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  1. This. Timing was everything with the JR situation. Unfortunate.
  2. Still is mind blowing to me how fast the league forced JR to sell yet allowed Kraft and Snyder to keep their teams for so long. JR had his faults, but he was a passionate owner who loved Charlotte and this team.
  3. Moan with entitlement? Lol. So my posts in support of the team regardless of performance is considered moaning with entitlement? Gotcha.
  4. Enjoy your vacay and don’t let these folks get to you. Appreciate your posts and your takes on things.
  5. And therein lies the problem. You own the site, several of us long timers are asking for your help…begging for your leadership here. And you respond with a quip in a weak attempt to seem cool for a few minutes. I miss the good ole days when folks could talk football around here, regardless of how our team performs, without the constant negativity and hurling of insults for attention. All good things come to an end I guess.
  6. meh - they’re just doing their job. You’ll never find an organization whose own PR team trashes the org or the person or writes their checks. Just common sense. side note - please clean this place up. It’s worse than Panthers.com any day of the week.
  7. We will likely find out during this bye week
  8. You should prob read back through your posts in this thread alone. You are indeed a bitch who cries
  9. Agreed. It’s pretty pathetic. I truly feel like most of our mods are 14 years olds locked in their basement. The Huddle has become a joke.
  10. Troy Hill making sure we cover lol
  11. What a dang throw. Thread the needle young man
  12. I’m sure you know very well what average means…
  13. He’s playing great. Now get your homework done before your mom turns off your wifi for the night
  14. So stop watching and stop posting. Tua has the best WR core in the nfl, a top offensive coach, and years of nfl experience. Can’t even compare the two right now.
  15. How? He missed one throw, and Hurst was held the entire time. Bryce is balling
  16. We ran the ball well the entire drive. Two plays with 1 yard to go and we refuse to run on either. Oh Frank: you are an idiot
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