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  1. So how would you spin it? Draft Duren at #13 and then the best available wing at #15? Then struggle to find a team to take Hayward - have to give up a real asset to take him? (ie. Bouk or PJ) Or maybe we can't find a dance partner to take Hayward and we then don't have the cap to sign Miles and we lose him in FA? Or maybe we draft Duren at #13 and try and trade #15 - which - would have less value than #13? I don't know - but paint me a scenario where everything turns up gold for us?
  2. This is more about being able to package a future 1st round pick to get off Hayward's money THIS offseason - so we can re sign Miles.. IF we did not acquire a future 1st round pick - we would have to hope another team would take Hayward at face value OR attach Bouknight or some other asset so we can get off Hayward's contract..
  3. #1 - We were never going to keep both 1st Rnd picks. We have too much young talent on the roster and we are approaching the Cap. #2 - We are trying to re-sign Miles to a larger contract. We need to shed salary from certain players (Hayward). #3 - Because we traded a future 1st rounder last year to the Knicks for Kai Jones - there are stipulations that prevent us from trading any future 1st rounders. #4 - Trading #13 away for Denver's 1st Rnd pick next year, allows us to package that with Hayward to clear some more Cap room and re-sign Miles. #5 - Look for us to package Hayward + 1st rounder + a few 2nd rounders = for a player once FA starts, then re-sign Miles #6 - If you are upset at the package we got in return for Duren (#13) - I understand.. but we wanted draft capital (and basically to kick the can down the road), not acquire player contracts in return.. Mitch said he had "contingency deals on the clock that maybe could have been better but its pretty hectic and you have to take what's there" - I think he took the best offer that was available without adding contracts #8 - If you are upset we took Mark Williams over Duren - I understand.. but I trust in Mitch's evaluation - he has earned my trust over the past few years.. Mitch said he felt "Williams fits our needs better and it wasn't an easy decision -- people on our staff have worked with him in high school"
  4. FYI - Gordon Hayward has played more games the past 2 years than Turner..
  5. I'm not sure if we cut him or keep him.. i think he has value but dunno if it's $9m worth.. his contract is very tradeable as an expiring.. coupling him with Hayward could be the way to go..
  6. i think all delusions of this being a "win now" team went out the window last year.. I hope Fitts has been given the reigns more and more and Rhule is gracefully being phases out of control..
  7. i was all in on Ham but now that he's in LA - im all for the Atkins diet.. he comes from a great organization and a team that moves the ball around (something JB built up here as well).. and most importantly - a team/org that plays defense.. Steph has improved a lot on D over the years.. if they can get Lamelo to buy in on D - look out.. his body build would make him a huge problem for other teams
  8. Additional Questions: 1. Brian Burns will have 10 sacks in 2022...................... OVER / UNDER 2. DJ Moore will have 1,100 yards in 2022..................... OVER / UNDER 3. Jaycee Horn will have 3 INTs in 2022........................ OVER / UNDER 4. The longest FG made will be from 53 yards.............. OVER / UNDER 5. Kickers will miss a total of 2 extra point kicks........... OVER / UNDER 6. The TE group will catch 4 TDs this year..................... OVER / UNDER 7. Special Teams will cause 0.5 TD in 2022.................... OVER / UNDER
  9. he had 9 sacks last year.. same as Burns
  10. thought this would be an awesome fit.. i think we need someone else since Reddick left..
  11. Offense = Tight End Defense = Pass Rush Need a true pass catching TE with ability to separate.. I also assume our pass rush will take a hit since Reddick left..
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