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  1. A Roller coaster..... I remember thinking it was over so many times and then two OTs down and 89 takes a slant 69 yards for the win.
  2. I was throw out of the stadium in the middle of the third because a nines fan behind me hosed five people in my row with beer and I *drunkenly dropped the gloves* only game I've been to that I didn't stay until the end....
  3. 2013 Vs the Niners was rigged af too hence why they ate my most hated.
  4. Anther great one Luke got the craziest of all no calls on Gronk to clinch that.... Anther honorable mention 2008 MNF Vs the Buccaneers aka the game that got Gruden fired the 302 yard rushing game and Stewie breaking Ronde.
  5. The brief pause and almost no one leaving for shelter... No wine and cheesers that day.... literally rocking the stadium.
  6. actually this is the same game @therealmjl just mentioned.... I was there too ive been lucky over the years to go to some great ones.
  7. The Rain game.... TD and Luke had great INTs on the day as well.....I remember Ginn setting that up... And the delay from thunderstorms.
  8. I'll go ahead and state my least favorite as well... In order. 1.SB 50 2.2013 Divisional Playoffs 3. 2008 Divisional Playoffs. Oddly enough the sting of SB 38 still hurts but I can't bring myself to call it a bad game we clawed to the end.... The three listed above we went down with a whimper.
  9. I was at the 15" championship the game was never in doubt from Cam rumbling on the first drive to Luke going for six... Blowouts will never have the same place in my heart as Cardiac pyrric victories.
  10. For those who are more recent additions to the fans that would be the 2004 divisional playoffs were agent #89 sent the Rams home in triple OT...
  11. Bakers Job seriously should be announced today.
  12. This is only announced now so he can have a farce competition for LG between BC and MJ.... even though it's bleedingly obvious BC is the starter.
  13. The bleeding sarcasm in this because we gave up a second is apparent.... The dumbest part was exercising his option.
  14. Yeah I still find it odd he had that spaz anti Baker thing in the early off season a one truck pony deep threat WR should love a QB whose one big trick is chucking it deep.
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