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  1. Perhaps for the analytically challenged, or those that just don't give a damn and will take any and every opportunity to spotlight that there is a legitimate problem with institutional racism in the NFL and society at large. For me personally, I think there is a gargantuan, long-lived problem in America---and at times I feel somewhat helpless to do anything about it, even talk about it---but I don't think that it's necessarily a good thing to label every perceptibly questionable decision as a racist one. There is enough evidence to point to, in my opinion, even within the NFL, on a macro level to show that institutional racism is alive and well, and that people aren't doing (and aren't willing to do) anything of substance to address it, but just because Reich was 3-5 and Wilks was 6-6 this season and we hired Reich isn't one of them in my opinion.
  2. I almost guarantee we will here some version of this during his first presser. "We will be a multiple attack, up-tempo offense. We will be aggressive. What I mean by multiple is that we will use multiple personnel groups in multiple formations to be able to run the same plays over and over again, to disguise it so that team won’t know what we’re doing. We will keep them off-balance with run and pass. We will change up the tempo. There will be a strong element of no huddle offense to the [the team's] offense. The analogy that I like to use is the analogy of a boxer. When you step into a boxing ring you want to impose your will on your opponent and as an offensive team and as a team in general we want to impose our will on the opponent. So as an offense, to impose your will means you run it when you want to run it and when you have to run it and you throw it when you want to throw it. We speed it up when we feel we’ve got somebody on the ropes and we can put them down for the count and you slow it down sometimes when necessary. That’s the analogy, that’s what it will be, and we will build the players around that kind of scheme." --Frank Reich, Colts' presser, 2018
  3. But Skip just piled on instead of giving counterpoints. I just doubt that any of these guys actually watched and analyzed the games, much less the general situation.
  4. They certainly didn't help. I even kind of gave him a pass on the Bengals disaster as he was still getting his feet wet and making the transition (or that's at least how I rationalized it after trying to give him some grace). The Steelers game was where I decided that Wilks just could not out-coach the best in the game. Tomlin beat his ass with his own billy club and took his lunch money.
  5. I just don't feel that all these talking heads actually watched our games. There is a problem, and that problem produces a nebulous picture, but I'm not so sure that the problem applies in this particular instance. But, I guess that is kind of the point. Wilks' situation here was almost a fait accompli from the beginning. Key asked what more could Wilks have done. How about beat the Bucs?
  6. Yeah, I'm not overly excited about him or Fangio to be honest. I'd rather go for a young defensive mind.
  7. It's just hard to say. Rhule was so awful. That first season gave me a little hope that maybe he was the kind of coach who could turn lemons into lemonade, then after that it was pretty much all unsweetened, tart lemon juice.
  8. I would say it's the most apropos stat, but it's certainly not the only one (as you posted). There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Lamar is a good passer, but some Huddlers are just...analytically lazy.
  9. I suspect that the difference will be stark with Tremble and TMJ. I wouldn't count on it enough to NOT acquire more pass catchers though.
  10. Bozeman is the only one. Shaq has always been a little overrated, and he's getting old. Piñiero? Maybe. Everyone else is take-him-or-leave-him. "A little better than average" is not the ideal expectation for guys on your roster. We have the type of JAGs that you get in FA at some key positions. Let's raise the floor!
  11. Lamar is not a bad passer, which makes your post null and void. His career passer rating is 96.7.
  12. Don't know why so many people are shitting on your post. It's an interesting theory, but I don't necessarily agree with the "great" and "good" at this point. I hope you're right, but I'd say it's good being the enemy of mediocre, or maybe even mediocre effectively being the enemy of the mediocre. I am skeptical that they are so different, so I'm more prone to choose the latter. Admittedly, I wanted a coach that had shown evidence of being able to hang with the best, and, at the end of the day, neither Wilks or Reich have shown that as far as I'm concerned. I'd have rather tried someone new because I don't know that Reich's ceiling is greatness. That's my whole deal, and that's why I'm not jumping for joy or my usually optimistic and open-minded self. I'm skeptical, if not downright cynical. I'll just wait and see how it goes...
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