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  1. He took the Cam bit personally. I love Cam and all but Ace went full on Cam stan and now he seems to be a self loathing Panther fan.
  2. Because Watson doesn't have the power to trade himself to the Panthers. Thought that bit was obvious but you seem to be grasping at straws at this point.
  3. Nah, I'm good homie. Your debbie downer routine is just getting a little stale tbh. I have no qualms with you but it seems like everything you've posted lately has been negative. And you always gotta follow up peoples posts with "Well, actually...." We were a legitimate QB away from possibly a 12 win season last year. We are not the dumpster fire that the Jets are perceived to be. It's okay to concede that point.
  4. Jesus christ, dude. You spend your entire life on a forum dedicated to the Carolina Panthers and you can't even be halfway optimistic about anything. Are you always this miserable?
  5. I sincerely hope this is just one big troll job from someone pretending to be teddy pretending not to be teddy. Because this is just bizarre.
  6. 100% Teddy is all the account posts about. Either it's Teddy, or Teddy needs to invest in self defense because chances are this guy is watching him sleep at night.
  7. That's just sad, man. It's clear this guy has some deep rooted self-esteem issues. I guess having an entire fan base chastising you can do that to you.
  8. Yeah, that's some middle school poo for sure. Kinda sad to see him for who he is tho. Bring on Deshaun Watson!
  9. That is legitimately one of the most embarrassing things I've ever read/seen.
  10. Tell your Eagles friend to keep dreaming.
  11. If he goes to Tampa, the NFL has officially reached NBA status.
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