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  1. My bad, dude. Some people on this board legitimately hate him that much.
  2. Cam led the best offense in the league during his MVP year with the likes of Philly Brown and Ted Ginn. He lifted them as high as he possibly could. His coaches and his offensive line let him down. There is absolutely no reason to hate on Cam. Ron and Co. ran him into the ground. He is now a hollow shell of his former self. But him and Luke pumped life into an otherwise lifeless franchise at the time.
  3. Rhule won't say anything other than coach speak which is kinda how it should be. Let Teddys play speak for him.
  4. People care about the Dodgers. As fans are better off rooting for them anyways.
  5. Shi Smith or Hubbard would be the two obvious choices me thinks
  6. If this is your line of thinking, then you're missing out on a lot of good content on youtube. A lot of it is truly awful. But some of it is great.
  7. He had a podcast a while back. During the 15-1 season
  8. Honestly kinda wanna see how 4 turns out
  9. Haha. Sewell and Brady Christensen have t-rex arms.
  10. Seems like there's been a mass exodus to the Fields camp here lately
  11. Am I the only one that wants Sewell at 8?
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