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  1. So we currently have played 8 Back-to-Backs (B2B). We have lost the 2nd game of every B2B we have played: Oct 24: @BRK - W Oct 25: BOS - L Oct 31: POR - W Nov 1: CLE - L Nov 7: @LAC - L Nov 8: @LAL - L Nov 19: IND - W Nov 20: @ATL - L Nov 26: MIN - W Nov 27: @HOU - L Dec 5: @ATL - W Dec 6: PHI - L Dec 19: @PHO - L Dec 20: @UTH - L Jan 2: PHO - L Jan 3: @WASH - L Now we will play 6 more B2Bs the rest of the season: Jan 25: @TOR Jan 26: @IND Feb 11: @DET Feb 12: MEM - #3 in West Feb 27: DET Feb 28: @MIL - #4 in East Mar 8: BRK - #2 in East Mar 9: BOS Mar 27: @BRK - #2 in East Mar 28: DEN - #6 in West Apr 7: ORL Apr 8: @CHI - #3 in East This upcoming B2B against TOR/IND might be out best chance at winning both sides of a B2B the rest of the way through the season.
  2. Oubre was HUGE off the bench because Hayward wasn't getting his buckets.. Gordon seemed that he was tired trying to keep Tatum locked up..
  3. the combo of Mitch and JB is one of the best in the league.. like @toldozer said - we have chosen some late round gems and developed a ton of young talent under this coaching staff.. it is what gives me hope in the future about Bouknight and Kai.. i dont think we need to sell the farm to get a legit center because in a year - Kai might be ready to contribute.. in 2 years, i expect him to be a problem for other teams.. PG: Ball - *** SG: Rozier - Martin SF: Hayward - Oubre PF: Bridges - McD C; Plumlee - PJ Closely behind upgrading the Center position - the backup PG spot is a role i think we might want to get some help before the deadline.. Ish is usually solid off the bench, but JB doesn't have him in the regular rotation because of his size/defense
  4. with the stats Miles is putting up - he is looking at a Jaylen Brown deal @ $24-28m with what Cody Martin is doing - he is looking at a Jeremy Lamb deal @ $6-12m 2022-23 NBA salary cap = $119m 2022-23 CHA contracts = $115m We will have to move some salary to keep Miles + Martin.. Look for some combo of Hayward ($30) Plumlee ($9) Ish ($4.5) PJ ($4) Vern ($2) to get moved.. oh and next year will be the last year of $9m going to Batum..
  5. tears.. yeah - obviously looking back we were pissing away the year - but its about the mindset.. we were operating for half a year that we were playoff contenders.. we obviously were one of the bottom 3 teams.. now we hand no hope for playoffs and can operate honestly.. true that Rhule could make moves to put us in an even deeper hole.. hopefully Fitts has the true control and makes moves for the future - not the 2022 season
  6. yep.. Last year, like many, I was on the fence and honestly didn't know if we were going to be good-decent-or awful.. I don't think the team knew either and we all were looking at the moves we were making with rose colored glasses.. now that we know its all gone to sh*t - we can start the process of digging out of it.. even with this clown as our HC.. start the process of shedding bad $$ and obtaining draft stock and gathering real assets.. we just gonna throw a year away to right the ship.. I, for one, and happy to know i dont have to worry about this team for an entire season.. giving me back my sanity
  7. I never argued he was worth the $$ - or that he could shoot.. I just gave their career stats because u made the comparison but they are simply not comparable.. Simmons is far superior to MKG in passing and every other stat
  8. after comparing Ben vs MKG - I can't believe we gave MKG anything over $5m @ year... Cho was the WORST!!!!
  9. MKG = 8.4 ppg Ben = 16 ppg MKG = 1.2 apg Ben = 7.7 apg MKG = 5.4 rpg Ben = 8.1 rpg Simmons has caught so much sh*t this year people forget he is a 3x All Star.. ya'll trippin..
  10. the Defense is starting to look serviceable.. That is what is going to take us to another level..
  11. Do I want to upgrade the Center position? absolutely!! Is Tacko going to do that? probably not.. It's weird - We really need help at the C position but we have a ton of potential waiting in the wings.. Nick Richards can give us some minutes but by no means is a starter or 15mins a night guy.. Kai Jones is the one we are all hoping the project starts to come together sooner rather than later.. Vern and Thor too.. throw in Plumlee and PJ and you are 6 players deep at a position - but in reality - you have about 1.5 guys
  12. Preseason: 3-0 Start: Mid-Season: Cam's Return: Late Season: End of Season: but Rhule be like: and we all here like: /thread
  13. So we just beat the Reigning Champion Bucks in back-to-back games and everyone is feeling good.. Time to celebrate.. but wait We play Philly in Philly on Wednesday.. But after that we have a streak of "winnable" - "very winnable" games for about a month leading up to Allstar Weekend.. ORL @NYK - Oubre should be back @BOS OKC ATL @TOR @IND LAL LAC @BOS CLE MIA TOR CHI @DET MEM @MIN MIA Looking over this stretch of 18 games, I see a lot of potential.. we could come out something like 13-5 So enjoy the next few weeks - cus this stretch could really make our season if we lock in
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