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  1. having Pitts or Sewell drop to 8 was always a reach. Same with Chase
  2. Without getting into the specifics on this mock, I like the general idea/strategy of trading back to get more picks and CB. But I see NE as a much better draft day partner than WFT for reasons on both sides. And why would NE move up for a WR when they don't have a long term answer at qb yet? Trade with us and they get to pick.
  3. Wayne is what I watched after getting to the end of season two of The Boys. If you like Deadpool and Wayne The Boys is right there. https://www.amazon.com/The-Boys-Season-1/dp/B07QNJCXZK
  4. Love that you report posts.  Hate when I take a look and go "wtf?"  

    stop reporting posts for no reason other than hate towards a mod and/or being spiteful.

    There are literally no other posters on this site with 14 Warning points.  Rayzor is a friggin' saint with that kind of patience.  

  5. Could not help but notice that my week 3 picks were not included in your rundown at the start of your week 4 thread?  Not like I did great but would like to see if I can get on a roll.  Here is link, 


    1. UpstatePanther
    2. PntherPryd


      thanks for taking this on.  did anyone step up to help?

      I can't help right now but may be in position to in a couple of weeks.




    3. UpstatePanther


      Yeah @Liminy is helping out. A third set of eyes would be welcome too if you want to help. :)

      Basically just need someone to verify all the picks each Monday night. 

      There's an off chance I'll need someone to write the topic once in a while because of my job. If I anticipate that being necessary, I'll forward my Excel spreadsheet to one of y'all to fill in. It will do most of the work for you and is clearly labeled. But we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

  6. This is a cool youtube channel but critiquing this "country song" on first listen reveals a lot. Gotta listen to end.
  7. Shoot, I'm sorry.

    I made a mistake and deleted your team.

    But I can re-send invite, email address?

  8. How many shots of Hill "NOT" watching the ball all the way in have been posted by Jeremy? I love this picture.
  9. Competition is good. And I don't think the Panthers are done with bringing in more competition, especially in the secondary.
  10. Thanks, as always for the info. I have no idea why more people aren't paying more attention to the site that has correctly called last year's 1 and 2 and this years 1 at pick 30. Really impressive. That being said, do you realistically include Von Bell as those available at #62? That would be a huge fall for him and wonder why that would be? Unless teams are just tired of taking Buckeyes? Also, any other names to throw out that would have our interest if we stay put at #62?
  11. This is why I don't like player names as part of screen names. How can we take your criticism of D Henry seriously when you are such a CAP fanboy? At least you are consistent.
  12. Does Voth read the huddle? http://blackandbluereview.com/josh-norman-cant-report-havent-signed-anything/ he posted this yesterday on his site.
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