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  1. First USA women's Olympic gold in Taekwondo. Was a pretty epic match.
  2. Again, it’s this is not the signal of a rebuild. None of these players on face value will be playing for this team in 1-4 seasons at least. The only ones I could see getting a shot at the roster this season or next are the two Fins we took in the second round. This isn’t the NFL where all these guys are looking at a roster spot this season. Our core is still completely intact. Minus the obvious dougie, Martinook, McGinn, Svech contracts this off-season. I bet we’ll see Jarvis make his debut too. Everyone is really high on him. That leaves us with only a few holes to plug. If
  3. And the rookie of the year from finland(RW) little smaller, comparisons were drawn to ago.
  4. Didn’t see a thread anywhere so I figured this is probably the best spot to start one. So far China is pulling it in followed by the ROK.
  5. True that but even if you trade it for later capital, better to get a return on investment.
  6. Everything tells me we are going to go short term high value as soon as free agency drops.
  7. I worry most that he’s more of a dougie. The more offensive chance he gets the more he forgets his a defensemen. Couple that with the fact he was basically getting rag dolled on our boards defensively…
  8. This could be a very strong indicator of Dougie coming back too if we are willing to give bean up.
  9. Nah, it’s pretty obvious they felt ned was still a project and would probably be backing up whoever we bring in. Ned probably didn’t want to play backup. It’s not a rebuild unless you see Aho, Tro, Foegs, Slavin, staal, etc jumping ship. We a stupidly good core. My biggest worries is getting Svech resigned and bring Haakanpaa back. We get those two things done I’ll be happy with what ever direction we go. Though I’d like to see McGinn and Marty back too.
  10. Clearing would be cap space for big time imports this off-season. We are going cup or broke. To further I think the mentality is to forego developing players and surround our stupidly good base with fully developed talent. I think bean and Ned both deserved firsts though. If we could have loaded up on first and then gone win or die by the time that experiment is successful or not those first would be ready for NHL play. Im thinking Carolina thought bean was a lock in Seattle for sure, so they didn’t have him as part of the UFA scheme. I expect to see a flurry of a
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