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  1. Corbett was the best player on the OL in 2022 once he came off the PUP list. Injuries hurt him again in 2023. So yea, the injury bug has hurt us but he was (maybe is?) a real good OL. He just cannot be counted on without a solid backup plan
  2. I'm in agreement with you. But I'm not willing to make a decision on Morgan's potential success from that decision. It was a mistake but doesn't mean he cannot be a good GM going forward. He made the best attempt to correct that mistake yesterday. Signing him would've been a worse one.
  3. You are right. They didn't. It was clearly foolish in hindsight. The team thought they were in a better position long term than they were.
  4. Person said it in the Athletic. Only Samir wanted to trade for the picks. But like I said, the circumstances at the time were very different.
  5. I do think Morgan wanted to keep Burns at the time. Person reported that. But it was vastly different circumstances; we were still holding on to hope that we were a good team and didn't need a complete tear down.
  6. He kept him at a salary of barely over 1 million a year. Of all the reasons to question Morgan, this isn't one of them.
  7. Posted this in another thread. Carl Nicks, Max Unger, Jahri Evans. That's why the Saints were able to be so successful with Brees. He needed that interior push. It's smart to replicate it.
  8. No, I don't think so. He looked bad because he had a rotating door at LG all season long and he was still trying to develop stability himself. Even Moton looked bad at times because he had the same thing happening at RG.
  9. And if we do go 0-17, at least we have a 1st round pick again!
  10. How can somebody even have a conversation with all this hyperbole?
  11. He wants to play on the edge like Parsons. Not be an off the ball LB. I see no reason for a Washington reporter to play Panthers PR.
  12. No chance. I think it's pretty clear they have been engaging in trade talks for a while. Evero isn't naive. They didn't keep their DC in the dark on their plans. It's a collaborative effort on an NFL team.
  13. Because Evero can build a good defense around solid players. And plenty of solid players can be signed for 1-2 year deals. Apparently Luvu CHOSE Washington because he prefers Dan Quinn's scheme over Evero's.
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