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  1. brrooooooo!!! I just got nfl ticket for FREE and $20 off my bill every month for a year. You gotta hustle man!!! Call and ask for retention department. Get a deal!
  2. Also be careful judging any performance or long-term predictions of your OL based on facing our DLine. Suh and Wake on the same side should literally be illegal. They've been so disruptive during our practices, that they've debated taking Suh out so the offense can actually run some plays haha. IF they hold their own tomorrow and Saturday that's huge for you guys!
  3. Man guys, this sucks! I am so sorry you lost Benjamin....I feel the football gods evened the score a bit with Delmas going down, however Benjamin would've had a bigger impact for you guys than Delmas would for us. I hope everything goes off smoothly tomorrow and Saturday! My wife and son had an amazing time at Wofford today, and she commended how amazing they were treated by Panther fans. You guys are class. I mean it! See you Saturday hopefully! Tailgating college/5th near the church in the parking lot!
  4. Oh Tannehill is def better, I am happy with how things turned out, just feel bad for Henne the person.
  5. I think Henne got a bad wrap, and was poo on by the Dolphins conservative approach with him. Sporano and Dan Henning told him to throw the ball into the crowd instead of throwing INTs and turned him into "Checkdown Chad"....which if you watch his 4 years at Michigan he was a gun slinger. They totally clipped his wings, and I honestly believe it ruined his career.
  6. Yeah but I won a contest through Chris Mortenson and got a ESPN t-shirt using this name in a fantasy league years ago....so I am nostalgic to it.
  7. Yeah I am pretty excited. We have a young WR crew (minus Jennings now)....Landry is a beast, as is Stills. If Cameron has no concussion issues (knock on wood)...Tannehill has some real good guys to throw to. Suh and Wake on Defense, with Reshad Jones, Grimes, Delmas. I am feeling good. Really want a tackling machine LB however. Would love to get Gurley or Perriman in the first and Denzel Perryman or McKinney in the 2nd.
  8. Stick to fighting crime, those are numbers for a quality #2. This isn't madden.
  9. We've had Perriman in for 2 separate visits. I think we really like his size and speed. Parker is someone we like as well. However, I agree 100% with you if Gurley is there, we take him and go McKinney or Perryman (please) in the second if available.
  10. 700 yards and 6 TDs with a rookie QB, and no running game disagrees with you.
  11. Oh stop it sir! I was born in Ft Myers, grew up in Palm Beach.....love that state. Love Charlotte more, but I love that state haha
  12. No state taxes in Miami. South Beach. He's played in really cold weather towns his entire career. He's comfortable with Philbin who was his OC in GB for a while. Tannehill is a constant improving 4k passer, he has Jordan Cameron, Landry, Stills next to him. As for Miami, we add a vet to the WR room which we needed, he had 700 yards and 6 tds last year with a rookie and no weapons around him. It's basically a 1 year 4mm deal, which is not "over paying" for a #2 WR. And from what I hear, this does not take us out of the running for a WR in round 1. We are very much in love with a couple guys, and if they're there, Jennings in his twilight on a (basically) 1 year deal, will not stop us from getting our future WR to pair with Landry, Stills for Tannehill.
  13. Nope just cleared tons of cap space and have 1,2,4,5,5,6,7 picks.
  14. Well there you have it, was hoping for more for Wallace....but it looks as if we were going to cut him anyways. So getting a 5th is best we got offered apparently.
  15. Dolphins and eagles had a trade agreed to last night Wallace for Malcolm Jenkins. Eagles backed out this morning. Still having dialogue. Raiders and bears possible other teams in discussion for Wallace.
  16. Update: We were talking to 2 teams about Wallace. NFL caught wind of this. And now more are bidding for his services. Dolphins listening, Wallace will restructure for right spot. Would Carolina want him?
  17. Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 2m2 minutes ago When the Miami Dolphins signed Mike Wallace another team was in the running for his UFA services: Minnesota.
  18. Picking up steaaaammmmmmmmmm and since its out there. Thats what I was referring too............. Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 2m2 minutes ago I'd trade Mike Wallace for Adrian Peterson. Am I alone?
  19. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 4m4 minutes ago When the #Dolphins traded for Kenny Stills, WR Mike Wallace went on the trading blocks. They’ve explored this option before, doing it now.
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