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  1. Take Pitts or Chase, elite talent trumps need Also Slater can be our franchise LG for a decade and we still need one of those too
  2. Atlanta isn't staying at 4. They don't want a QB and don't want to reach for something else. Some team like Denver, New England or Washington will make a godfather offer to go up and get Fields.
  3. If Pitts is there you have to take him. a Gronk/Kelce tight end just opens up way too much for the offense and makes it impossible to stop no matter what the line is. I think Sewell/Slater is the best bet, still hoping for Slater as our franchise LG and signing Villanueva or Wagner or bringing back Okung to be our LT
  4. I would easily do Patriots 2021 2nd, Patriots 2022 2nd, 2022 4th to move back to the Patriots spot Edit: if Pitts and Chase aren't there. at 15 we can still get an elite player because of all the QB's taken. one or more of Waddle, Devonta Smith, Slater, Surtain Jr., Vera-Tucker, Darrisaw will be there
  5. Good trade. 2nd round pick on a 23 year old QB flyer that has had great stretches of games before but was in a terrible organization like....Robby Anderson Now get Slater, Sewell or Pitts and lets go
  6. Would this board poo their brains out if we traded up and took Pitts over Fields or Lance?
  7. Would MUCH rather have Pitts/Darnold or Waddle/Darnold than Lance or Fields. Not even a question. The first 3 picks are already decided according to people I trust. Lawrence Wilson Jones
  8. Draft is O-Line heavy. Take Pitts at 8 then spend the next 3 picks on the line. Can never have enough weapons. Also there are some free agent tackles left that are still decent (Villanueva, Wagner, Okung)
  9. Don't reach for a QB Some sick players will be there at 8 because of all the QB's taken
  10. Did I criticize you? Maybe I shouldn’t have quoted you but absolutely no one should be dismayed that we didn’t trade two future firsts to move up for a 50% or greater chance to bust on a quarterback. Besides Lawrence each quarterback has a high chance to bust. Why use 3 #1s to take that opportunity? I’m just tired of everyone crying the sky is falling because we don’t have our future QB yet. It’s insane.
  11. I wasn't aware that you could only get a quarterback in the 2021 draft or you are screwed for eternity. Oh well. These guys just aren't worth it dude, no clue why everyone is overreacting Much better players available at 8 than QB, especially if QB's are all taken 1-4
  12. What if this is all coordinated fud by Watson, Buzbee and Tepper for Carolina to get Watson for a 7th round draft pick. Then after the trade it comes out that it was all unsubstantiated and Watson was being blackmailed for money and Tepper pays Buzbee under the table. I know, I know it's unlikely and Watson would never go through with something that dirties his name like that
  13. If Deshaun is truly innocent, he needs to get out ahead of this, hold a presser vehemently denying everything, and counter sue for defamation. If he settles then yeah, he probably did it. Disappointing, but won't end his career. I mean Rothlisberger shoved a women in a bathroom stall and flashed his penis and still went on to play 10 years.
  14. about saying no to Tray "EJ Manuel" Lance? Nope Rashawn Slater is a pro-bowl talent. Just take him. Or whoever falls out of Chase/Waddle. Or even Pitts. Its not rocket science.
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