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  1. @Stumpy I need that pelvic thrust from windows95man as a gif with Aho’s face.
  2. This was the goal. That jump by Noesen. Just imagine if we had Fasty in the bumper retrieval spot.
  3. Also I don’t care what it costs(Jarvis and chatty excluded of course) anybody else, keep skjei. That video of Aho and TT getting to skjei on the PP goal first was impeccable.
  4. So can the league just suspend this tool for 3 games?
  5. Yep, it’s gonna have to be a less than 2 goal game by Freddie I feel like. Preferably a Freddie shoutout.
  6. Fug #causechaos… never liked it anyways. #noexpectations #nextgameup.
  7. So the canes were just pretending to be bad on the PP to have our PP goal culminate a rangers streak broken, shisterkin 4 goal streak broken and 0 for on the power play all in one goal, right?
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