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  1. The day he dies. I'll still take over.
  2. It's been 20 years, yall. It's okay to like the GOAT now. The dude is up there in age, though. I'd like a young QB that will be the face of the franchise for years to come. Its hard to get excited for one decent year until failing back to mediocrity. However, if Brady and Payton did come here, I'd be happy.
  3. Now that Ben Johnson is out of the picture, give us Payton.
  4. Better win out then. If the players believe, I believe. But what I saw against the Steelers wasn't a team that wanted to keep their coach. So they might wanna figure it out in these next few weeks. I hope the lions game is indicative of the team we'll see going forward.
  5. Crazy how self righteous and morally superior they act just to wish death on anyone who has a different opinion.
  6. USMC '16-'20 Tell me you have a hero complex without telling me you have a hero complex. The whole fat ass mouth breather rant you went on in the OP was cringe considering you didn't attend yourself. Stop being a *****. No one here owes this team any amount of money. If they can't win without the fans, they aren't worth the overpriced tickets to attend.
  7. Still worth, my guy. Even if your heart breaks every time you look at it.
  8. All I see are excuses. Get your fat mouth breathing ass out of the S-1 shop and fly out to a game. Protect the bank.
  9. You could've taken leave and flown out to the game. But you didn't. You want this team to win? Take leave. Buy tickets. Get a hotel. Fly out to the game. Protect the bank, fella.
  10. Cam had injured that shoulder prior to that. He 100% targeted his shoulder with that hit.
  11. Panthers 28 - 24. Also it would be a totally be a shame if TJ Watt suffered a career ending shoulder injury tomorrow...
  12. He was already the DC here for 8 years. It will be great to have him back to coordinate from the booth.
  13. And Cam out there performing miracles every game. We had the leagues highest scoring offense with Philly Brown and Ted Ginn as receivers. Cam and Luke carried Ron to 2 CotY awards.
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