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  1. Panthers 24 Saints 23 -DJ Moore - 100+ yards and 2TDs -Sam - 250+ yards, 2 TDS, 1 int -CMC - 100+ total yards again -Panthers D has 4 sacks and forces 2 turnovers. -Panthers bottle up the Saints passing game but Kamara goes off and almost wins it for them. -Kamara - 125 yards rushing, 50 yards receiving, 3 TDs.
  2. I disliked Tre a lot as a player because he was not good. BUT I think it's really cool that he is a big Panthers fan now that he isn't playing.
  3. Agree with a relatively low scoring game and Panthers covering. I'll go 17-10,Panthers win.
  4. Is there anyone less likeable in the NFL besides Michael Thomas? Ok, yes, there are. Tyreek Hill, Frank Clark, and other abusers But Thomas is a major douche and I'm happy he is imploding.
  5. I do feel this team is an O-line and QB away from being a legitimate contender (if the young guys continue to develop the way they flashed).
  6. Depends on how they structured the deal.
  7. He is not playing LT. They will keep him at RT without question.
  8. Fair deal for an elite player. He didn't get Ramcyzk money but he is tied with Lane Johnson as the #2 highest paid RT.
  9. Thanks for researching that. 2017 & 18 were very similar. 2019 Kamara was injured and missed a bunch of time. I don't think their usage rate are that much different especially considering the snap count differences. 2020, who knows. Like you said, it was obvious trending high for CMC.
  10. That's interesting to see. Can you do one with their touches? I feel like Kamara has just as many touches (so snaps don't really matter as much). I'm possibly wrong but I'd like to see.
  11. Sam has better offensive skill players (DJ, Robby, CMC, others > Thomas, Kamara, others) in Carolina than Jameis does now. Jameis has much better offensive line. This will give him a major advantage over Sam. NO oline is probably the best in the NFL. At the end of the year, I think Jameis has better stats but Sam will improve over the his NYJ days.
  12. I'll be patient with judging Sam for at least 8 games. He was very unpolished as a QB coming out of college and the coaching staff with NYJ weren't known as "teachers". I like that Rhule emphasizes teaching the basics and he can re-learn some of his basic reads and footwork. If he can cut his turnovers ~30%, he will be successful. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  13. The Kittle comparison works with the measurables and the physical toughness/desire to block. Obviously, it's highly unlikely he develops into an All-Pro. But a versatile H-back that will run & pass block and catch an occasional pass is valuable.
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