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  1. "I swear to god I'm going to launch myself through that wall I know I can do it!"
  2. Definitely bro! Just hit up my twitter @Pantherfan81 when you're in town, I'm glued to it all freakin day lol #Panthers4life

  3. Dude. If you aren't doing anything important this weekend a Huddler is playing Football in Los Angeles. Check out my thread "Very Important Announcement Regarding One of Our Own" in the Panther Forum. It would be great to see ya there!

  4. Welcome to hell muahahahahah! 

  5. That's my girlfriend right before she got pregnant so they're even bigger now HIHOOOOOOOOOO!

  6. Yeah, go figure. Maybe when I get a chance we can get together. Mama-San loves the Cam outlets and I can't stand to stand around watching her spend large sums of money, lol.

  7. Hey there. Yes, I grew up in VTA, graduated from VHS. Now I live in Bakersfield. Still go back there about twice a month. the poster Kevin Greene is still in VTA.

  8. Alizee Jacotey, Very big in France.

  9. not sure, ask biscuit

  10. I'm not sure who she is, just some random pic I came across. Be nice to know though :)

  11. who is that girl in your pic?

  12. Yeah I cut the drinking down a lot so asked Kurb to change it to my twitter name. No more dacalialkee...unless old habits die hard :P

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