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  1. Quoting a game vs a bottom 5 Seahawks defense on there third string FS.
  2. Agreed This is what I was getting at, I don't know how wise it would be to invest picks in a large Mauling RT to play LT while wanting a huge payday.
  3. Am I the only one who doesn't think Brown isn't a high level LT? and Moton is a better RT.
  4. Agreed this team is a consistent high level goal tender away from a Cup or three, especially considering we are this good with mediocre at best goal tending.
  5. You really think Dallas won't tag him? (2 firsts is the cost of a tagged player signing elsewhere but that's non exclusive)
  6. I've never seen it done but a trade could get done if Watson agreed to void is extension and have a similar (if not better one with his new team).
  7. Hence the guarenteed part.... if dropped he's still guarenteed.
  8. No one forced him to sign a four year extension with 111M guarenteed...
  9. Not unless he wants federal charges.... It would easily be point shaving/odds fixing.
  10. Why wouldn't they if he's the franchise QB everyone wants to give anything for? He's under contract for five more seasons.... he has more to lose than they do.
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