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  1. Can you imagine Luke Kuechly playing with this talent I honestly believe we wouldn't have allowed a touchdown yet\ What a ridiculous turnaround from two years ago
  2. I still have mine. Shame we couldn't pull it off
  3. Touches are fine, monitor hits. I don't know why anyone has a problem with this. This is sports science.
  4. No agenda. We are all hoping the Panthers and Darnold are good. We played the easiest team on the schedule yesterday and he struggled to score. Made a lot of one-read throws. Here's hoping its just Week 1 jitters...but I don't know how you can view that performance and say he played well. Teddy had some good ratings last year too, yet the narrative here was that he sucked and needed to go.
  5. I thought Darnold was bad despite the stats. He looks every bit as a game manager QB who has the yips and will completely miss open receivers because hes too nervous, but the trade off from Teddy is he can throw the ball down the field. Not sold and I'm not sure it was worth the trade/shakeup yet. I'm sorry but as an NFL QB you can't miss easy 5 yard throws to wide open receivers. We should easily have had 30+ points. And what's worse is that the coaching staff knew it and had to babify their gameplan for him.
  6. If we lose its because Darnold sucks and he isn't the quarterback of the future Any average or better QB would carve up this Jets team
  7. 7-10. Clearly still a year away, next year with the first cap space in a long while and another strong draft (hopefully on the O-Line) we will be a pretty great team everywhere except QB, and it sounds like Tepper has the gumption to figure that out quick
  8. I mean, we lost to Dwyane Haskins once. We can really lose to anybody
  9. He is a great blocker and backup, as soon as I saw the Broncos cut him I had a feeling he'd end up here.
  10. Who are you proposing we get? What LT is available that would be an upgrade over what we have?
  11. We need talent everywhere but RB and WR. This isn't a good roster.
  12. Hasn't shown anything to be the long term answer, way to panicky at the slightest twang of adversity A solidly average QB that won't go out and win you games, modest upgrade from Bridgewater but not in the top 15 of QB's in this league
  13. This isn't surprising, we still have a young and generally poor roster across the board. We need a ton of talent at QB, OL, DL, LB, DB, and ST. We are still paying from the effects of bad cap management and drafting over the last 5 years.
  14. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-put-troy-pride-jr-on-ir-trade-greg-little?fbclid=IwAR04Q3Mq4iLGvDJ9Ffq6tql1352XvXgc_gbPKOZcyAeHRfayakx1kRhZxUc
  15. I don't know who Case Cookus is but I'll take him at QB over Grier over name alone
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