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  1. Factual but we also didn't have to play without more than 2 stars missing at any given time. Its fair to say that 5 legit stars are out tonight, In a game that we had little motivation to win to begin with. I digress, I will be back for game one irrelevant games aren't going to get me upset.
  2. That's also my point, I don't think this gives them "real" momentum half of the guys on the ice are d leaguers and we had little to play for to begin with.
  3. There are a multitude of examples not just in the NHL but throughout professional sports that this simply isn't true, for all the talk of "momentum" Score first game one and that's it for it.
  4. Meaningless game and with this lineup of taxi squaders not surprising.
  5. Rod is notoriously tight lipped "hoping day to day" and no injury report. He also said he doubts TT would play the day he returned.
  6. Resting a lot of guys tonight, As I expected also Slavin isn't even on the injury report pulling him the other night appears to have been purely precautionary....
  7. This is why tonight was meaningless Is it worth loosing a guy like Slavin for the playoffs? I know what PC means, we have it for three rounds already.
  8. Realistically? I don't think Dallas was too much I was speaking of conserving energy for the long haul, If we pick up a point only Vegas will have Home ice.... luckily only one of them will make round 3.... no guarentee they make the finals, we are locked in on home ice for the first three rounds.
  9. If Slavin does turn out to be precautionary like I'm seeing, It should also be noted that he 95% stops their first goal.
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