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  1. Wins and competent offensive play have been pretty hard to come by, lately.
  2. Giants - 24 Panthers - 20 7 of our points come from our defense. Another 10 comes from great field positioning. The Giants will show us something we've never seen on tape.
  3. If Matt Rhule gets out coached by Joe Judge...
  4. I wouldn't say good riddance. I don't hate the guy. I want him to succeed. But I think the dude is done. Hope I'm wrong, tho.
  5. What? Is Tepper gonna have him taken out back and executed? I don't know about this. These last few weeks have been bizarre.
  6. I, uh, I don't have the words... These past few weeks have felt like a colossal meltdown.
  7. Dude... Lol. This was literally you and @Panthers Rhule following me from thread to thread last week. You participated in this same bs you're talking about now...
  8. I heard Rhule and Brady gameplan based on these articles.
  9. I've been saying this all year. But it was funny to see the change from last week to this week. Last week, people kept coming at me for questioning Rhule and co. after the Eagles game. Now some of those same people are on the huddle bitchin' about Rhule and co. Some of them haven't even bothered to show their face this week. I hate that I'm right, but being overly optimistic and willfully ignorant of this coaching staff and ownerships faults doesn't make anybody any more of a fan.
  10. Something sticks out to me and it's the fact that Rhule said "We usually score our points in the first couple of drives and then we can't seem to move the ball" or words to that effect. Which we have all very clearly noticed. Several opposing players have also said our offense was incredibly predictable. Connect the dots. Brady hasn't shown he can call plays in the NFL. He doesn't seem to adjust mid game either. It's stick with the game plan all the way through. Even if it isn't working. I'm going with Shula 100% until Brady proves he can call plays and have success in the NFL.
  11. I think it's more so that people are literally telling him to root for another team because he is unhappy with the teams performance. He said he has invested time and money into the team. He has PSLs. He has a lot invested into this hobby. So I can see why he is upset with the subpar performance and downward trend this team is on. I am not sure why being critical of a team automatically means you're less of a fan. You guys are weird.
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