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  1. yeah totally, my opinion doesn't matter at all.. i was just saying my initial gut reaction to what i was seeing..
  2. i don't think a first impression can be premature
  3. first impression.. he doesn't look confident in his answers or body language.. i'm nervous we hired a "yes man" for Tepper and Rhule
  4. Aight Zeller.. these next few games are going to be real important.. I will be watching our team rebounding numbers like a hawk...
  5. obviously he doing so much better than he predecessors.. luv him but let me just point out the few dark spots: 1 - not being able to find a team to off-load Batum's expiring 2 - not adequately addressing the Center position this offseason (two 2nd Rnd centers is not adequately addressing the position) ..there are a few more but decided that they were too nit-picky to list.. I can't believe those 2 are the worst critiques I can say about a Hornets GM.. it brings tears to my eyes
  6. Stafford > Watson (but lose CMC + two 1st Rnd picks) jus sayin..
  7. Rozier is so valuable to this team.. last year, he was brought here to be the stop gap PG in exchange for Kemba.. Graham forced his way into the starting lineup through his great play and we slid Roz to the SG position.. he is undersized for a SG at 6'1 but still holding his own defensively.. for context, Jrue Holiday (one of the best defensive SG in the league) has a defensive rating of 3.2; Rozier is playing at a 3.4 right now.. if we can somehow pry a Center that can protect the paint and rebound - it will exponentially help our team out all around.. anyways, right now Roz is our
  8. yeah - Drummond has amazing stats but his price tag is big, the lane would get clogged and we would really have to change the way we play to incorporate what he does best.. people who are saying we need to trade with the Cavs for Allen right now need a come to Jesus moment, because the Cavs just gave up Exum + 1st Rnd pick for him.. he ain't going no where.. the guy the Cavs have that I really think would fit us well is McGee.. he's another 1-year rental at a much cheaper price than Drummond and has always excelled in the 2 areas we need the most help = rebounding and rim protection.
  9. every time Hayward gets a hangnail, Hornets fans be like: and then the surgery to fix the hangnail is successful:
  10. So essentially our CORE is: PG (Ball) SG (Terry) SF (Hayward) PF (Washington) 3&D Wing off the bench (Miles) Graham is interesting because seems to be the guy JB trusts the most to run the offense but his shooting % has been bad this year (ticking up over the past few games though).. sad that Monk can't get minutes - especially cus I don't think either Martin is that valuable.. the biggest problem is our defense and we NEED to find a rotation of Bigs we can trust because even though Biz has been solid for us with Zeller hurt - those two are not good enough for a playoff t
  11. Bucs are a bunch of hired-guns that I don't like.. (Brady, Arians, Suh, AB) Saints are a bunch of hemeroids that have been marinating for years in our collective nether-regions.. (Brees, Payton, Kamara, Thomas, Smith, even Taysom Hill's corny ass)
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