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  1. Possibly. Possibly not. I've never seen a working crystal ball. But I have seen star players---even star QBs, like Rodgers and Jackson for example, and probably even Fields from the looks of things, taken later in the first round. I've seen plenty of flops too. That's how this stuff works, grasp it or not.
  2. The players will never ever play to lose. I don't see why a mature football fan just can't seem to grasp that truth and accept that the chips are going to fall however they fall. A "meaningless" win does not exist for professionals.
  3. I would love for this place to be rattled. The entertainment value alone would be well-worth the pick. The question is the round. In general, I don't think that it's a good idea for us to be turning our nose up at any QB with upside.
  4. Parody account. https://www.google.com/amp/s/huskercorner.com/2022/11/29/nebraska-football-fake-spencer-rattler/amp/
  5. Meh. It's fodder for those who are anti-Jackson for whatever reasons. Bottom line: Barring injury, Jackson's gonna get paid by some NFL team regardless, and the now-deleted tweet will have---uh, I don't know...ZERO bearing on that
  6. He may still be QB1 foe this draft (depending upon whom youj talk to), but not really the frontrunner anymore. https://www.si.com/college/2022/11/27/caleb-williams-usc-heisman-moment-notre-dame
  7. I'm open to him, but he's going to need work making the transition to the NFL just like all of these guys. I haven't seen the guy that I'm willing to trade a king's ransom for in this upcoming draft. I don't believe that Stroud, Young, Levis or anyone is going to come in tearing it up.
  8. I don't know where you guys get off saying that Fields isn't impressive when everybody on ESPN has been calling him very impressive for the last month. I just don't get it. I'm not trying to be funny, but ex-QBs, ex-coaches, past players and all the analysts are contradicting every Huddler that has said something like you regarding Fields in November. And when you look at what's happened, they're right to contradict that attitude. Even one that is being critical of some hyperbole going on surrounding Fields is also cognizant of the fact that Fields has still been impressive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.windycitygridiron.com/platform/amp/2022/11/14/23458954/chicago-bears-hyperbole-problem-justin-fields-analysis-media-coverage-quarterback-data Basically, I think that y'all need to chill on the Fields-is-not-impressive talk. For me, it's just another lesson as to why you shouldn't judge these young guys (and sometimes older guys like Geno) prematurely. Context and circumstances do matter.
  9. Well, listening to different shows on ESPN, Staley's seat isn't exactly cool. It's some of his in-game decisions that's the issue, and the fact that the Chargers can't get over the hump despite talent on both sides of the ball.
  10. Hey I'm not anti-Levis. I'll just have to learn more, see more and otherwise do research. For me, it's all about traits and projection, but I also realize that it's ultimately guess work.
  11. If we trade anything higher than a fifth for any QB (not named Lamar Jackson), I'm going to burn some Panthers paraphernalia (albeit old) along with sage to root out the bad spirits.
  12. To be fair, Lance has led his team to an FCS championship.
  13. You're in rare form today. And why the hell not? The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. Let's relax, reflect and have some laughs. I realize that reality for most of us probably sunk in many moons ago, but today the reality of Panthers fandom spilleth over.
  14. No, but he is the biggest disappointment at QB that we've had. You would have to be historically bad to top Clausen.
  15. Hey, one contract like that is all it takes. I'd be highly surprised if Rhule bashed the Panthers.
  16. I get why you'd say that, but many many high schoolers are highly immature. I'd have to see what his level of maturity is now before I hold that against him.
  17. TMJ's average YPR is just under 19. That's pretty explosive.
  18. Yep. No one wants to continually hear excuses. You're paid to be the man, and you have to be the man, regardless if the situation gets tough.
  19. Tepper really hasn't been involved. The only thing he has really done is hire and fire. The power that he gave Rhule was ill-advised, so that was a dark cloud over everything, but he intimated that that mistake won't happen again. It was said that he wanted Fields, if he was really that involved, we would have Fields.
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