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  1. The most underrated post of the evening.
  2. Yep! We aren't the only ones passing
  3. I can't trust some of you. I'm not looking until it's announced.
  4. If they ain't a dog, we ain't picking them.
  5. Malik Washington, Jermaine Burton, Brenden Rice, Javon Baker are all available
  6. You gotta be sober to follow Morgan.
  7. Malik Washington and Malachi Corley are still on the board.
  8. I know, but you can't tell some of our fellow Huddlers a damned thing.
  9. And we got the best RB in this draft at 47.
  10. Not true. Dallas was going to draft him. Someone said the Giants wanted him too.
  11. Rome wasn't built in a day. We all knew before this draft that we weren't going to be able to fix everything. At this point, you just have to trust that they know what they're doing with their board. Why the weeping and gnashing of teeth? AC is our center.
  12. I listen to this stuff for a good part of the day. I know what I'm talking about.
  13. You go get your guy, period! I don't give a poo if he's an RB. Damnit the Lions drafted Gibbs in the first. We just got arguably the best back in the draft at 47. Man, I just don't understand what the fug some of you are listening to. You're believing too much in media hype. "Oh it's devalued blah blah blah." RBs are one of the most important positions on the team...and we got a good one! Dallas was going to draft him.
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