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  1. I hope that Lawrence to Arnold connection develops. Seems like a stand up guy.
  2. I think it very well could be. It's also worth noting that we don't play the Buccaneers until Dec. 26th. Jaycee Horn might be back by then. For all that talk about all of the weapons the Bucs have, we have an answer for every one now. I don't think there's an offense high powered enough to beat this defense(if healthy).
  3. Hurney gets poo on a lot, but I think Gettleman is lowkey the worse Panther GM.
  4. Oh nothing.... just listing off the names in our secondary. This defense reminds me of that 2015 Broncos defense. Imagine facing our front 4 and having to throw into that secondary... RIP. From no CBs to
  5. Gonna be tough to trade down from 32, but guess Fit will work his magic.
  6. Gonna be tough to trade down from 32, but guess Fit will work his magic.
  7. Been reading Jags forums. Most seem to think CJ was lacking in the motivational department or just straight up didn't want to be in Jacksonville. He was decent while there seems to be the sentiment. I think the man just needs to be 3-0 with a change of scenery.
  8. It seemed on par with the Joe Burrow talk in 2020.
  9. Some people in Charlotte even support the Patriots.
  10. Cowherd is an ass who has it out for Baker. No logical reason for that guy to hate Baker as much as he does.
  11. Impressive to come back later in the game and lead the offense down the field for 2 very important touchdowns. Very impressive.
  12. Super impressed by Sam's resolve tonight after losing our biggest weapon. Also impressed by the adjustments by both sides of the ball in the 2nd half. At the end of the first, it looked like it was gonna be a long night.
  13. NFLPA needs to be in the NFLs ass after tonight
  14. It's turning around and traveling half way across the country and playing another game with absolutely no rest. fug TNF
  15. It was a good drive after those first half woes for sure.
  16. Thursday night games need to go away me thinks.
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