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  1. Starting to see some meshing going on this game. Nice. Still curious why we pulled TT though.
  2. Fug our lines going to mess. Wtf are they sitting on TT for.
  3. Is TT hurt? Apparently they benched him for something?
  4. There we go. Aho finally on the board this season.
  5. Ya not giving our defense a pass there. They let him way too far behind them but that looked a little iffy from that one angle.
  6. And just like that our defense got sloppy as fug.
  7. Ok let’s make something out of our first real PP this game.
  8. Nope, it seems the atlantic is the the go to these days. You know there was that one guy... Igo or some that had good (article style) takes many moons ago too.
  9. This looks worlds better than game one or two. Actually seeing some finesse footwork and steals in their zone close to the blue line.
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