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  1. Which one? No idea who’s even in net for them. They had like 5 goalies in the regular season.
  2. We did not match up well against Vegas this year so sadly you may be right. That said I think if we had gotten to the cup we would have won it.
  3. Just how they are dancing around not not committing to giving our young prodigy the reps during camp.(mind you I haven’t really paid attention since just after the draft as the canes were playoffing until last week so if the coaches have said otherwise I missed it). I worry about daltons ability to stay healthy. I really think Young is a first year into the fire QB and I don’t want to see us dancing around the subject. Like I said there is a good chance I missed something. Just can’t shake that feeling.
  4. fuging Hurney… finally getting rid of the last demons. I like Shaq, he’s no star but he definitely can play when the scheme is good(it was not under Rhule).
  5. I hope we dominate this year. I feel like we will(especially with our coaching staffs track record) but I have a nagging suspicion otherwise, not a big one by any means, there’s just something that keeps nagging me out the messaging on QB’s so far. Next year we will be getting a division title for sure.
  6. Ya. Ditto. I can get behind Seattle. I’m having issues even wanting to root for Vegas and screw Florida refs have had their back this entire playoff. I swear if the cup ends up in the state of Florida again…
  7. Why couldn’t it be Seattle instead of Vegas. Sigh.
  8. Pff. Both teams lose so many players the runners up have to play for the cup. This is the only way.
  9. Hopefully but I also personally don’t want to tie Svech to Aho. You could see Aho struggling without him late in the season and in the playoffs when Jarvis(plus which ever other guy) doesn’t draw the same attention as Svech + TT. Svech is a beast on his own though(and getting better every day, besides his lower body issues), he’s better in our scheme on a 2-3 line. Where he can just beast out.
  10. He does in the regular season but not every game. That’s when the assist man comes in. Playoffs he needs a feed man, he’s too concerned with doing his other jobs.
  11. I doubt marner will fit rods system and I do not want to give up Niki. Plus he has a blanket no trade so he’d have to want to come here knowing that we’d most likely not resign him in two seasons.
  12. Nope. Don’t want. I’d rather keep Necas and Nikishin. I’d give them a first this year. This first round is stupidly deep. Even at our position we’re still going to get a solid bet.
  13. After look at the roster more completely. We really should try and extend Chatfield this offseason then have to worry about him on top of everyone else next year too.
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