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  1. To get away from moronic bullshit, the Panthers run game is incredible to watch if you're not one of those that drools so hard over the passing game. Hell, we haven't even ran a lot of the triple option stuff we ran in Cam's first couple of seasons much this year. Every run play features a lot of Cam sliding protections, checking the runs, and then the handoff itself. It's a dream to watch, it's so good we have the number one offense, which is unbelievable in this era of the NFL.
  2. Momentum isn't a thing, ask the Packers. You shouldn't brag about knowing a lot about football if your retort includes mentioning something that isn't even real. Nice jab there too, that's always a great strategy when you're trying to get your point across.
  3. The Chiefs comparison is an interesting one for them considering it took a miracle for them to beat them the first time, and the second time the Chiefs killed them.
  4. I've watched a good bit of Broncos this year (they play on tv all the time) and while their defense is pretty good it doesn't really strike fear in many people. Pittsburgh (mostly Antonio Brown) really smoked them in the second half of their regular season game, and I watched Derek Carr drive the field pretty well against them in the second half of the game they lost to the Raiders. They aren't the '85 Bears, '00 Ravens, or '13 Seahawks. They can be beaten, and I really think we are the kind of team that can do it.
  5. We were one game away from having a top 3 regular season ever, and we were only the 6th team to ever go 15-1 (7th if you count 15-1 or better), we scored the most points in the NFL, and so many other things. You can be damn sure that if roles were reversed here Seattle and their fans would be even more unbearable than they already are. Seriously, if there is ever a time to have some bravado this is the fuging year.
  6. I like Romo because his story is awesome and on any other team he would be a very likable guy. He was undrafted and has turned into a damn good quarterback. I honestly feel bad for him that he has to play for that shitshow that is the Cowboys, everything he does is unfairly scrutinized one way or the other.
  7. Don't listen to people saying it's on WatchESPN, that app doesn't show Monday night games because of NFL Mobile. If you have Verizon you'll be able to watch the game via that app, if not you're out of luck I hate to say.
  8. I bet Ginn torches Maxwell for a big TD at some point. GInn is very quick, and Maxwell can't cover anyone.
  9. The top hat he is is top notch, that movie is pretty solid for a horror movie (I'm not a big fan of the genre).
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