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  1. Charlotte needs a stadium/entertainment complex similar to the Green Bay Packers...they have a ice skating rink (obv can't do that here, but think of something), a full size fan football field where fans can play catch/kick FG's etc, bunch of shops and restaurants, etc.
  2. I've posted a thread before years ago that Barnwell his great disdain for the organization, even in our 15-1 year he was highly skeptical the whole way through and even said the Cardinals were a better team in the NFC IIRC. I think it has to do with Cam's comments to the female reporter (Bill is a big feminist) and Richardson's antics. He hasn't been objective about the Panthers since. He also picked a slew of defensive rookies before Jeremy Chinn last year in his end of year awards
  3. Direct TV is the worst. we are forced to have it at our restaurant because of Sunday ticket. Can't wait to drop it the day after the regular season ends.
  4. edit: thought he was talking about Teddy
  5. True. But to happen three times with three different coins is horrible! Had 1 billion HOGE...sold for $2K a month later it was $990K A shitload of FEG...sold for $2K two months later $1.2M 350B Elongate....sold for $5k a month later was on the JIMMY KIMMEL Show and was ~$800k I feel good about my holdings now though, if stupid Elon Musk shuts up and China gets their act together
  6. Depending on the coin (not dogecoin, which is flawed), most cryptocurrency is deflationary whereas the US dollar infinity inflates. That's why Bitcoin is big even though it's ancient, there's only ever going to be 21,000,000 bitcoin and an estimated 25% of those are already lost into the void. It's also shaping up to be a world currency that holds the same value for anyone in the world, and more and more merchants are accepting it as payment. In my opinion, we have yet to discover what the worldwide mass adopted cryptocurrency is that we use for everyday payments, and when that coin is d
  7. Had three coin holdings go over a million dollars and I sold early for 2-5K gains. It hurts, but I've learned a lot this year. I think Crypto is here to stay too.
  8. Jaycee Horn is massive for a corner. Finally someone that can at least physically match up with Julio (as Atlanta trades him...)
  9. 13 days more rest than our opponents that we are facing, meaning we face more teams on a short week where we are more rested, because we got 0 sunday or monday night games and a favorable bye You would be correct, we have a crappy thursday night game against Houston, and nothing else
  10. How great would a Darnold F-You 6 TD game be Jets defense isn't exactly great
  11. Went back and looked....here's his last 5 mocks 2021: Jaycee Horn 2020: Derrick Brown 2019: Brian Burns 2018: Ronnie Harrison - mentioned the Panthers were in the market for a receiver but had DJ Moore and Ridley off the board by the Panthers pick 2017: Dalvin Cook - mentioned that the Panthers were searching for a 3 down back but had the wrong one So he obviously knows someone in there, and not just from the Hurney/Rivera regime
  12. I really wanted Trey Smith with the Fletcher pick. Team must have medically removed him from the board
  13. I doubt that. If Darnold is bad then we are in prime position for a top 5 pick. And every year there are QB's that come out of nowhere. I mean we had pick #3 in our grasp before winning a meaningless game against WFT. As far as "banking on Darnold"....I think it was more that the Panthers didn't want to take the 4th or 5th best QB with the 8th overall pick, which is absurd and I'm glad they didn't do that
  14. https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Saints-Targeted-Horn-in-Top-10 Campbell is more connected to the Panthers FO than Person or the beat writers are, he called Horn to the Panthers at 8 as soon as the Darnold trade happened
  15. Or....if he plays bad...they just draft.... a QB.... in the top 5... next year? This board has lost their minds
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