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  1. The thing that I like about Fitterer is that he doesn't just rest on his hands, and is always opportunistic when it comes to upgrading the team. I also like that he learns. He screwed the pooch with Darnold by giving too much, but then he got Mayfield for very little. We were in a bind after the Darnold trade, but no one's gonna lose sleep over a 5th (if it comes to that, which is up to Rhule). Moreover, people want to cry about the Henderson trade, but CJ is developing. Sure he's given up a couple of big plays which has led to some inconsistency, but I saw only one awful play. The other could have easily been judged as a tangling of feet. Even still, in my mind, he's playing like a third-rounder with upside. All the obvious improvements along the O-line have been mentioned. The LB play hasn't been bad. Both can be attributed to Fitterer to varying degrees. This is his second year, and I've been encouraged. Fitt may not have hit his stride yet--and I certainly don't believe that he's hit his ceiling, but he's above average in my estimation.
  2. Was just going to say the same thing. Fitterer hate is not quite justified.
  3. CMC is not a receiver, that's the reason he is effective as a pass-catching RB; he doesn't have to deal with the opposition's cornerbacks, as the receivers clear them out for him. He is most effective in his role, and really doesn't have to be Deebo, and is in fact more dangerous than Deebo in an offense that plays to CMC's strengths and versatility.
  4. This is so elementary, but it's above our coaches' heads. I just can't fathom why they won't do the obvious things...
  5. The most telling take from this is that Matt Rhule is the common link.
  6. To me, this is the height of not sitting an underperforming player down when they're not getting it done. Well, Rhule is toast anyway.
  7. I got so much Panthers paraphernalia that I had to go out and get a few new jackets and hats, so that people who don't know me can't identify me with any of this sh¡t that's going on. Yes, this is the first time that I've been embarrassed to be a Panthers fan.
  8. We might not ever see anything now. Corral wouldn't be the first QB screwed before he even gets started. It was a lost opportunity. Perhaps he can come back from it, but maybe not. Like you said, we'll see.
  9. Yes, you did.I was slightly grazed by the Mayfield mania in the end, but you were 100 percent unfazed! Who knew that Mayfield would suck more than Darnold? Jon Snow, that's who.
  10. The line got run over and he was injured by the push. Everyone saw it; he didn't have a chance. I played organized football as a minor, and have watched plenty of football as well, so...
  11. He's also gonna take a higher draft pick if he plays the required percentage of snaps.
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