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  1. Sooo - let's force someone to come here by giving up multiple assets? Are we going to operate that no one wants to come here, ever..?
  2. that is.. just.. bad - and impossible Malik Monk is a RFA and we need him to sign his qualifying offer of around $7m for this season - then he would be a UFA next year. He said in season ending interviews that "he wants to be wanted" - which I take as he wants a long term deal. He doesn't want another 'prove it to us' season. IMO, if he doesn't want to play on the $7m offer - then you let him walk. We can't trade Graham - he is a UFA. We need to decide if he is the backup PG we want to pair with Lamelo. Looking at the crop of free agent PGs - I don't see anyone truly better than Grah
  3. Honorable Mentions: Jarrett Allen (RFA) - Cleveland gave up a 1st Rnd pick to get him in the trade with HOU/BRK for Harden. We would have to throw Max $$ to him and cross our fingers that CLE doesn't match - which they 100% would. It ain't happening. Mitchell Robinson (RFA) - Coming off a fractured foot - Knicks will most definitely exercise their option to retain him. Zach Collins (RFA) - Injured his ankle in the Bubble and never returned after the short offseason OR all year. Had a 2nd surgery on the ankle. Portland could have really used him during the playoffs and he never saw the fl
  4. I'd rather grab someone in FA than have to give up assets to aquire our featured bigman: Holmes, Jarrett, Drummond, Noel
  5. damn - thoughts are with his family right now..
  6. wow.. I have interacted with him on Twitter concerning the Hornets quite a bit.. very sad to hear and thoughts are with the family..
  7. Theis is someone I think we could get as the backup Center.. Grab a starting Center for the future (Holmes, Allen, Turner???) and then get a quality backup like Theis on the cheap
  8. JB is good and has overachieved but has fallen short in big games.. has to prove next year he can get them ready and show ability to coach in crunchtime.. Kind of a "prove it to me" year for him.. because if we underachieve and miss the playoffs again - he will be gone
  9. Turner would be a great 'get' but we would have to give up assets to get him.. probably PJ and a 1st.. I would much rather grab one of the Bigs in FA - Holmes is the one I salivate over.. then we are just throwing Zeller's expiring salary at him.. He supposedly wants a $20m @ year contract but I don't know if teams are willing to go that high.. $13-15m is doable for me and should be for the Hornets
  10. my heart literally sank reading that.. prayers for the Olsen fam..
  11. never seen a post match the poster's name so well.. kudos
  12. OP said he has started every game for WAS since 2015... so either him or you are lying.. also - im not interested enough to fact check - so fug you both..
  13. If Melo can add some bulk - WOW - he will be a force going to the basket.. I love his body control and the way he would not shy away from the contact - but rather lean into the defenders, bounce off them and still have the control to finish.. it wasn't bully-ball LeBron move - more like a PG13 strong-finesse move.. and even if he didn't finish, he can knock down clutch FTs (76%).. that is music to my ears.. it's why I always say "In Mitch I Trust".. as frustrating as a season this was and pissed that we didn't obtain a center at the deadline - or truly make the playoffs - I under
  14. After we beat the Cards to make it to the Super Bowl and Jim Nance is interviewing players before we are awarded the NFC trophy.. he gets to Cam and gives some long drawn out question hoping for Cam to answer.. the mic is put in front of Cam and all he says is "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" - and the crowd goes crazy... i smile just thinking about it and obvi: X-Clown vs STL Deshaun's run vs PHI Olsen's catch vs SEA Rosario's catch vs SD not so obvi: Tre Boston's Pick 6 vs ATL to put us in the playoffs Guy falling on the field after Luke's Pick 6 vs SEA Norman's game sav
  15. [GEEEEZUZ.. I didn't realize I wrote this much but if you give it the time - I appreciate it..] After an frustrating but very exciting at times season - it's time to do what we Hornets fans are best at - looking forward to the future and assess the current roster and figure out where we need to improve and what dead weight we can get rid or and if there are any splash trades that could be in the works. Before we get started - let me quickly break down what happened this year: We drafted Ball who turned out to be far better than any of us imagined and signed an Allstar caliber player
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