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  1. Contractual obligations aside, if someone tells you that they're going to do something and fail to do it, they've lied. Moreover, I'm not going to bore you about a verbal contract, or leading someone on with lies in order to get them to sign the contract, but suffice it to say that a man's word is still supposed to mean something. In any event, McNair is a liar... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2768551-bob-mcnair-i-regret-apologizi-inmates-comment-about-nfl-players ...and probably worse! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.thestate.com/sports/nfl/article181508331.html
  2. Doesn't anyone else find it kinda funny that this story comes out on the heels of the other one?
  3. I think you're correct about Huddle valuation, and I posted as much earlier in the thread. Many have us giving away the farm! I doubt it goes that way. It won't go that way!
  4. Ask the Rockets. They saw the writing on the wall and did the sensible thing. You think that paying top dollar for a backup QB won't affect the Texans' bottom line. How many games did they win last season, much less pre-Watson?
  5. I already know that most go broke, but that's because they're either ignorant or stupid. Watson is neither!
  6. If they keep him locked up in contractual purgatory, his refusal to play for them, or, worse, play under contentious circumstances that affect and effect the desired results, will bring them to their knees, and they're already pretty low!
  7. It sounds like you're putting 19th and 20th century antiquated solutions on a pedestal, but there's a better way to do things in this day and age... Anyway, Watson is already a multi millionaire, who literally has to never work again in life depending on how he manages his money, and will still be able to afford all those things that you mentioned. The fact is is that he has a modicum of control in this situation whether you like it or not! And, if he decides that he's done playing for the Texans, the trade will happen, and it's going to be to a destination that he wants to go to! Th
  8. Not only that, but Fitterer has earned his lunch money scouting mid to later round players and UDFAs! You can't be a scared motherfuger, and the Seahawks, as well as other successful franchises, aren't timid about trades or trading back and somehow still continue to compete year in and out!
  9. I don't get into the minutiae of these contractual rules, but appreciate the people that do. I learned something!
  10. But they will take contracts into consideration. That doesn't mean that it doesn't have a strong possibility of happening! Trade opportunities like this just don't come along! Of course you're going to have to give something of value to get something of value. I just think that many Huddlers just don't have any idea how to valuate the players. They act like CMC's contract is such the impediment, or they think we should give up two first round players--or more--plus multiple first round picks--and day two picks (like our players, who are on cheap contracts by the way, relatively have littl
  11. McNair is a lying POS, and apparently hasn't learned his lesson. I mean, he ain't gonna let the inmate rule him! He can just lie to Watson with impunity and act like everything's all good! And you're supporting that? Talking about a lack of a moral compass...
  12. Moral compass? So much for yours! This ain't the 1800s. No one can make you work if you don't want to! If you feel lied to and otherwise exploited, feel like the front office sold you a bill of goods or have acted in bad faith, or simply feel like your boss is a low-key racist motherfuger, you can quit! The Texans can't force him to do anything either!
  13. LOL @ Harden being a low character guy! He got exactly what he wanted, and anybody of import is holding it against him! The Texans' hand will be forced one way or another, and Watson will get paid by them in dead cap, AND by someone else--top dollar! That's the power of the no-trade clause!
  14. I hope he plays hardball with the Texans. Just like Harden basically manipulated the situation by half-assing it with the Rockets, Watson can do the same thing with the Texans, and it ain't really poo they can do about it. They can sit him down, but he's still going to be getting paid! They don't need those types of problems because it can screw up team morale and chemistry, and set them back even further. Their best bet is to take a reasonable deal and get out of the situation (of their making) ASAP!
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