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  1. I wouldn't say but I would say disappointed. Not disappointed in the players but very disappointed in the coaching as a whole.
  2. I bet he gets a 7 year 56 million dollar contract.
  3. Don't start! Don't ever start! That moth(*&%%*(*()(&*ing piece of horse ass! Rhule will fkit up, you watch and see!
  4. Well, what can we do about it? Maybe this will work out. Maybe it will not. All I can say is; Tepper you made your bed now you have to lay in it. I'm just not looking forward to next year.
  5. You got that right! Wouldn't be an asset at all.
  6. Yes, there's plenty to say. As you said, he's not going to read it. I agree it's a waste of time to say what I would like to. If I knew it was going to be read, I could say plenty. I know your intent and it's admirable.
  7. Ed Hokalee (spelling) actually said to Cam, when he was on his back after a blatent roughing the passer, 'you've not been in this league long enough to get a roughing the passer'. The ref never had one bit of discipline or had to apologize to Cam.
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