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  1. Could probably play him at LB given the injuries. :) He'd probably even make a good official or groundsman. Anywhere on the field.
  2. I can't stop watching that GIF of Cam's TD throw to Dickson. Unbelievable throw.
  3. What a find! Another one the G-man has pulled from nowhere!
  4. Cam on Ted Ginn after awful drop earlier in the season: "9 times out of 10 I'm going straight back to him".
  5. But...but...but...Olsen is our only passing threat...
  6. Rain! Was great being there though. Amazing being in a loud block with everyone standing around you, then seeing every other block looking and sounding the same.
  7. I have felt this in the last few minutes of every final quarter this season. Usually Norman then makes a big play right on cue.
  8. Impressive drive. Tip my hat off to Shula. You look at that touchdown and you see the likes of Olsen and Tolbert blocking and you have to believe we're still a red zone threat at short yardage and goal. The running game is alive.
  9. I was just trying to post "I smell a 3-and-out" but I'm too slow a typer for this defends.
  10. Good to see a team worse than us conceding penalties.
  11. What were we saying? Trust the secondary to come up ONCE AGAIN in a 4th quarter turnover to pretty much secure the win.
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