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  1. BTW, I think Corral is more pro-ready, but his size and injury history are problematic for me. I also don't believe he is as accurate as Pickett or Howell. Again, just initial impressions.
  2. Just my initial assessment. Willis is very raw and somewhat erratic in the pocket with inconsistent mechanics. I think he gets away with a lot due to his level of competition. Yeah, he has a cannon, but cannon ≠ arm talent.
  3. Yeah, we suck, but I"m telling y'all that a competent OC and QB will make a huge difference.
  4. I don't know about that. In any event, I think Pickett has more arm talent than both of them.
  5. Don't confuse youth and inexperience, injury, bad QB play, and incompetent coaching for a lack of talent.
  6. No one wanted Gilmore, huh? We got him because he and his wife wanted to come to home.
  7. That's really not the point. You get a franchise QB when you can. You can worry about all the particulars as time goes on. Even the Bengals have turned their fortunes around though their team isn't perfect. Franchise QBs do not grow on trees. If you have an opportunity to land one, you have to take it because those opportunities don't come around often.
  8. If we're lucky and get a QB who isn't actually lost in the headlights, I predict that people will be amazed at what a difference a competent QB and OC makes.
  9. Aaron Rodgers has no interest in a rebuild, and that's essentially what we've been doing, especially based upon perceptions of the state of the franchise. There is no pitch that will be acceptable.
  10. Darnold, Rhule's inability to adapt, inexperienced coaches, and game day roster (mis)management. Injuries also, but everyone deals with injuries.
  11. "Exceptional" is a matter of definition (and may have some layers). Unlike many, I still believe that we had a pretty good draft. Do y'all remember all the positive feedback and draft grades from the pundits and analysts? Whether it was exceptional remains to be seen due to injury, roster (mis)management and or outright incompetence. What I do believe was exceptional is the way that Fitterer multiplied our picks but was still able to get notable picks (notable at least on paper). And even if the picks weren't all hits (or his decisions to make), just the fact that he put us in a position--the opportunity to make the picks was exceptional in my opinion. Now where I think Fitterer absolutely failed, is overpaying for Darnold. And I realize that perhaps Rhule was perhaps the driving force, but in my opinion that still doesn't absolve Fitterer from rubber-stamping the deal. And as far as the Sammy extension, Fitterer may have been behind that just as much as Rhule, as it was a "joint decision." That was certainly the opposite of "exceptional" and just plain stupid. And it was stupid not after the fact, but before it was done. In my opinion, there was no reason for it. At the end of the day, because of Rhule's power, I can't totally rip Fitt for the awful personnel decisions along the O-line or the Darnold contractual fiasco, but I give him most of the credit for how he manipulated our draft position. I could be wrong, but I'd say that Fitterer is better at his job than Rhule is at his, and that gives me some hope.
  12. I'm not saying that you should have faith in Fitt's ability to evaluate O-linemen, but I think that it's worth remembering that Fitt was not the one with final say-so in Seattle. I think that many people have forgotten that important fact. But I'm not one to totally absolve Fitterer and the mistakes made last off-season either, so you have a point.
  13. In my opinion, Mariota brings something, and that's legit competition for Darnold and an overall upgrade to the room. Now, you may be right in your intimation; there's nothing to suggest that our coaches--damn the fans--would be open to a bridge guy based upon what happened with Teddy, but I'd like to think that they'd have learned by now that overpaying for mediocrity (or worse in Darnold's case) is not the way to go. Someone--Rhule, Fitterer, Tepper had to learn something. As for Walker, I'm hoping that once McAdoo comes in and views the tape, he'll convince Rhule of the error of his ways and make him realize that we can do better. Unlike Darnold, who will likely get the best paydays of his life next season, we're only on the hook for Walker to the tune of $150,000. Now I know this is a lot of hoping, and doesn't jibe with Rhule's history, but I choose to be optimistic. Within that same vein of optimism, I believe that the only way our O-line is worse is if Rhule is thickheaded enough not to listen to Fitterer, McAdoo and those with more professional experience on staff. I do acknowledge that it's a possibility however, but not likely as everyone wants to keep their job.
  14. LOL The truth is though, I don't think we're in a position to turn our noses up at any QB, especially any UFA that could be a bridge to a franchise guy. I figure it this way: at least we wouldn't have to give up any draft compensation, get outright fleeced, or pay a whole lot for possibly marked improvement. And, truth be told, we need to improve the entire M-F-in' room (because we can't clear it, unless we pay Sammy for nothing).
  15. Very interesting. Defense, and even more specifically a dominant D-line, cannot be understated.
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