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  1. Tepper isn't moving, there isn't a market that makes sense than the Carolinas, and the NFL won't allow it just because "the team is bad"
  2. As much as I would like Johnson or Steichen, Tepper will probably go with a head coach with prior experience and structure. I still think Tomlin is the most likely candidate. My prediction is Pittsburgh will go 4-13 or 3-14 and they'll mutually part ways to rebuild, and Tepper will give Tomlin a kagillion dollars
  3. I hope that Moton isn't one of those guys who quits after his big pay day, but he was absolutely dreadful. Sad
  4. We have to take a QB, if we somehow finish outside the top 3 are unable to trade up to the top 3, we have to take Quentin Johnston We literally have the worst offense of every team in the last 15 years through 4 games, and while a lot of it is horrible coaching and scheme, it needs a jolt of energy, and that would be the top QB or top WR of the draft
  5. I'll take that bet... Tepper knows Rhule is gone (baring a miraculous turn around) Firing him now is pointless, there isn't a interim head coach on the roster worth a damn, like when we got rid of Rivera early
  6. We finally run hurry up with CMC running routes and we all of a sudden have a TD drive fuging moronic coaching staff
  7. jesus fuging christ, stop throwing that same pass to the sideline, its getting batted every time Or fuging pump fake
  8. I don't blame Baker, he's put in an impossible situation with how far the Panthers are behind other NFL teams in NFL coaching and preparedness
  9. I think the Panthers are about 4 weeks behind the majority of the NFL because of their bad coaching. The training camp/preseason seemed pretty amateur. Maybe they start clicking this week against a bad Arizona secondary
  10. They won't fire him, but if they have a really bad season and clearly want to rebuild, both sides could 'part ways' a la Rivera, Reid in Philly, etc. Sometimes a new voice is needed after a long time
  11. I'll take any of them except Bienemy, who I think would be a Rhule level coach I like the Eagles OC and Lions OC but I know Tepper is kicking the tires on Tomlin, Payton and Harbaugh
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