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  1. what a goal. Skate to stick beauty.
  2. Its a rout. Canes needed a game to put some juice into their offensive game. Hopefully this is a get right game.
  3. Lock him up now because his numbers will only improve once we get an actual QB.
  4. Philly just cross checking Fast in the corner to their heart's content. Refs turning a blind eye. Refs decide to call something once Fast pushes back. Makes sense.
  5. I saw something that said he has more goals than anyone on the Canadiens.
  6. Come oh, Aho.... everyone knows youre going backhand, forehand, 5 hole on a breakaway. Do something else....
  7. Get effed, Florida. Good things happen when Turbo shoots.
  8. Boys. Canes are taking TOP TIER TEAMS TO THE WOODSHED.
  9. Well at the least game ended before it got out of hand. OH WAIT. THERES 2 MORE PERIODS!
  10. Keep it up! Disappointing to see the streak end, but it had to at some point.
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