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  1. Eh I’d rather see a real high flying offensive match that ends in a crushing defeat for Dallas.
  2. Ya… not sure how I feel about that first word. I guess this means no Sherman?
  3. Mmm Arnold has been a favorite target of Darnold. Not sure how I feel about this. Would much rather be targeting Sherman where we don’t have to give up an asset.
  4. It’s good to have the long break hopefully they been working with the guys getting cramps and tweaks over the weekend to get their conditioning up.
  5. Honest the more I look at this it is a failure from top to bottom. Coaches left a horrible blocking scheme on an excellent blitz 65 thought he had chip help from either Paradis or a RB. RB thought it was a pitch into the flat. Paradis’s original man dropped and instead of staying in his gap Paradis decided to help where help wasn’t needed unless it was a pitch to the running back. 72 almost actually saved the day if he had gotten over just a little more.
  6. Paradis on the wrong side of his gap and they took 65 out into space completely leaving the A open. A smart experienced RB would have adjusted there without being told but it looks like he was a pitch option.
  7. They looked decent. NE looked like trash though.
  8. If he is really serious about fixing what ever is troubling I guarantee you that’s going to be one of the things his therapist has him do. It’s important do-diligence by any NFL team right now. And it absolutely is his wife’s business. They are married.
  9. Having that Seattle connection too might help. But bucks have championship power… and of course Seattle as the home team. This is gonna be interesting.
  10. No I agree. I misused the word public. I meant public as in something the panthers would be privy to not us as the general public as a criteria.
  11. Not for us or anyone else in the public. I’m saying an apology to his father-in-law(or who ever took the brunt of that night) and a public(or private but at least on the panthers radar) acceptance of that apology. For instance if his father-in-law tells the panthers hey we are working through it I’m ok with him playing for you guys from my end. I feel like that would be an appropriate check mark to at least bring him in on condition. I don’t know where his court cases are so I can’t speak to that.
  12. Good. I want to see a verbal public apology accepted by his wife and her family before we make any move but if they do I’m ok with bringing him in on conditions.
  13. Marijuana it sounds like from the article but since you can’t be suspended for Marijuana now that does make you wonder if it was something like PEDs or hard drugs.
  14. Perhaps that’s why the NFL sent a tester that wouldn’t be easily bribed.
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