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  1. I'm a much bigger (harr harr) fan of her backside, but I don't mind the soundtrack she puts to it :D

  2. Alizee Jacotey, Very big in France.

  3. LOL, have at it.....

  4. It's a general comment.

  5. The only idiot is you. You claim that you go to 2 road games and that they are always louder than BOA. Atlanta and who? Saints? I also just saw a post where you stated that you focus on the game and your own cheering. Your posts seem to indicate that you focus an awful lot on the other fans. You (over)pay for your seats, watch what you want. I'm watching football. Where are your seats? I'll come visit Sunday.

  6. Is is possible that I was an original PSL owner thus getting my name on a statue but sold (for a profit) to some fool who was willing to overpay for seats? I supported the team by helping get the stadium built. You supported my stock portfolio. Preesh DUMMMMASSS

  7. Did i say I wasn't a psl owner? I'm apt to say anything in Smack. Or did I simply say you were stupid for overpaying for seats? I've been in stadiums all over the country. SF, SD, Atlanta (both Fulton County and the Dome), Minneapolis, Tampa, Philly (Vet) & Wash. There's not a lot of difference. Try putting your focus on the game instead of whining about the fans. You're sure to have a bettter time.

  8. I'm bandwagon? Really? I guess I'll have to get my name erased from the statue. I've been there since day 1. I was even at the 2001 Patriots game. You were apparently thinking that if the team improved, you might open up the piggy and buy a ticket.

  9. You didn't buy a PSL up front when the stadium NEEDED the funds but waited for a "decent season". It doesn't matter how many times you want to try and spin this into "I'm supporting the team". The reality is that you are bandwagon. But it's even worse than that! Tickets are always available guaranteed cheaper than what you paid. That means you are a bandwagon fan who was stupid enough to get took. Wear the crown with pride.

  10. You qualify as one of the stupidest posters on the board. Today anyway. I'm sure you won't keep that title. Eventually, you'll register another Alt.

  11. I may choose to ignore & not respond to idiots.

  12. Read the first message before you post!! Carolinarolls, find somebody to read it to you.

  13. Spreading it around just to spread it around pretty much detracts from any meaning doesn't it?

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