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  1. We need to end it in five and hope Florida pulls one out tonight.... its not surprising that our PP has been sh*t since TDA was injured back in the RG season.... and since then we have had almost no time to practice.
  2. He will disappear he he's just mad no one replied to his negativity during the game.
  3. Nope not a chance.... he was only at 13 for the entire regular season..... Even for an elite goalie that's completely unsustainable.
  4. The show up for the playoffs and b*tch crowd should really stay in the Panthers forum.
  5. The idea is realistically to steal one of the two when you're up 2-1..... I still think we take this series in five....
  6. Road losses may also have to do with the fact we have been up 2-0 in both series.
  7. I'm mainly speaking of the Iceing calls and no calls.... those are gimmes.
  8. We do start the 3rd with a good amount of PP time best time to have it IMO with fresh ice.
  9. These little no calls are what have me convinced the refs are trying to keep them in the game.
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