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  1. My son and I will be in the house- First time flying to Charlotte to see a game with the Home Team!!! Have seen far too many games in FedEx or M&T Stadium.. finally will be surrounded by the rest of you sickos.. Any advice - getting in on saturday and leaving monday...
  2. Agree with this - but GM is more than just making moves.. it's handling the roster and the way Nipple-Shorts did D.Will, Smitty, J.No24 cannot be overlooked.. he pissed fans and players off with how he moved and players on other teams saw that.. he might have had some good drafts and brought in some decent vets but leveraged our future at the same time and we paid dearly for it..
  3. I know it's a lil short but enjoy.... (that's what he said) lol
  4. being from DMV area, I've seen many Panthers games at Skins and Ravens stadiums.. this year is the first time i put the $$ together to fly down, hotel and see a game.. Bryce v Stroud is the one my son and I picked.. LFG!!!!
  5. it's done.. J.Cole is part of new ownership too..
  6. yeah - wouldn't want to replicate 10 sacks a season.. better go with an edge setter jk jk lmao.. im just messin w/you.. all luv
  7. Hurts and Allen are on par with Burrow.. all of them are great but a step below Mahomes.. Stafford has a recent ring and Lamar hasn't even been in an AFC Championship.. Rogers hasn't been good in 2 years but is still not doubt a good QB.. Glad you have your opinion..
  8. yeah.. this past season really hurt their stock for me but you are probably right..
  9. I did the AFC first and realized there is no one on the Mahomes level in the NFC.. Thoughts?
  10. will Chark be a Panther by the time the press conference starts?
  11. Wish him nothing but the best.. How much of his production was him vs our Oline? I ask cus Chubba and Black looked the best they ever have too..
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