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  1. Not a trade, but Lucas Wallmark got placed on waivers - he was an awesome fit with the Canes and could make sense for center depth.
  2. big one tonight! let's show tampa we mean business
  3. They keep going for the 5 hole, its not working. Hope the offense can heat up in the second.
  4. I don't like the late Turbo scratch. Hopefully we can eek out a win.
  5. Imagine this team when we get Petr back and Aho + Svech heat up more
  6. gave you some pie for your trouble! I like the trade so far - a little cap space and a true, gritty fourth line center who can make the team deeper. Having won a cup helps too!
  7. Paquette has some potential, don't know a lot about Galchenyuk. Did not seem like Dzingel was the best fit but was having a good year.
  8. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/petr-mrazek-returns-for-first-skate-since-surgery/c-321302858
  9. Great episode of this podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tom-dundon-carolina-hurricanes-owner/id1292603914?i=1000507668574 The higlights: Has not spent as much time in Raleigh as he used to when he first bought the team, trusts the front office to do their jobs Initially was with the team a ton to shake up the culture on the hockey and business side Implies that hiring Rod was one of his best decisions Really wanted to improve the facilities - especially the locker room and practice facility (new one just opened up in Morrisville) had STRONG praise for assistant GM Eric Tulksy, one of the better analytics minds in hockey He would be "crushed" if Andrei Svechnikov signed elsewhere GM Don Waddell is working on extensions right now Lots of other good bits, but that was the key stuff
  10. thought this was pretty interesting, never knew the backstory of his pregame screams
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