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  1. They don't suck. They just don't like Carolina and never have
  2. fug it. TD will play with a cast. I home it's just a stinger
  3. Great job to Josh not going for the pick 6. Hell yeahhhhh
  4. anyone see any comments from them about the weather?
  5. Winston is gonna be a good qb for Tampa for a while. He plays smart.
  6. Damn u know it's bad when they don't show. It. Must be a bone out. Ouch.
  7. Ridiculous PI call gave them good field position. Offense will get some rhythm next series
  8. its ashamed how little these girls make
  9. I got my monies worth.. Bet the over lol. Good game but holy crap i. hate division games. And alot of thirty penalaties kept us in it. We gotta regroup after this one.
  10. Its one of those games... Oh well. Back to fundamemtals monday. Still gonna pull this one out. The saints cant keep up this level of competition
  11. We moved to down to the first row at the end of the third quarter. We are spent the remainder of the game making sure the cheer leaders know they were enjoyed. that brunette on the left could be barely stop laughing. Lol
  12. @RoaringRiot any chance i can get you to bring me an electric blue bandanna or a growl towel to the game? I went to walmart last nightto find somehting the right color and all they had was a extra small pair of starter underwear.. ..yes i bought them.... they spoke to me.
  13. apparently. i cant even tell you what happened most of last season and i watched every game. lol
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