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  1. I would add Corey Coleman to the list of WR prospects that fit the description you mentioned. He has as much a chance of being there at our Round 1 pick as Sterling has at our Round 2 pick. Either way, if we leave this draft with Coleman, Cooper or Shepard, I'll be thrilled.
  2. Not a fan of Derrick Henry in the first. His offensive line gave him holes you could drive a buick through. My grandma would have more than 5 yards per carry with that line. I'd love a double dip of either Hunter Henry in the first and Sterling Shepard or Pharoh Cooper in the second. Or...Corey Coleman in the first if hes there and Derrick Henry in the second if Henry is gone.
  3. I think the running game could be a big factor but I think this game really boils down to two things: Which Carson Palmer shows up tomorrow? If it's the same one as last week, the Panthers win this. If not, it could go either way. Second, does our defensive line get consistent pressure? If so, I believe that will cause the Palmer of last week to show up and we win. If not, we could be in for a long day.
  4. There are dipshits in every fan base that can't accept a loss and blame the other team as cheaters or blame the refs after every loss. Don't be that guy.
  5. Few things that worry me: Chemistry between Fozzy, CAP and Cam. Jstew and Cam had it down with the read option and Cam could pull that ball back from Jstews chest if needed and not worry about fumbling. (Happened only once this season I believe). I don't know if CAP and fozzy will be as good with it. Also, ball security with those two. Could it be an issue? Giants are also a great team at creating turnovers. Lastly, special teams play. We are missing several special teams starters and Giants have a great return guy who is most likely going to play through a shoulder injury. Things I'm confident about: The Panthers are the number one scoring offense playing against the league's worst defense. These guys might be worse than New Orleans. We also have a top 2 defense going up against a team with a mediocre offense with no weapons outside of OBJ. Lastly, we are 3rd in sacks and the Giants have an absolutely decimated Oline. Panthers 34-20
  6. Both games against a terrible, terrible bucs team.
  7. Did they ban us over at titans forum? I wasn't the least bit rude and my login no longer works...
  8. Of course it's "Any given Sunday", but if the Titans are without their starting cornerbacks this could be ugly. 37-17 Panthers
  9. When a circus is constantly following you around, chances are you're a clown. Let Steve Smith retire in Baltimore. Good riddance.
  10. Take it to private messages. Some of us are interested in the actual topic in which the thread was named.
  11. Scam Bradford ( see what I did there) throws 4 interceptions and 1 TD. Cam continues to shine with 1 rushing TD, and 2 passing TD's. (Ginn and Olsen) Stewart takes one to the house as well for a 40ish yard scamper. Panthers 34- 21
  12. It's a well known fact that 67% of offensive players pee their pants when they think of facing off against Luke. @Sooslow84
  13. Glanton did make the list... Of the bottom 10. Sometimes players have a few bad snaps. Don't read too much into a quarter of one preseason game.
  14. Not only that, but the bills have probably the best defensive line in the NFL.
  15. May be the best practice squad in the history of the NFL.
  16. Ah. I can't even pretend to give advice on something like that. That would certainly be more interesting.
  17. I'm not even sure I'll pick Stewart up. Too many goal line players=not enough touchdowns for our running backs.
  18. SS- Roman Harper is a year older than last year and he wasn't exactly a world beater then. OLB- Who has stepped up opposite TD? Glanton looks good and Shaq has potential but he's still unproven. RDE- Can Frank lay off the weed and get it together this year? Will kony step it up a notch? Is this the year Addison does better with more reps? WR2- Funchess was drafted to be that guy but he's still unproven at this point. Brown, Ginn, Cotchery, Boykin all seem like WR3's. I think most of these positions will work themselves out but atm it's still safe to question.
  19. It's very possible. We would actually save quite a bit If Kalil was a June 1st cut next season. It would require several events to take place to happen though. 1) He would have to continue to decline considerably this year 2) Someone else would have to show solid potential at that position. 3) He would turn down a pay cut. I don't see all 3 of those playing out so it's probably more than likely not going to happen, but still a possibility.
  20. I just looked at the Seahawks free agents for next year and it's a lot more big names than just Wagner. Someone will be leaving if Wilson gets a mammoth contract.
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