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  1. BC offers flexibility. LTs are hard to come by. Draft one and move BC to LG. BC is then your backup LT if an injury occurs.
  2. He’s got 13 years of NFL special teams coaching experience. Better than we had
  3. In all fairness - The Bills defense gave up 45 yards in 9 seconds. I’d like to think Gilmore, Chinn, Burris, and Horn wouldn’t have allowed that
  4. I’m sure I have. Lots to hate over the last 25 years.
  5. Without a doubt. Really can’t read into this kinda stuff much. Interesting info though
  6. Good info. But…it’s also worth noting that there are a lot of first round QBs sitting home right now. Lamar Jackson, Lawrence, Herbert, Wentz, Goff, Ryan, Darnold, Mayfield, Tua, Jones, etc.
  7. Oh well. He can at least say he fielded a top 10 offense as OC and took his team to the playoffs in year 1 as HC. Not my first choice but better than Montgomery
  8. I feel like Joe is wrong on a lot of this. 1. Gilmore will likely be retained and Jackson walks. Gilmore will be fine with a 2-3 year deal and can mentor Horn and Henderson. Jackson will want a 4-5 year deal and someone will overpay for him. 2. Reddick will re-sign. No way Rhule let’s a Temple guy walk, especially when Reddick said he wants to be here. 3. cap space - not as big a deal as Joe makes it seem. We have an insane amount of cap room next year. Contracts will simply be backloaded to allow us to spend at will this off-season. Look for us to go after OL and MLB aggressively.
  9. Yet more than half of nfl teams need upgrades at the position
  10. Haha well this is the guy who benched Eli in favor of Geno Smith, ending Eli’s record breaking starting streak
  11. Geez for the 1000000th time, we wanted Perryman. We signed Perryman. Perryman didn’t want to take the field here and we had no choice but to either cut him or trade him.
  12. When Michael Bates and Karl Hankton were on the team
  13. The burning question is - why are you still here posting when you promised you were done as a Panthers fan until Rhule was fires
  14. Someone has to run the PJ Walker package. May as well be PJ, right? kidding aside, he sucks and this makes me think nothing will change
  15. Congrats you’ve arrived at the point of being an ass
  16. That’s because Hurn dog overpaid for every single player on the roster. Would you talk bad about someone giving you more money than you deserve?
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