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  1. Good nuggets here. At least we know Tepper's mindset a little more. I think the sack thing and the failure of Reich to adapt were huge. No improvement. Too many cooks in the kitchen and trying to force a square peg into a round hole. We'll see if Brown, Campen & Tabor can't at least keep Bryce upright---protect him from being killed. Once we establish that, then we can go on from there to see if Bryce flashes or crashes.
  2. Not all receivers develop within a short timeframe. Plus, it's not like he's had A-1 QB play either. If I can wait to see if Young improves, I can wait and see if Mingo improves. WRs don't generally come out like gangbusters, especially in this fuged up situation.
  3. If he wins the team a permanent Lombardi, he can be as temporary as he wants to be.
  4. It seems as though you're on your own, my fellow huddler.
  5. Parsons comes on a jailbreak to end the game.
  6. Smith Njigba was a nice acquisition.
  7. Well, I honestly DO want Harbaugh. Not wanting him is crazy talk.
  8. Time for Dak to throw an INT.
  9. I guess Seattle is tired of people talking sh¡t about them. Geno got his game face on and getting the ball to his playmakers.
  10. I'm with you on this. I remember many people pushing back on Jackson, and talking like B-more didn't want him. They just didn't want him on a crazy stupid contract. They always wanted him. Now look... He was the surest thing, and still is out of any 2023 QB. Hell, he's one of the best out of all the QBs in the league.
  11. Of course Metcalf gets it done.
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