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  1. You don't have to flaunt your superior education :rolleyes5:

  2. you wrote that out with a crayon before you typed it didn't you?

  3. don't be trying to feel for my soft side dude...

  4. there's nothing you can do to make yourself attractive, so no that's definitely not what I was doing.

  5. your dress and umbrella will likely keep everyone far far away from you

  6. my friends could beat up your friends.

  7. Those pictures in that album were great.

  8. So far so good, hope you're well :D

  9. I just wasn't thinking, lol

  10. thank you for the birthday wishes ;)

  11. No one says you're unlucky if you were born on a Monday the 13th :o

  12. it's on friday this year. I was born on a friday :(

  13. If your husband's birthday is the 13th then he and I share birthdays.

  14. Grrr baby! RAWR!!!

  15. if you ever need any parts for your tractor let me know. I know exactly what you mean about them being not cheap. Hopefully all the wet weather we have had will carry on through the summer.

  16. how have you been doing?

  17. lol, I prolly shuntuv, but i did it anyway :lol:

  18. They'll see one day...

  19. Why are you feelin bad? Is something up with the new dog, you certainly haven't said much about it...

  20. I been doin well. Why the hell do you want to go fishin when it's gonna be in the teens outside? You can get drunk and not catch fish in the sanctity of your own home and not freeze to death.

  21. Hey sweetcheeks! You been doin well?

  22. :smilielol5: o lawd you crazy rascal :lol:

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