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  1. Not what I'm doing at all. He's the 2nd or 3rd best defensive player on the team. He has significantly under performed and he wants a big contract. I'm irritated that the asking price for his salary is elite money but he hasn't shown that at all. Not hate. I want him to succeed. I wish he was worth 35 mil. I just dont want to hurt our future by overpaying him.
  2. I liked him. But this is his worst year in the NFL. And he is wanting a big contract. He doesn't deserve it. He wants to be paid like a top 3-5 player and he hasn't performed even close. That is not hating on him. He has had a very average year but wants HUGE money. I hope he doesn't get it.
  3. That's idiocy. Grow up? I'm not insulting him. He's been a ghost all season. Why should we pay him anything more than he has proven he's worth? It will hurt the team you cheer for. The argument WAS; he gets pressures the sacks will come! Now he doesn't get either. AND he's abused in the run game. Tag and trade.
  4. Brian Burns is 55TH in the league in total pressures, 17. 36TH in the league in sacks with 6.0 And his brother is complaining on twitter about not having a new contract? What kind of contract is he expecting? He has played his way out of a top tier deal. Give me a break. I'm done with him. He is Scott Fitterer's biggest mistake; he would be another team's $30 million dollar problem and we'd have draft capital again. I'm glad we held out on paying him, it was clearly the correct decision.
  5. To be fair, Luke works for Tepper now on the Panthers radio network. Tepper seems to really be treating the former players well. Just needs to solve his meddling and coaching hires.
  6. Evero didn't want it. He turned it down in Denver too. The injuries have been bad across the board defensively and makes his job much more impressive. Secondary: Horn, Chinn, CJ Henderson, Woods, and Bell have all missed time. LBs: Shaq and Grugier Hill for some time DL: Haynes , Yetur, Burns missed time He's a real good defensive coach
  7. My list: 1. Ben Johnson , Lions OC A very large gap between 1 and 2 2. Slowik, Houston OC 3. Frank Smith, Dolphins OC 4. Harbaugh, Michigan HC 5. Evero 6. Mike Macdonald, Ravens DC
  8. I don't know that it's a huge deal; it just didn't happen much in college and Reich apparent didn't even attempt to try. If it keeps pass rush honest, you have to do it. 2 inches of heigh shouldn't take an entire set of formations out of your playbook. Brees ran play action under center all the time.
  9. Completely. We don't even try to keep defenses honest. And we have a struggling rookie QB who we keep forcing to throw without making it easier on him. It's seemed obvious that hard play action, bootlegs, reverses, RPO would be a huge benefit to Bryce AND an OL who is struggling to pass block.
  10. RPOs are typically much more quick hitting plays with YAC designed. I hardly ever see them. Most of our shotgun play action are just straight play action, not a true read for Bryce to give or throw it.
  11. Of course there is. But what in this scenario indicates that is happening here? It was clearly a poorly designed scheme that didn't play to our QBs strengths. I want to know how the hell it got to week 12 before somebody asked WTF was going on. It's baffling to take Young and then not incorporate any of his successful play designs as a HC. And I hope Russini is wrong and Fitt gets canned real soon (6 weeks and counting)
  12. Who cares who it was? It was smart. Reich was failing and the FO tried to throw a life raft. He declined to take it and drowned. Fitterer needs to be fired anyway. But this isn't a problem. There is a thing called collaboration between a front office and coaching staff.
  13. Reich's peers in the front office telling their co-worker that they design gameplans that help their QB is what you want. It's clear that's what's needed. Reich was stubborn and didn't. He was canned. There is not a single thing wrong it. This isn't a front office trying to actually design offense or call individual plays. It's calling out a glaring problem.
  14. It doesn't look like Reich designed anything for this current roster.
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