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  1. I'll be patient with judging Sam for at least 8 games. He was very unpolished as a QB coming out of college and the coaching staff with NYJ weren't known as "teachers". I like that Rhule emphasizes teaching the basics and he can re-learn some of his basic reads and footwork. If he can cut his turnovers ~30%, he will be successful. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  2. The Kittle comparison works with the measurables and the physical toughness/desire to block. Obviously, it's highly unlikely he develops into an All-Pro. But a versatile H-back that will run & pass block and catch an occasional pass is valuable.
  3. Ah, the old standard; it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean.
  4. 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Sewell 4. Pitts 5. Fields 6. Chase I'm trading down if none of these guys are available.
  5. The problem is that all the other teams already know he will be cut so why offer any thing of value in a trade? My guess is the day we file the paperwork to cut him, somebody offers a 6th and we take it.
  6. That's where I'm at too but it's mostly about arm length. Those defending him point to the game against Chase Young where he shut him down so it proves he can handle a top tier pass rusher even with the shorter arms. I just don't love a pick in top 10 that feels close to their ceiling already. Slater is already very technical skilled and likely maxed his frame at only 6'3. I wouldn't be angry if they chose him but if Sewell/Pitts/Chase/Fields are all gone, I'm trading down.
  7. If Pitts, Sewell, and Fields are all gone, I'd be happy to get Chase. I'd take Chase over Slater but I would be happy with him too. Slater is the "more safe" option but Chase has much more superstar potential.
  8. Doesn't change the fact that he was paid ~$30 million dollars. My point wasn't criticizing him for what he was paid. It's that he was paid a poo load of money and criticism (fair or unfair) comes with the pay. I'll be happy to be paid 30 million and let people talk poo on message boards about me. Hence the no sympathy.
  9. Yea, I have no sympathy for him at all. He got incredibly overpaid to underperform. As of now, he is still an employee of the team and will still be paid millions by the team. I'd expect him to remain professional even if he his feelings are hurt. That doesn't mean go out of his way to call Darnold but if he is still on the roster during OTAs, I expect him to assist.
  10. He can be both. He is a willing blocker but not great technician yet. And I'm sure he would be flexed in space often. The 3 WR sets with 1 TE backside we ran with Olsen all the time was so effective.
  11. If both Pitts/Sewell fall to 8 (unlikely but this is a message board) what would you do and why? I'm taking Pitts. He is a ultimate game changer and TEs are incredibly important in the NFL right now. I think there are multiple starting LTs in rounds 1-3. But Pitts is so far above any other TE.
  12. If both Pitts/Sewell are on the board at 8, it would be wet dream scenario. I have no clue what they would do.
  13. If Jones goes 3, the odds of us getting Pitts or Sewell go up exponentially. Then it becomes likely Atlanta either takes QB or trades the pick to a QB hungry team. That's what I am pulling for.
  14. Pitts likely won't make it to 8. He will go to Atl, Cincinatti, Miami, or Detroit. All those teams could use an offensive weapon. I'd take Pitts over Sewell or Slater if I was GM. It's a deep draft for OT. And Pitts is an absolute monster. I do agree with a few posters above, the pick will likely be Sewell or Slater.
  15. NYJ have more leverage with teams that might have missed out.
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