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  1. I still remember when he said we had one of the best drafts of all time in 2012, because of Joe Adams in the 5th To be fair we produced Luke and Josh Norman from that draft but the rest were busts
  2. That's amazing, but what is that a 4B dollar cost, that's insane
  3. No one was as good as LT, but Luke was every bit as good as those other guys during that stretch Put it this way, if you made an all NFL team from every player ever in history, there would be a debate about Luke vs. Ray Lewis for the MLB spot. No other Panther comes close (not including White's brief stint with the team)
  4. Luke is the best Panther of all time, the four year stretch 2012-2016 Kuechly is one of the best defenders in the history of the game, up there with LT, Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, Reggie White, Aaron Donald, Mean Joe Greene, and Ed Reed. Panthers have never had another player on that level, the next two closest would be Peppers and Smith
  5. Whatever he is, he's better than Isaiah Simmons, who had his option declined. Remember the fights from the internet warriors here when we passed on Simmons for Brown?
  6. I'll go as far to say Bryce, if healthy, will be a top 5 QB in the NFC as soon as this year, he's one of the most pro-ready QB's out of the draft in the last 10 years and the only concern about him is his frame/holding up over 17 games
  7. The reason for not bringing back Goodell is that under his leadership the NFL has fallen behind in technology. There's no reason not to have sensor chips in balls and/or player's uniforms, goal line sensors in the field, under 30 second instant replays piped directly into the fuging ref's headset so he doesn't have to leave the field, figuring out the best turf/field surface to limit injuries, not pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in helmet technology to limit concussions, and a laundry list of other advancements
  8. Despite what they publicly say, I think they moved up happy to take either Stroud or Young, but once they saw the vast difference of intelligence/football knowledge between Stroud and Young in private meetings, Young became the easy pick. The Panthers want to win NOW. Bryce was the only QB in the draft that afforded them that luxury. Stroud, while a very talented pocket passer, will take longer to learn plays and needs a lot of support. Simple as that
  9. Thielen is a WR3 now in his career, but he's a damn good WR3 to have, Carolina will have him on the field in 3 WR sets often, and I imagine he'll be open a ton. Mingo and TMJ will battle it out for the WR1, while Chark starts opposite.
  10. At this point every single player is a crapshoot. Clearly this was a swing for the fences boom or bust pick. I do agree we shouldn't have traded up
  11. They will very very likely trade back, but I would take Torrence in that scenario. Keep building the offensive line with elite pass blockers.
  12. I don't think the drop off from Will Anderson to Tyree, Carter, Witherspoon was that great for the Texans to give up next year's first. Like I said in another thread I'm fairly confident Texans could have swapped with Lions from 12 to 6 and gave up their second this year and another pick and still got the same caliber player. I mean it would have to take a hell of a year by the Texans offense for that pick not to be top 12. Its more than likely its in the 5-8 range
  13. Texans, a bad team with holes everywhere and just took a rookie QB who needs time to learn NFL offense playing for a raw, young coaching staff, trading their first rounder next year to move up for a defensive end They could have traded up to 6-9 range for Wilson or Carter instead and not given up the 1st round pick There's a very high chance that pick is top 10, they basically have to win the division now Instantly lost the draft for them
  14. Don't sleep on a guard, I think the Panthers need more interior help with Corbett's injury and there are some nice options available, particularly Torrence
  15. I think it's a really bad trade for the Texans. They could have traded up to 6-9 range and taken as good a defensive player and not had to give up their first next year.
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