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  1. It's about as personal as a one can get without fully crossing the line. Tepper deserves this for his lack of decorum and professionalism also. Tepper took it there first. Maybe if he hadn't taken things so personally, Fowler wouldn't have had the motivation to create a fully apropos term that will surely stick.
  2. I'm not even ever going to try and fool myself. I may not watch the Panthers play from time to time, but I'll never jump ship. I may have missed three to five games in the last 20 years (only because of some family obligation). This is just a low point which is highly disinteresting because we cannot even meet the standard of mediocrity, but I will always be a Panthers fan because it would just be damned odd to root for another team. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part...I'm going to keep pounding until we reach better days ahead, as long as I'm able.
  3. Eggplant for seeing what I did there. I am so serious in reference to QBs (Bryce has made me a believer), but the pun was absolutely intended.
  4. It's not a matter of patience for me; I'm not going anywhere regardless if they suck or not (which I kind of expect them to do). At this point, I just don't see us doing anything until 2025. We're in total disarray, without any direction. The conglomeration of valuable personnel and draft capital that we've squandered only to arrive here is depressing. We're going to have to start all over again. What that entails is anyone's guess. A firesale may be in order. Who knows? We only have maybe two to three players that might net us some real value (outside of T-mo). Maybe the skies will appear sunny again by 2026. **Sigh**
  5. He has the talent. He just needs to consistently make good decisions. Much like many QBs, his success will likely depend upon where he ends up.
  6. I hope you're wrong, but I would never dismiss your belief out of hand because I'm beginning to have skepticism myself. I think that in reference to size, which Bryce was dogged for here before the draft, most of the arguments were about his durability. Well, he's durable. There were a few talking about his ability to see over the line, and fewer still talking about him having a noodle arm. I still don't think that he has a true noodle arm, though he doesn't have anywhere near a cannon. I do suspect that his shortness may be hindering his ability to be successful. Is that a fatal flaw? I don't know yet. I will feel better about being more definitive once I see him behind a better O-line and with better weapons. A line, a WR1 and a beast at TE should go a long way. All that being said, I'd take a chance on Spencer Rattler (or someone similar) on day three, and maybe even late day two if he were to fall.
  7. First off, it only takes 60 something yards per game to be a thousand yards receiver (even less now that there are 17 games), so it's not really that high of bar. Secondly, what you want out of a receiver is consistency in a perfect world. Thirdly, I never said any QB was the second coming of Jesus. I've always said that drafting QBs is largely a crap shoot. Fourth, yes, I did say I was on the Lance train, but that he would need development (even still, it's always a crap shoot). And, lastly, I never said Young was anything, but that I'd support him if he was the pick. I also said, several times, that I would be good with whomever they picked, but they (asbin the brain trust) had better get it right. So, there you go. Now you know what I said, and what I think.
  8. I'll give him five. If he shows something in just one of those games, or in the next five...
  9. Don't tell @frankw that D.J. Moore is not a true WR1. He will have conniptions. I've always said that Moore needed more consistency. We needed another true WR1 when we had him. If the Bears somehow land Harrison Jr., that would likely free up Moore to be the high end WR2 that he's proven to be. As for us, we need a WR1 and a WR2, a legit TE...basically everything.
  10. If he's there, Emeka Egbuka would be my current pick. Of course I haven't really studied the prospects.
  11. Good nuggets here. At least we know Tepper's mindset a little more. I think the sack thing and the failure of Reich to adapt were huge. No improvement. Too many cooks in the kitchen and trying to force a square peg into a round hole. We'll see if Brown, Campen & Tabor can't at least keep Bryce upright---protect him from being killed. Once we establish that, then we can go on from there to see if Bryce flashes or crashes.
  12. Not all receivers develop within a short timeframe. Plus, it's not like he's had A-1 QB play either. If I can wait to see if Young improves, I can wait and see if Mingo improves. WRs don't generally come out like gangbusters, especially in this fuged up situation.
  13. If he wins the team a permanent Lombardi, he can be as temporary as he wants to be.
  14. It seems as though you're on your own, my fellow huddler.
  15. Parsons comes on a jailbreak to end the game.
  16. They got a chance!
  17. Smith Njigba was a nice acquisition.
  18. Well, I honestly DO want Harbaugh. Not wanting him is crazy talk.
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