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  1. Ya he played solid last night. Got a couple lucky bounces for sure but he didn’t fall into his bad habits and had excellent blocker hand play.
  2. Balls. Was hoping the panthers would lock this game damn.
  3. Agreed. I don’t think he was prepared for a Svech fight... cause it’s Svech. This period or next game though. I would not be surprised if the gloves drop again.
  4. Ya. Too bad Ekholm went down early and the refs stopped.
  5. He got ekholm to his knees before he could even take his gloves off
  6. First reg goal from Svech in what? 2 months. Please tell me this is a stepping stone.
  7. I like too that he isn’t just like big hits but takes care if he has a guy on the board to “gently” tap them in the boards throw their placement off, and wear them down ala trenches in football style. Nothing worthy of a penalty but that grind game. Most of our guys are one hit and done. His big hits are also yes please cause everyone else we field on defense is finesse. It’s nice to see some brute force mixed in. Especially with the rook.
  8. It was 4v4 so both sides got called for something I’m extremely confused.
  9. I think after Aho, Fast is probably our nicest player.
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