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  1. So where’s Tepper going to move the team to?
  2. Looks like Feb 16th vs the Panthers was flexed national.
  3. Ya not the ending I would have picked. There was only one correct ending and they didn’t pick it.
  4. I’m actually ok with them moving the Pittsburgh game. It means we won’t have a back go back and 4 games in 6 days to end the season. Plus now we end the season at home.
  5. The most ridiculous part is we are still scheduled to have the entire Olympic break off so far. Hopefully we will be able to fill some gaps there. Though a lot of the games aren’t at PNC. So we are really looking at 40 games in 60 days. It’s absurd.
  6. When Stepan is your first star, you know you had a good night.
  7. Fuggg… 35/36. Slavin has been itching to get on the ice. Holy poo.
  8. Beautiful pitch forward from Slavin on the jump up to TT.
  9. I swear to what ever you consider holy if we were to hire Chip all of my prophecies would have come to fruition. Too bad he’s basically already coaching this team.
  10. Gonna be a tough game tonight with the O’Ree jersey retirement energy too. Hell of a piece, I presume the bruins, put together.
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