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  1. It' gotta be about the money...if it's simply a lateral move. Could be about upwardly mobile opportunities as well. I would think that generally Houston would provide more opportunities for Alexander than Charlotte, but who knows? I don't think that it has anything to do with the Panthers.
  2. Hey, if it's at their best, then 2015 Cam is one of the best there ever was. But, we just couldn't catch a 2015 Cam in a bottle.
  3. Pretty good. I didn't follow instructions I guess I'd have to amend mine to $3 Beuerlein, $3 D-Will, $5 Smitty, $3 Mangum and $1 Samuel. I think Smitty will be a near-unanimous pick (but there are always the haters).
  4. Plagiarism is indeed highly unethical, and I'm foursquare against it, but does that mean that everyone associated with an organization is a plagiarizer? Moreover, does that mean that the information that's plagiarized is untrue? Seriously. And let's stop pretending that there are organizations, companies, courts that consist of wholly nonpartisan-minded individuals. People are people with their own beliefs and opinions, and they make up any institution that you can think of. Does that make them all liars about the facts of a situation? It's like dumbasses who deny climate change for example. There is sound science behind it--a lot of it straight facts and not theory--and see and experience the increasing effects of it, but still deny it. I have little patience for it. I'd respect them more if they'd just say, "Yes, it exists, but I don't give a damn, because I don't want you upsetting my applecart now." I'd respect you more if you just say, "I don't value Snopes because I feel it's made up of people with liberal political leanings, regardless if the facts or true or not." That's a lot more accurate than expressing or intimating, "Snopes is a trash site, and everything Snopes says is a lie."
  5. Just a useless summer exercise. I'm too lazy to try and post a bunch of junk that may not play nice with the app, so hit the link if interested. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/build-panthers-offense-newton-mccaffrey-smith-olsen/ I got Beuerlein, D-Will, Smitty, and Walls. I don't think y'all are touching me.
  6. That's pretty stupid reasoning as far as I'm concerned, because they divulge information based upon facts they dig up. They are not "saying things [I] disagree with." They are just presenting neutral information. Now if you say that sometimes the truths that they bring up are in line with my general suspicions on a matter, then fine. But, if you say that they and others bring facts to light that don't disavail my suspicions on certain matters as well, things that I didn't think were in no way true, that were true, then you're absolutely wrong. I could care less whether an organization is so-called conservative or liberal, but don't spread misinformation--even worse, disinformation. Just tell the fuging truth about whatever it is!
  7. I find some of the responses in this thread ludicrous regarding Sheena Quick, as it was simply an update. No more, no less. I also find it ludicrous that it appears like some people think that good journalism, not that Twitter is necessarily that or journalism at all, begins and ends with breaking a story (or simply guessing correctly). But, whatever.
  8. Sorry, "ancestors", most likely of the Scottish Lowland. Probably some slavemasters no doubt, but mentioned as passing thoughts at family reunions. I'm going to try and verify by a DNA test one day. I just would like to know what my bloodlines actually are, American & African-American history being what it is. I've pretty much confirmed my English and Cherokee bloodlines. On an off note, my maternal great great great grandfather was a very rich man named William Montfort Boylan in Raleigh. He was married to Elizabeth McCulloch. Some McCulloughs (coincidentally of the Rock Hill area) are on my other side. You'd probably like Outlander. It is a fantastical tale, that uses science fiction, in order to tell a loose tale of the Highland Scots with some accurate historical elements. You'd probably like it (for that reason alone), as well as your wife because it's largely a love story. It may begin just a little slow, but gets really interesting by the third episode. If you have Netflix, I'd suggest it.
  9. Hey, if it ain't on Fox News, it has to be wrong, right? Political views? Do you not think it would be bad for business for a fact checking organization that shares the apolitical facts to swing right or left? What are my political views? Not that I have to tell you, but I will. I am politically unaffiliated. I don't particularly care for Democrats or Republicans, so-called liberals or so-called conservatives, so-called neolibs or so-called neocons. I abhor the current political system in America, but I absolutely have disdain for fascist-supporting simps who are at many times racist as well. I have disdain for people who rail against truth, but devour lies without doing the first bit of research. I hate fascism, and will speak against it at every turn. If I had my way, people would vote policy over party every single time, indeed parties would be dissolved. I generally think that people whose go-to modus operandi in any thought process or argument is to immediately begin throwing around political labels, or assuming that someone is this or that are basically stupid, and are unwitting pawns of the oligarchs who rule via Plutocrats in Congress (whose goal is to become Oligarchs themselves). Believe what you want to believe, but independent journalism, inasmuch as it can be in America, still exists. Not everything is the truth, and not everything is a lie, but there are organizations that do their best to get to the truth (which is admittedly sometimes a bit tedious to uncover). Snopes and Politifacts are such organizations, whether you acknowledge it or not. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2019/jun/19/viral-image/no-factcheckorg-didnt-bust-snopescom/
  10. And Snopes is trash why? Oh, I know: because they actually put effort into telling the truth and nothing but the truth.
  11. His ass really needs to be suspended the entire season. Unlike some cases, this seems pretty much cut-and-dried. He took exception to the guy calling his friend ugly and then beat the sh¡t out of him. If they were teens in high school, I promise you that the one who did the beat-down would be expelled for the year.
  12. Completely off the subject, have you watched Outlander? If so, what do you think of it? I was told that I have Scotch-Irish descendants. My surname would belie that as well. I guess I'll pay for one of those DNA-Genealogical tests one day. I wonder what they call a lass with a big booty. A Bonnie buxom big booty lass...that's the goal.
  13. I think Saleh if the Boy Wonder and all his new toys don't get off to a running start. Not to mention the injection of supposed quality talent on defense.
  14. Some of us...not that I'm old...
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