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  1. We have to get our power play back in shape. Puck luck and a smart goalie aside, if we can win special teams we ain’t being Tampa.
  2. We were playing at 70-80% today, letting the rangers gas themselves. Let’s see how game 4 goes.
  3. That icing call was BS. The puck wasn’t even passed the red dot and he still picked it up.
  4. I mean when you have a stick basically falling on your head it’s kinda hard to figure out where the puck is if you can’t see it.
  5. We need to pick a fight. Idk who but we need to bruise the rangers.
  6. TDA needs to pick a fight and win it. If not for this game for game 4.
  7. He held up cause of TDA’s hands being slashed. Raanta didn’t get the memo that the refs won’t call poo. Also he probably didn’t expect a stick to fly in front of his face. I’m not calling Raanta for that one.
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