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  1. Not sure if serious, but that's a cameo video. He was paid to say that and I highly doubt he knows they are referencing Matt Rhule in the script they sent. Lol.
  2. Really wish it was Howell. Hopefully this kid doesn't disappoint.
  3. But had we traded for him, you'd be singing his praises. Hell, you'd probably beg to be the one to finger his butt.
  4. "When asked why he punched the man, Kamara indicated that he thought the man was running away and had done something to his group -- so he chased him and punched him several times." Really, you thought the guy you pushed to the ground was running away after "doing something" to your group? I hope your lawyer comes up with a better defense than that. Especially after you insinuate that he was running away and not a threat.
  5. If this is true, I hope him and his buds go away for a while and I hope the victim gets paid.
  6. Wanting Tomlin fired while he owned a part of the steelers and hiring Rhule while owning the Panthers..... just lol... IIRC, the Steelers have never had a losing season under Mike Tomlin. This fanbase wouldn't know how to handle consistently being over .500.
  7. What top OC prospect would want to come here just to get fired with Rhule next year.
  8. Picking it up at the time was dumb. Darnold gave no indication that he is a starter in this league. I've been saying it all year. I said the first 3 weeks. He ain't it. And I would respect him more if he came out and said "I made a mistake" but he fumbled over his words and said "B-b-but it was a group decision guys! Don't look at me!"
  9. Because good teams do to bad teams what the Bucs did to us. Good teams do to bad teams what the Cowboys did to us. Good teams do to bad teams what the Bills did to us. We are a bad team. Congrats on beating the teams we were supposed to beat. We will finish 5-12. Super glad we barely squeaked out wins against those bad/depleted teams. That's my point exactly. The only teams we were supposed to beat were poo teams. I will never understand how people accept subpar performance as long as we beat the bad teams. Nah, 5 wins a year doesn't satisfy me. Barely squeaking out a win against teams we know are poo tier isn't exciting. If the 31 other teams in the NFL were as poo as the Jets, then no, it wouldn't be the problem. And as for your point about the saints team, they were missing 2 starting CBs, 2 starting WRs, their starting MLB, their starting center and a few dlinemen. We couldn't beat Alabama if we were missing that many key starters. "The problem didn't arise until we played a good team" Just lol...
  10. Playing several terrible/depleted teams/back up QBs. I tried telling everyone at the beginning of the season that we beat 3 terrible, terrible teams... but I got bitched at for being a "debbie downer." The writing was on the wall when we barely escaped with a win against the Jets, a depleted Saints team, and the Texans.
  11. He might be making a play on the "it took Jay-Z 7 years thing" Either way, I agree with you. HB is hawttt.
  12. Rhule gonna talk about establishing a winning culture after Ian Book gets beat like a drum.
  13. Zod ain't a real fan according to Robby. You ain't a real fan according to Robby. Just lol.
  14. We don't, but Panthers Rhule and his ilk want you to know you're not a real fan. And they somehow think the super enlightened Robby Anderson knows the definition of a fan better than anyone with a brain. So not only do we have these people on the huddle to gatekeep our fandom, but now we have a receiver who is 79th in the league in receiving yards gatekeeping us too. But hey, passing the buck is a part of the teams culture now. So no surprise there.
  15. Love being lectured on how to be a real fan by a guy who thought our mascot was a bear. And OP, didn't you say I was going to eat my words when we clenched a playoff spot? How did those rose colored glasses work out for ya? Sorry Robby... you aren't going to get any love when you've played like poo all year. The dude should be grateful anyone even went out to watch what will be a 5-12 team. Probably the worst team in the league. Fans who know they'll have to endure another year of this bullshit because Tepper forgot about his brass balls. Wasn't he celebrating while down by 26 against a divison rival? Fug outta here. It's not like Sam Darnold is Jake Delhomme/Cam Newton returning from an injury. He's not an all-time great. He's a nobody that our dumb HC gave a free 18 million dollars to. Nobody feels bad for him. He fleeced us.
  16. They understand we don't actually have an offense. it would be impossible for them to struggle
  17. Am I not allowed to post on the board between the hours of 1:00 and 4:30 on Sundays? Damn, you'll gatekeep everything, wont you?
  18. If YoU DoN't WaTcH EvErY SeCoNd Of EvErY GaMe, YoU'rE nOt A rEaL fAn... LoOk At Me GaTeKeEp YoUr FaNdOm Last full game I watched was the Arizona game. I have better things to do on Sundays than watch an inept, incompetent coaching staff be about as prepared as a pop warner coaching staff. I don't believe I missed a single game during the John Fox and Ron Rivera eras. I cut some Jimmy Clausen games off early. But never just straight up didn't watch. Might not watch at all next year if Rhule is still here. Everything I loved about the Panthers is gone. Tepper and Rhule have effectively killed it. The team has no culture or identity. They don't even look like an NFL team out there. Hopefully Tepper comes to his senses and fires Rhule and gets this franchise back on track.
  19. I want good draft position as much as the next guy, but honestly fug being blatantly screwed by the refs. Their offense raided our sideline and started pushing players and coaches and we got penalized for it. The referees in this league are a joke.
  20. That was hard to watch. Loved Jake. It's tragic that we've lost our last 2 legitimate QBs early in their careers due to bullshit injuries. Meanwhile, Brady is 86 and still playing ball.
  21. I answered "Yes" because I would rather have Rivera over Rhule. We all have our problems with Ron, but he has shown that he does belong in the league. I have not seen anything that indicates Rhule should be coaching a professional football team. However, I wanted to move on from Rivera as it was time. I hope our next HC isn't as incompetent as Rhule is.
  22. underthrown and behind. Oof. Wonder if that was a miscommunication thing.
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