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  1. What you call "holding", I call "good defense!"
  2. You already saw them get Tremble more involved. This offense can be much more. CMC's hammy will just force their hand.
  3. Maybe they'll free Shi Smith. Just sayin'.
  4. Whatever, dude. He's not this guy either, and his productive career proves it. It's only been two games. But the fact is, he has been doing his job clearing the second level lanes for Moore and CMC so they can do their thing. If he's not here, offensive efficiency and effectiveness take a huge hit. Now that CMC is possibly out for awhile, Brady via Darnold will likely get Robby the ball more because he'll have no choice but to do that.
  5. Say what you want about metrics, but they at least are indicative that Rhule and company have the Panthers on the right track. But more than that, we could actually be turning a corner--gradually transitioning into one of the elite franchises. At least we can dream about it as something that is very much attainable. We've been Snowed! The defense is powering our turnaround. “That’s [the defense] the unit that’s powering the Panthers so far this season,” writes Aaron Schatz, the creator of DVOA. “Carolina has -52.0% defensive DVOA through two games. The Panthers rank No. 1 in both adjusted line yards and adjusted sack rate. This is quite the unexpected improvement, as the Panthers ranked 24th in defensive DVOA a year ago.” "Carolina’s defense, in some more normal stats, has allowed the fewest points per game (10.5), the fewest yards per game (190.0), the fewest first downs (22), the fewest yards per rush (2.7) and the lowest third-down conversion rate (25 percent)." https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2021/09/22/panthers-dvoa-week-2/amp/
  6. His ideal spot might be DJ's spot. Just saying. DJ is tearing it up in the slot.
  7. We have the talent, pass rushers and the speed to pull off a lot of things effectively that most teams just can't imitate and find it difficult to negotiate.
  8. I began to wonder if he's the answer back in preseason. That being said, today had no bearing on how I feel about the kid. I will say that he seems to be pressing a little too much.
  9. Fitterer didn't make the decision by himself. You gotta give Rhule and Brady just as much credit (maybe more). Darnold certainly looks like a competent QB, and hopefully will only get better. Dart Darnold was slinging it today!
  10. Gotdamnit, man. Run Freeman or do a bootleg, rollout to the TE or something. Fuuuuck!
  11. Cheers to Heinicke!
  12. If whiners can continue to make posts about Butker, we can damned sure have a thread about Gano. Sure, he was hurt, but he has continued where he left off. He was better than Butker before he got hurt, and he's better than Butker now.
  13. Moving on from 89 was a call. I mean, Gettleman didn't even try or give 89 an opportunity. Smitty would've likely made a difference in that Super Bowl. Just sayin'.
  14. LOL at the Panthers only scoring 11 points. If we only score 11 points, something has gone terribly wrong. We should've hung 30+ on the Jets, but now that Darnold has shaken the cobwebs off, I'm thinking 17 is a floor.
  15. I'm about tired of Rhule and his versatility crap. I mean sometimes a "jack of all trades, master of none" is NOT what's called for. Sometimes it's just best to get a master at one.
  16. Nah, he's not (as pointed out by Bomani Jones...). Moreover, Rhule's name was mentioned on whatever ESPN show I was listening to.
  17. And if they aren't, you never know. You never really know anyway, because fitness gurus have died as well. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/04/fit-and-healthy-man-42-from-southport-who-rejected-vaccine-dies-of-covid
  18. I could be wrong, or they could have changed, but I thought it said if "they can t reschedule" or something to that effect.
  19. That's crazy At least they likely won't die...which is kinda the point.
  20. Why in the world would you think that someone has to be 100 percent one way or another? Rhule makes good and bad decisions like everyone else. He can be a genius about one thinkg, and a dumbass about another.
  21. That remains to be seen. I don't remember him taking responsibility for shitting the bed by keeping Whitehead in so long, or not getting legit competition in for Slye before the 11th hour. And those were obvious errors. I like Rhule, but some of his decisions seem a little Rivera-esque. We'll see in a few weeks.
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