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  1. There is something to say about talent level of your team, particularly in college. Just saying. Clemson, though not Bama or my alma mater, is going to have markedly more talent than UNC.
  2. Ridder might end up better than either one of them, and is certainly in discussion of a first round pick. Ridder could stand to bulk up and Corral is smaller than him (and injury prone). Willis is as raw as steak tartare. Just saying.
  3. Pickett's hands could be unusually small, I don't know. But show me where Pickett had substantially more fumbles than Burrow and it might actually mean something.
  4. In light of talking about Kenny Pickett, I just had to get to the bottom of this small hand thing, and I felt it needed its own thread, and I think that it should be required reading for intelligent fans like we have in the Huddle... Now, you can believe what you want to believe, but to me the whole premise just sounded like bullshit, which is why I looked it up in the first place. In my experience, small hands does not equate to hand strength or one's ability to grip a football. It just made no sense to me. That being said, I like to research things and give them their fair shake. I have not been able to find one credible thing that verifies that small hands makes for a deficient QB. Like I said, believe what you want, but if nothing else, Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes should give you pause. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2020/story/_/id/28770715/why-nfl-combine-built-myth-qb-hand-size-measurement-mean-anything
  5. It hasn't been published yet apparently.
  6. McAdoo damned well better have not only insight but influence if Rhule wants to keep his damned job.
  7. I mean, you can probably say that for any team anywhere, and yet life goes on. Coaches come into fuged up situations all the time. That being said, I'm generally not a proponent of using future draft capital on anything but sure first round level talent.
  8. I just can't get with that reasoning. If you feel you see a future franchise QB, you've got to take him. Joe Burrow's line is pure tee sh¡t, but the Bengals reached the division championship. They skipped Sewell in favor of what looks like simply a beast of a receiver too. You just can't skip franchise QBs because your O-line isn't up to par. You set yourself up the best that you can in free agency. And, no, I'm not saying Howell is that guy, but if you think he is, or anyone, then you must jump!
  9. Only one coaching prospect that I know of turned us down.
  10. I hate spending future draft picks, but if they deem Howell worth it, I could stomach it. Honestly, I'd rather trade players for picks, and that's what I think we'll ultimately do if the expectation is to be competitive in 2022.
  11. With his use of the term "threatened", I don't think he's talking about anybody but Rhule.
  12. Payton feels entitled to a top QB. He doesn't want to mess up his legacy screwing with sub par QBs. I can't say that I blame him, but it's indicative of how important franchise QBs are in the perception of coaches.
  13. He should be significantly cheaper, and he is younger. When I look at their career QBR, it's almost identical. Cousins probably has the stronger arm, but if he's not going to push the ball down field, then we might as well opt for Jimmy G. Garropolo's win percentage is substantially higher as well. Honestly, I really wouldn't prefer either one in a vacuum. If I have to pay 30+ mil per year, as in what we may have to pay to acquire Cousins (or an additional high draft pick), I'd rather take my chances with Derek Carr, or just go cheap until something better comes along.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I prefer a dynamic QB, but yesterday's heroics were just as much about dynamic play from receivers and defensive breakdowns as well. If Tennessee had a Manning in their prime, they'd have won.
  15. But who really has a low ceiling? Certainly you aren't suggesting that Pickett, Howell, Ridder or Corral have low ceilings. I don't know about that. Sure, they have some deficiencies, and their ceiling may not be as high Willis' ceiling on paper, but I wouldn't necessarily say their ceilings are low.
  16. Just a disclosure, I drove the Lance train in the Huddle last year, but I don't see Lance and Willis as the same guys, though they're both obviously mobile QBs. Lance seemed to have much more pocket awareness, more natural mechanics as far as throwing motion and footwork, and he worked in a pro-style offense. Willis is simply more raw. I feel he's probably stronger than Lance, but he's going to probably need more work cleaning up his game. I just can't see drafting him on day one. Drafting him at a later point may be a good investment, but he needs a lot of work.
  17. Yeah, we got our money's worth. The cap hit is relatively slight at around 4 mil in 2022. The voidable years are just that if I'm looking at things correctly. I don't think it's going to hurt that much at all.
  18. Well, his ST were ranked in the top 10, as well as his returners. I'll take it!
  19. To be fair, there were contractual issues with TM, not simply a refusal to want the job. Sometimes that's going to happen.
  20. I vehemently disagree. Only a fool would extend Darnold again...(playoffs or not). Seriously, his ceiling is limited. The playoffs should not be the litmus test for keeping Darnold (just ask the LA or Frisco FO).
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