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  1. I mean let’s be real: there should be no sports period, right now. But C.R.E.A.Men in suits so the games will go on and they’ll just deal with every interruption possible. Until an executive order shuts them down.
  2. Daaaaaaang. I wish we could go back and postpone game 2. this is a bummer. Hoping for more details soon.
  3. Can you healthy scratch someone and call up a taxi squadder? I am not sure how that works...
  4. Yea. It really irritates me that the refs dont scoop and toss once the play goes away from them.
  5. Listen, I'm not a huge analytics guy but I think Skjei might be a negative +/- tonight.
  6. What a quick whistle. Canes would never get that.
  7. Carolina sports teams and letting the opposing team back in, the Old North special.
  8. Canes are clicking now, boys. Coincidence that it comes when Svech is playing with Seabass? I don't think so. Nothing prettier than watching Svech push up ice, moving so fast that his jersey is billowing behind him.
  9. Oh, Mike... "Bumpin and grindin, sometimes they say there aint nothing wrong with that."
  10. right on queue, a Skjei turnover leads to a shot and subsequent canes penalty.
  11. Refs will be looking to call a penalty here, Canes have to say clean.
  12. Preds have been shot blocking the Canes at every turn tonight, and the post is keeping the Preds off the board.
  13. Canes are missing Staal's netfront presence too.
  14. Svech is just...inhuman. Like...he makes it look so easy. INCREDIBLE.
  15. Super nice play there, with Foegele oh so close to directing one in.
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