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  1. As of 10 minutes ago Phins negotiating with 2 teams for Wallace.....so dunno where you got that.
  2. Harvin to Bills. They're out of the Clay sweepstakes.
  3. And if this doesnt work out (would be big).....he will be cut. (Wallace)
  4. I used to work for WQAM in miami. I know a producer and someone connected with Dolphins medical staff (think physicals before contract signings)....
  5. I dont wanna look important I work for a bank in CLT....I dont care about fake rep on a website. I just post here also, and wanted to keep you guys informed
  6. I know I am not John Clayton lol. I never get any info like this usually. But I am connected with some people in Miami (I lived and worked there for 20 years)..... All I got is it involves Wallace and swapping contracts with a HUGE name on an NFC roster. You put the pieces together yourself.
  7. Can't spill any deets. But its huge. And its NOT Miami resigning Clay......(which is happening)
  8. Oh my god If what i am hearing is about to happen really happens.....its headlines for weeks.
  9. Maybe cutting wallace. either way hes off miami before sunday (when 5mm is due)
  10. I hear nfc team from my source in miami.......vikings, bears, seahawks, saints Rumor Peterson may be involved........not sure.
  11. We were going to cut Ellerbe post june 1st anyways...... Man this is fun! Oh and we save almost 6mm in cap space....Stills is cheap, Ellerbe was a nightmare contract.
  12. I hear Miami is surprisingly realllllly interested in Spiller.
  13. You don't cut a guy who scores 10 TDs.....but god after week 17 and his one-trick pony bullshit....I am ready to let the motherfuger go. He can restructure and not lose a dime, just throw that salary in as a signing bonus instead or something. Free up some space. Should have known when he left a better team in Pitt to Miami due to the money, and Pitt didnt match the offer that we were getting this kind of guy. Steeler fans warned us. Hope we keep him for ON THE FIELD reasons....but I can't stand him off of it.
  14. I hear from my Phins message board that Miami is looking into Patrick Robinson, Searcey and has had whispers with Wilfork. However Wilfork being from South Florida, has said in the past he hates the Dolphins. So I doubt that, especially with Suh's signing. Also heard we've talked with Andre Johnson about a home comming, but like someone posted before, he wants to go to a winner with an established elite QB.
  15. Would much rather him in Cleveland than NE or NYJ
  16. Thats bullshit. I wasnt even born in 72, I never bring that poo up. I can talk about the Panthers and nfl till my eyes go blue, sounds like you made conversation with the wrong people. And Ill stay my happy ass here thank you very much.
  17. I lived there my whole life, until 2008.....thats extremely ridiculous. Of course we're proud of it. But we love Marino just as much, and Jason Taylor/Zach Thomas teams of the early 2000's....the Ricky Williams teams before he quit.....the Wildcat season....going 11-5 the season after going 1-15.....We are a proud group. Don't generalize us. Especially coming from a fanbase who only talks about a bad kick off in the superbowl........ *See I can generalize too
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