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  1. idk i feel like he should feel pressured to get somewhere to be effective fast. Because his baggage is not going to waste any time if the team sucks.
  2. And its funny, we are all saying it, we hope he goes to ATL if he doesnt come here. Why? Cuz ATL is the biggest poo show in the NFCS. There isnt anything attractive about it, IDC how grand the presentation was today.
  3. Is it some finesse by the texans then? By all accounts, the panthers are the better spot, even the being near home and clemson works better in our advantage. All atl has is, come to a poo team but be as close to home as possible.
  4. I just genuinely don't understand why he would go to Atlanta, a team that's basically the same as the Texans. We have his familiar running back, potentially still hold CMC, DJ Moore, Robby, Higgins.... IDK something doesnt add up.
  5. idk even that article isnt certain about anything. I think its a case of one person saying something and everyone jumping to that idea. It seems still unknown at this point, and we will just have to wait for the big names to announce his choice i.e. Shefter, Glazer etc.
  6. I'm genuinely starting to believe some people don't know what source means.
  7. What does source mean? 1 : a cause or starting point the source of a rumor. 2 : the beginning of a stream of water the source of the Nile River. 3 : someone or something that supplies information a reference source. 4 : someone or something that provides what is needed a source of supplies a source of strength.
  8. ah yes, fellow chad. I just bought a ps4 slim to play all the games ive missed out on since the ps2 came out. Really dig some of these older ps3-4 games.
  9. i feel like im going to have to define what the definition of "source" is.
  10. o cool thanks for literally not providing what i asked.
  11. is there any actual source that says its the falcons?
  12. Im sure hes gonna dump a few bodies around the stadium
  13. why would watson agree to go to a team just as bad as the texans. whats wrong with yall?
  14. i knew it, but i still clicked it. youre an evil man preying on the anxious lol
  15. Really hoping for a happy ending. badum tsshh
  16. is there anything concrete that you guys are reacting to?
  17. All this goddamn anxiety better pay off.
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