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  1. Davis has lived a pretty good life, but he's got to realize that this is a crazy world where security is still necessary when you've acquired the things that he has. Hopefully he has adequate insurance. Even if he doesn't, he can take this as a lesson well-learned. I know people with a hundredth of what he has who believe in legit security.
  2. For me, it's all about expectations. I didn't have high expectations last season. In the end, from what I saw on the field, we exceeded expectations. I thought we'd be crap and look like it. But, we were competitive, but not fully competent, most games. But what can one expect with a Covid-hindered, young and inexperienced team (really from the owner on down)? Yet, we were in games we had no business being in, and maybe would've won more with a traditional season and a QB with more potential. This season, I am setting the mark for 9-8. I think that's fair based upon our talent and sophom
  3. I'm thinking that Rhule was talking more in terms of offseason conditioning, but we'll see.
  4. You see, what I like about Rank's takes is that he's not overthinking this thing. Rhule did unexpectedly well last year considering the circumstances, and with all the talent and upgrades that we have acquired on both sides of the ball, we just have to be better this year. We have invested heavily into the defense, and it's going to show this season. We made solid offensive pickups in the draft who were great values, and it's going to show this season. Brady and Snow have new toys--upgrades--to play with, and it's going to show this season. We will be better this season...so much so that no on
  5. I didn't stutter. I know "it" when I see it. He's too good of a football player and underappreciated route runner with sticky hands.
  6. Darnold and "best"! Someone's probably thinking you're availing yourself of mental gymnastics...
  7. Man, I'm telling you again in a different way: there is zero chance that Shi Smith is cut. Zero! Stop hedging and just accept that he's a Panther and be happy!
  8. Hey! You're using my term! Mental gymnastics goes both ways. It's way too early to be twisting minds though. At least wait until September...at the very least until August. Come on, dude.
  9. It's a ranking, guys. Once the passes start flying, balls start being caught, and YAC starts accumulating, this will matter infinitely less than it does even now, and it doesn't matter at all. Pre-season entertainment is all it is.
  10. The entire purpose of adding a plethora of purported offensive talent is to make ourselves legitimately multidimensional on offense. As such, everyone, including CMC, will likely get less touches, but the offense as a whole will hopefully become markedly more efficient (as should the play calling).
  11. I didn't say that they wouldn't. Obviously, whenever you add other weapons into the mix, everyone's touches will be affected. I would hope that just like Belichick and McDaniels do, we will do situational gameplanning each week and situational coaching and play calling each gameday that prioritizes what works. They didn't add new pieces to the puzzle like Terrace, Chuba, and Shi for no reason. Arnold and Tremble will hopefully add another dimension as well. I don't think they'll just force-feed CMC the ball, as well as they shouldn't. They shouldn't be force-feeding anyone in my opinion.
  12. The ONLY way CMC will effectively impact this offense in such a way that will legitimately lead us to the realistic potential to compete for a championship is if the receivers are doing their jobs. If they aren't, then he'll get a lot of production because he is being leaned upon as a crutch and not efficiently used within the flow of the game, and that's if he doesn't get hurt again because of being run into the ground. We've seen this all before. Balance will be the key! Thankfully, from our acquisitions, it appears as though the powers that be seem to be of the same opinion.
  13. A dynamic RB adds another dimension to an offense, and this has always been the case, but it doesn't minimize the effects of each part because the sum of the parts and the way that the OC maneuvers the equation and determines the answer plays a huge role in determining the outcome.
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