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  1. Oh it's going to be so fuging funny when Teddy has a better season somewhere else than Darnold has here.
  2. I would say it's been very obvious so far that all the goodwill towards Tepper early on was the result of a very expensive PR campaign by the firm he hired to sell himself to us.
  3. I'm not mad at all! I don't believe in any QB in this draft besides Lawrence and Wilson. My comment was directed to the blubbering babies that are oh so sad today and still wanna blame that WFT game as the root cause of all our problems.
  4. You know what's funny? All you crybabies crying real tears over the Washington game screwing us. Guess what? The Niners finished with a higher draft pick than we did in the draft order, but they had the brass balls Tepper lacked and were willing to trade up to get the QB they wanted. If Tepper feels blindsided today, he only has himself to blame.
  5. I disagree. ALL of the chatter for like 24 hours earlier this week was about him coming here. Including from people in the know from his camp on Twitter. Ended almost instantly when this news came out.
  6. In context of the Panthers though, I just don't see us trading for him unless he somehow gets cleared totally. The QB is different from any other position, 22 allegations aren't something you can just wave away, and Tepper had to take over for Creepy (and racist) Jerry Richardson in the first place. The Deshaun Watson to the Panthers dream died this week.
  7. There very well could have been some conspiracy about a hush hush situation that's true. Just saying I would be shocked at this point if the base allegations were NOT true.
  8. Step back and think about it: we were *this* close to trading for the best young QB in the league besides Mahomes....something that just never happens in the NFL. And then this happens. That's some Edgar Allen Poe type of stuff. Like we just won the lottery only for a bird to snatch it out of our hands and fly away.
  9. People are retweeting example after example of Deshaun tweeting about amazing massages he just had with him dropping the emoticon right after. That, the 20+ accusers....it's pretty obviously real and not some giant conspiracy.
  10. Different world now. Don't forget Tepper came to the Panthers in part because of weird sexual stuff Jerry Richardson was doing.
  11. Like Tepper should put Buzbee in the Hall of Honor. Build a statue for him next to Sam Mills. Christ.
  12. So Tony Buzbee really saved our franchise's asses. I'm convinced we were going to pull the trigger on sending 3 firsts and other poo to the Texans this week to take him on. Imagine if we had done that and days later this whole thing blew up.
  13. We shamed them into doing it. This doesn't count though, they already showed their true colors:
  14. NC State finally tweeted out their support to a team playing Sunday:
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