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  1. He was taking the job no matter what. 62mil talks loudly.
  2. He may say he wish he hadn't taken the job but 62mil talks loudly. I blame Tepper more than rule.
  3. Don't disagree. I would hate to take the south. Don't mind a few wins but going to the playoffs would spell disaster. We'd be one and done. I hate saying that.
  4. We are still atop the NFC south. TB lost today.
  5. There's just no hope for me.
  6. My profound apology to my dear Huddlers. I was under the influence of a different Schotch than what I normally drink. Just replace Saints with Atlanta.
  7. You're right. New Orleans is where he coached. I tried out a new Scotch and it has messed with my brain.
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