wrong.
  14. He couldn’t even blame his assistants because, well you know, they caught Covid during their massive hot tub orgy. This loss was 100% on Sean. Rhule and the Panthers had their way all day! I love it!
  15. Well fine then, I don’t count your game against the Packers as a win…just because. Does that mean you’re 0-2 now? Does it work that way?
  16. I want Phil Snow to challenge Sean Payton to a push up contest!
  17. Burns, Reddick, Jackson, Fox, Roy, Brown, Jones, Chinn, Horn, Burris, Shaq, Carter, and any other defender who played today. Gotta give Darnold props too
  18. That jersey is holding up better than Saints o-line today
  19. Lowest total yards gained by the Saints offense in the Sean Payton era! Smashed it by 50 yards! shout out to the D!
  20. Amazing win! The Rhule era is looking great!
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