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  1. Bersin makes me cringe at PR. Did he avg any yards in returns? I think he usually fair caught it or didn't catch it at all...
  2. Any running back and most of the OT's because they aren't really good this yr.
  3. Gettleman does great in FA though and you don't want to fug up there and overpay. So I'm fine if his only flaw is reaching once or twice in later rounds - like others have stated. Well good news is we had less people on the bikes than we were anticipating. Really appreciate all the hi-res pictures and updates you give Zod!
  4. If he (Brown) puts on a bit more weight and keeps his speed relatively the same - he seems promising. I don't know much about comparing rookies to current NFL players - but would love to have a Victor Cruz type of guy on our roster. Not sure if he can become that, but if he can - I would definitely be a fan.
  5. Yes, I was honestly surprised by Talib on Monday. I expected for him to have a better game. I own him in an IDP league so I like to watch his stats and what have you from time to time. But, Smith definitely had the better game. The thing is though we no longer really rely on Steve, he mainly acts as our Roddy White in a lot of our games - because so many teams know that Smith is our only name brand receiver. However, Donald LaFell has shown he can step up and so has Ted Ginn. I don't think stopping Smith is going to do much to our team anymore. I don't think Panthers are overlooking this game at all - with the Shula ties and the constantly regurgitated stat that we've never beaten the Dolphins that seems to be floating around. That in itself is enough for our teams bulletin board. I am not cocky about this game at all though. I don't like the term of "trap" games. I just think there's always a possibility of either team bringing it or failing to bring it. Any given Sunday as they say.
  6. I still can't believe we cut DRAYTON earlier.
  7. Offense better be taking that defense out for dinner for the next month. Maybe entire season.
  8. This defense will be why we win this game. If we do.
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