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  1. But we could use the playoff cheat code every Stanley Cup winner has used since TB won after the bubble year.
  2. Plus the bruising from 100 mile pucks being slung at you 30 times a night.
  3. Huh, I missed that. I don’t imagine us moving anything if Freddie is coming back. Maybe people in the building are just being hopeful but man, blood thinners are a professional athlete killer.
  4. That basically confirms to me we aren’t getting Freddie back for the foreseeable future if at all. ~5 million is our max number if we can move Raanta without dealing another piece.
  5. Ya Freddie kept us level. This is why I really wish we would have given Halak at least a game or two to see if he’s any better than what we have. The NHL has figured our goalies out.
  6. It’s always questionable… we just don’t got Freddie to fall back on now. Plus Freddie was up to 2 goals a game.
  7. While I appreciate the sentiment… most of his -10 is him getting caught on a line change and not picking up his assignment. That’s why KK or TT/Svech should be the pressure on line changes. But that feeds into Necas getting caught deep and fuging up the rotation.
  8. Good choice. I was thinking him still won’t know until preskate though.
  9. Ya the coke dealing in the locker room is sounding more and more likely.
  10. Ya dude. Bunts should be on one. Svech on 2 and Necas on 4.
  11. Fair. I just got this inkling Necas is regression. Buy low and sell high. My main basis is defense. He’s may have 14 points but he’s a -10. His recent freeze up’s aside too.
  12. He cleared waivers though… he needs to keep practicing the system. There will come a time he’s needed when one of our top 6 gets dinged up and he needs to be ready to jump in on That line. He may be a trade deadline candidate to a competitor. Honestly, I love the dude but I’d be shopping Necas right now. He’s lost most of the time on both offense and defense. Guess not having Abby to bang has really brought his game down. Wait did I say that out loud?
  13. Here’s the full rundown. Seems Rod is basically set in keeping the Orlov/Chatty line solid. Orlov has definitely hit his stride over the past couple games. I think give it maybe a month more and he’s going to start turning lethal now that he’s understanding the man system defensively. Aka burns last year.
  14. Lemieux is easily the new “Stepan”. Doesn’t play a lot but when he’s in and on he’s going to get us 1 a game. I did guess he’d get a goal… it just wasn’t the first one. I should have been thinking rationally Bunts on one basically guarantee’s him one a game too.
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