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  1. The fact that there is a hard salary cap makes the smarter smarter, not dumber. Like I mentioned, Tepper purchased the franchise at a markedly lower bid than what was offered. Does this sound like a guy that just opens up the Brinks truck for no reason?
  2. Why is everyone taking this so literally? I take it as a sign that we aren't going to be outbid unless someone really earns it!
  3. You sound more like someone who isn't willing to pay anything, than someone who is willing to analyze the efficacy and value of a trade.
  4. I expect the Texans to continue this strategy as long as Watson remains silent. He's at least going to have to say that he isn't playing for them regardless of what they do, before they soften their stance. And of course, if they want to call his bluff, a sit-out may be in order.
  5. Tepper purchased the Panthers at a lesser dollar amount than what his competition was offering! Remember that?
  6. I'm not really worried. Tepper did not get where he is by making dumb deals.
  7. I'm just going to assume that there's some hyperbole going on. There are always limitations! I do think that we may be willing to dig deeper in the pocket so to speak than people may think. I don't think Tepper is going to bankrupt our chance at success for the next half a decade to land Watson. But, he is a thinking gambler (if you will)!
  8. You read that right; we will pay any price for Deshaun Watson according to Tony Pauline of PFN! “This is a person in the know, and they told me that the Panthers will do anything they can to acquire Watson, and they will pay any price to acquire Deshaun Watson. […] Their new GM Scott Fitterer, who came from the Seattle Seahawks, is on board with trading for Watson. More than anything else, and most importantly is, I was told the owner wants to make it happen.” Take it FWIW. It's very interesting! https://sportsnaut.com/nfl-rumors-carolina-panthers-deshaun-wa
  9. Thinking someone is being coddled is not the same as disliking them. I haven't heard any of that!
  10. So, we skip Trey Lance in favor of Mac Jones, who, in Keyshawn's words, has "cement in his shoes"? Nah!
  11. I think we're going to have to move up. There's just too many teams looking for a QB. We have to get to that 2 or 3 spot! I don't trust the damned dirty birds!
  12. I'm driving the Lance locomotive, but if they choose Wilson, I'm not gonna be as mad as some of the people who would talk sh¡t if they choose Lance over Wilson (assuming that we move up)! I've consistently told people that Lance has the highest upside and the biggest arm!
  13. Count him out if you want. But I haven't forgotten him, and I look forward to seeing what he's got in more depth, because we just don't know. I'm loath to call him JAG at this point, as he did flash just a little, and he seemed to have the right attitude when he had his limited opportunities.
  14. I think the best FOs look at the roster and build the team via a combination of the draft and/or free agency on a situational basis. It's not an either-or proposition. Some, like ours, are not afraid to look at all avenues either (like the now defunct XFL or the CFL). I think that the priority is fundamentally to build via the draft, but that you have to have the bigger picture of the puzzle each year, and on the macro level as well.
  15. https://sports.yahoo.com/news/greg-cosells-nfl-draft-breakdown-accomplished-deshaun-watson-has-areas-to-work-on-164552341.html?pt=4 I'm not saying his mouth is the gospel, but he knows what he's looking at and what to look for in film. I believe that he generally won't make a definitive statement as to a potential player's efficacy in the NFL because so much has to do with where they land and a team's system and expectations, but Cosell seems spot-on with his film breakdown (and that's why he's one of my favorites).
  16. He will need teaching, experience and a little time to develop, much like Allen. He's solidly built, but just a tad smaller. He has a real cannon like Allen. It's an interesting--if not apt--comparison. I don't know who it was (probably several), but someone was basically saing, "I don't know what people see in Lance", or something of that nature. Well, like Cosell, Bucky Brooks and others, they see the traits of a professional QB that look to translate well to the NFL. Evaluating a college player (and maybe a QB even more) is about projection. Do you see traits in this guy that w
  17. Fields is simply going to have to process things faster and be more decisive, especially as the pocket begins to break down. Other than just being the best athlete with the strongest arm in this class, the ability to be decisive while not making mistakes is one of the reasons that I like Lance more than Fields.
  18. Yeah, I'm thinking let someone else reach for the guys who can't play off script.
  19. I wish that I could embed the radio podcast, but I can't. That being said, Greg Cosell is always worth a listen. I think he talks the jargon of evaluators (and mirrors some of the points @Vergesays). FWIW, I'll give you an idea (in my words). Traits are not everything as to what constitutes a QB who will make the transition from college to the pros successfully, but they are highly important. "Secondary reaction ability" is nearly a necessity in today's franchise QB. Here are some admittedly selective "cliff notes". [Basically, listen to the interview!] Lawrence should develop
  20. I don't know about that. He didn't hit him from behind, and the contact was literally within Greenway's breastplate.
  21. I don't think that you can measure the success of a blockbuster trade only by championships. It takes many moving parts to win a championship. I mean, if we trade for Watson and we end up a perennial contender, consistently in the playoffs for the next decade, would that really be a failure if we don't win the big one? Trading is supposed to ultimately improve your team and put it in a position to win championships. Whether or not you win one depends on other factors, like how close you are to winning a championship and where do you fall along the spectrum. There are different expectatio
  22. I doubt he's returning. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/22/kawann-short-has-heard-from-a-few-teams-since-being-released/
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