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  1. We have too many injuries to the feet, ankle and knee to keep the artificial turf. I'm with on this.
  2. I've missed you! Let's roll! CSP has said it! what's Candida?
  3. Then we'll be first in the draft without having to trade back. Ok, I'll shut up.
  4. Give it to 'em LP. I agree 100%. WE have a building team for the long run.
  5. I get that feeling too. We start and end the season with division games.
  6. It wouldn't be good but I wouldn't crash and burn over it either. I don't expect to win our division but it would be nice. I'm anxious to see how the team develops as the season progresses. I don't think we will have a losing season but not a championship run either.
  7. Excellent post, LP. I hope they (all teams) do go back to natural grass turf.
  8. Glad someone has some good sense. I agree with your post. Thanks.
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