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  1. What the actual fug is going on. Hockey players playing on a golf course!?
  2. They also double their points allowed when he became coach, forgive me for not remembering the exact figures off hand but I think it was 449 over 227 or something to that affect. That’s a big difference.
  3. Since the forum is all the rage on QB’s look at his tenure as a HC. Absolutely porous defense, though I don’t know how much of that can be attributed to him. Perhaps with the base pieces he can do better here. Also like Rhule he tends to collapse late season. When football matters most. I’m hopefully we are going to get some fun(win filled) football next season but I don’t have my hopes up.
  4. And don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking Reich, at this point I’m just happy to be rid of Rhule. Just pointing out trends that could negatively affect his time here. I’d like a Rod Brind’Amour style coach here. But we are a few “football” generations out on that yet.
  5. QB Carousel. To start. His other big on paper deficiencies are more Rivera style.
  6. Let’s break this down step by step, not personality, How many QB’s did Reich coach during the colts?
  7. I’m willing to give Reich a season, maybe two. But he sure he’s have a lot of the same earmarks as Rhule.
  8. One of my biggest issues with Reich is he did the exact same thing as Rhule, in respect to QB’s, with the Colts. I really hope he brings in offense staff that can find the right gem among the stones, and build an offense around them here. Offensive coaches, even good offensive coaches are a dime a dozen around the league. Real, good coaches. Not so much.
  9. if it was Payton I’d be worried. Current staff less so but still way better than most people are floating around here.
  10. I know everyone wants to get rid of turbo but Aho plays better with Turbo on the ice. And turbo may not be as good of a scorer as we want but he’s finesse.
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