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  1. CB and Center, and LT are probably our most pressing upcoming needs. Kalil will be gone next year and that is a huge hole to fill. Fortunately this is a very strong draft class for Centers and i wouldn't even rule out Ryan Kelly at 30. I wouldn't be upset with that pick at all and im surprised he's not mocked to us more often. As far as trading up in the second round from pick 31, that's going to cost us big, how far up do you honestly think we can get up too without giving all of our draft picks plus picks next years picks?
  2. If we are going to target one of the Henry's, i can see Hunter being the guy. Gettleman has said many times he worries about replacements in the event of injury. That's what led him to move up for Funch last year. The same can absolutely be said for Olsen. If would not be happy about D.Henry being the pick. He has a chance to be a good, intimidating player, (or he could bust out like most Alabama RBs) but i feel that there are other prospects who would be of better value in the first if they reach us. Those include Ryan Kelly (Kalil's replacement next year), Von Bell (Ballhawk who could
  3. That's why the Panthers defense is so brutal to scheme against because they have a legit Superstar All Pro talent at every level. Short on the line, Luke in the middle, and Norman in the secondary. How many teams have that kind of talent at every level of the defense? That doesn't even include TD, Star, CJ, Coleman, and the young guys like Ealy and Shaq who are playing awesome.
  4. BTW David J. Chao MD on twitter just said looks consistent with an ACL injury.
  5. So if it's bad (hoping it's not) do we sign someone like Reggie Wayne?
  6. Our defense is gonna have to ball out for us to be successful anyway, we are not exactly the Colts on offense to begin with. We are a well balanced team with strength more towards to defensive side. We still have plenty of WR's that can catch a ball if Cam throws it to them. Are they has big, or refined as Kelvin? No, but they can all play the position and hopefully Cam puts them in a position to make plays for us as i expect he will.
  7. Sorry to say, looks like an ACL, not sure what everyone else is looking at, his knee buckled. I hope i'm wrong. Absolutely terrible, but that's football and nobody is gonna feel sorry for us. Funchess, Ginn, Philly have to step up and keep us on the path toward that Lombardi. Seattle won without a strong WR core, so can we. Cam has to make the WR's not the other way around this year..
  8. I'm 30, first game I actually watched and got into was 1995 Panthers-Cowboys NFC Championship game...The Panthers beat the mighty Cowboys and Panther fan was born. I have many pictures of myself 11-12 years old with a Wesley Walls jersey, and I live in Northeast NJ! Still live in NJ, travel to many games and too Charlotte at least twice a year for games. Love this team...
  9. I really don't see how Reggie Wayne is a better fit than Cotch...It's draft or bust which is how it should be, we have a lot of young guys that need opportunities. Boykin basically cemented Jennings not signing here
  10. Starting to gain traction on Twitter so I guess it's confirmed as accurate, never heard of the original tweeter that's why I question marked it..
  11. @Rand_Getlin: WR Greg Jennings will sign with the #Dolphins, a source said. Great fit. They needed a veteran receiver.
  12. Been saying this forever if Odi is there at 25 we are taking him..you can get a OT in the second (Fisher) who could be the same as some of the first round guys. Charles Johnson and his contract also play a huge part in this, plus the pass rush was awful the first half of the year until CJ got into the groove. A rotation of CJ, Ealy, Alexander and a guy like Odi would be dominant with Ealy and Odi obviously being the future at DE for us.
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