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  1. it was. And the headquarters is still in W-S, too. I don't know why these yahoos think it was originally in Wofford. Maybe they mean the first store in Spartanburg?
  2. That is a big dude. His shoulders look like he wearing WoW pauldrons.
  3. Did God also tell him to divorce his first wife?
  4. Can I get in on that settlers game or is it over?
  5. 1 Ben Simmons please. Don't even care about our PF Log Jam.
  6. Positives: Frank has good taste in clothing. That shirt has a girls ass on it.
  7. Positives: between Cam and Frank, Charlotte now houses the faces of Belk and JC Penny. http://youtu.be/U--j8_labek
  8. That one time that they uh...well then there was the time that Cho...hang on. Oh yea! Don't forget about that deal that... I got nothing.
  9. There's no way the Hornets draft Kaminsky. Are they planning on playing him and Al at the 4 and 5? I could score in the paint on those 2. The Warriors would come to town and they would even bother shooting 3. They would just feed the post all day and score at will on Al and Frank.
  10. Interesting. I've never been in there (last time I checked they required a "membership"). I prefer to hoop and hollar in the privacy of my living room, anyway. But they're listed as a place to watch Panther games.
  11. Wait. Really? It's suppose to be a Panther's friendly bar...
  12. Then I'll piggy back on your hard work and at the end of the blog I'll write a review of one of our fine restaurant and if you should watch a game there (the answer will be "No" everytime except for the one time I write about Stumble Stilskins).
  13. You could title your blog "Growlin' from Greensboro". We need someone to rep the 336.
  14. La'el Collins gets drafted today.
  15. I think this is cool. I don't have the time or talent to make it look pretty but...
  16. Peat looked so out of shape at the combine...that's a huge concern for me. How do you show up to the biggest job interview of your life, at time when you should be in the best shape of your life, and get winded so easily...
  17. How do we find out if spots are open/open up for the pools/cabanas?
  18. I got to spend a evening with Luke's dad, Luke and his girlfriend last season. Things may have progressed since then.
  19. Can I be your camera boy? I'll work for free on Sundays but I get to listen in to all the conversations you have behind the scenes.
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