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  1. Nah, OL was getting punished by the 3/4 quarter. Moron was getting run over which lead to a lot of the batted balls. Defense was better as a unit but once again no adjustments and play calling was trash after the half.
  2. It would be a better situation yes. But how much of the coaching staff would exodus with Rhule? We know Snow would, is there someone on the offense staff that could fill in if McAdoo was let go too?
  3. Off-season or or playoff elimination. Though he could fire during the season with Steve Wilks and Ben in place this year and not have a complete coaching exodus.
  4. The defense didn’t come around. We are stuck in the exact same problem as the past two years. Opposing offenses adjust in the second half, or if I suspect they just play a ruse during the first half and torch our D during the second.
  5. Oh only L’s are the wins this season. If Tepper has the balls to get rid of Rhule. Which I’m beginning to think he doesn’t.
  6. Frankly he started going down hill last year and still hasn’t gotten over the sophomore slump.
  7. All part of Teppers plan to get rid of “keep pounding”.
  8. The defense is really not good. Without luvu id hate to see where they are at. And it’s not the talent. It’s the fuging play calling. Snow flat out sucks.
  9. I missed the game, did we not play Pesce and Skjei? I assume it was just to get some looks at other pairings if so?
  10. Maybe he’s saving it for the season starter. I don’t want to ask someone to divulge their personal life. But do want to make sure he’s ok and all that as a big fan of his.
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