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  1. Would have rather lost to Bucks and beat Hawks.. we own tiebreaker against them but they and Miami are most likely teams to leapfrog us for #4 and #5 seeds.. Boston could get #6 and we have to compete for spot in playoff if we continue to slip.. Staying in #4 or #5 is key because I feel we can win a series against any of the teams mentioned earlier - when we are at full strength.. if we fall to #6 and have to deal with one of those Elite 3 seeds - we are cooked..
  2. I'm more than a little upset. The 2 times we really needed a good showing - we came out the gates looking like clowns. BKN and ATL are the only 2 games I have been disappointed in our team. We rely on the 3 too much and can't guard the 3.. we were even with them in FG%, boards and FTs. We also outscored them in the paint. They just beat us from the 3pt line: 44% to our 35%..
  3. What are the most important/holy numbers in Panther History? 89, 1, 59, 58, 88, 90, 51 are no brainers.. 34 and 28? 69? 17? 87? 48? 93? 30? 22?
  4. Honestly believe when we traded for Darnold - it was a red flare that we announced the #8 pick is up for grabs.. There are a lot of other teams that want a QB and #8 is a perfect spot to grab any of them.. Those that were upset at what we gave up to get Sam (6th, 2nd & 4th) should be happy after we trade back and pick up two 2nds.. Essentially: 2nd + 4th + 6th = Sam Darnold + two 2nds Golden..
  5. Just saw this on the Ringer: https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/4/8/22373059/playoff-lottery-odds-probability-model
  6. So I have been keeping a running list of what our remaining schedule is while highlighting specific things: - potential wins (green circle) - potential loses (red circle) - KEY matchups (yellow/green circle) - road trips [3 games or more] (pink shade) - back-to-backs (red bracket) I also highlighted when Ball, Monk and Hayward were injured and their projected return/re-evaluations on our schedule.. FYI, I made these predictions before the Monk/Hayward injury.. In the upcoming games, if we can beat OKC, ATL and Cleveland - I think we will have weathered the worst of the storm..
  7. I was already more excited than last year with CMC coming back and the defensive additions.. on a scale of 1-10 of excitement: I was at a 7/10 now with Darnold, I would say a 7.5/10
  8. Sign Rozier long-term.. it ain't even a question.. we have had to deal with Kemba and clowns for so long and can't even remember what it's like to have 2 good players - let alone 3 with Ball & Hayward!! it's sad as a franchise, that the first thought when a player is doing well, is to trade him and get something else.. it's like players having a wide open layup but kick it out to the 3pt line.. ugh.. the core of Ball, Terry and Hayward is super solid.. finding a center and figuring out if PJ has reached his max-potential are key.. if we can keep Graham and Monk on team friendly deal
  9. they knew we were decent playoff team and came out with a playoff intensity.. we came out thinking this was any other normal regular season game and it showed.. we weren't ready.. they tested us and we failed the test plain and simple
  10. if ANY topic deserved more than 1 thread, in multiple sections - this is it...
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