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  1. This sums up how I feel about it almost perfectly, Jarvis has superstar potential and Suzuki is anther good F in the pipeline, Necas has not peaked either IMO. The Ned move is puzzling to say the least and is my only true dissapointment.
  2. Moton is an elite RT, given a TC and pre season at LT I think he would be at a minimum above average given anyone else will be a trainwreck on the blindside I hope ends up there.
  3. The max value of his arbitration is 4.5 million.... a figure we pretty much paid Mrazek and Reimer last season.... he isnt going anywhere this season.
  4. Generally it pro rates a base salary into a bonus, which has an equal cap hit over the remainder of the deal.
  5. A lot of people do not seem to understand that 99% of the time a restructure isn't a pay cut.
  6. I had a huge brainfart on Peppers even though I saw him on the list, and yeah he will be elligible a year before LK they are both first ballot guys IMO.
  7. LK will get in before any of the others... First ballot
  8. People in this thread saying "postion change" make it obvious they do not understand what they were watching Chinn took the majority of his snaps at S.
  9. Its a late rounder they are all a dice roll at that point, Its not like we are the Raiders drafting a kicker in the first.
  10. Expecting Donald is a fools errand there are maybe 4-5 guys on that level in NFL history.
  11. Has a full season starter ever gone without one? A qb is going to throw a few picks even the highest level MVPs throw 5-6.
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