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  1. Talk about someone who should post more. Damn! You're missed, dude.

  2. Chicken Plucker!

  3. Last activity 5-20-09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it Landon!!!

  4. where ya been?

  5. Kia Ora squire. Please do some work so I can therefore go to bed (it's 1.23am)

  6. You don't have to flaunt your superior education :rolleyes5:

  7. I have to go to work... They need more people who can color in between the lines.

  8. you wrote that out with a crayon before you typed it didn't you?

  9. don't worry about me, I thought that's what you had your dog for....

  10. don't be trying to feel for my soft side dude...

  11. oh please, we know there's a soft side to you... somewhere.

  12. there's nothing you can do to make yourself attractive, so no that's definitely not what I was doing.

  13. are you sure? Seems like that idea might attract your friends... I think you're trying to set me up for success and that's just wrong.

  14. your dress and umbrella will likely keep everyone far far away from you

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