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  1. He needs a galvanizing win and we need Andersen in net Vs. Boston. I say we go Andersen tomorrow. Koch Leafs, Andersen Boston. We don’t need to rush Raanta back in this stretch. Bring him back once we get out of the playoff team run if he’s ready.
  2. Who was in net the last time we played the leafs. I can’t recall.
  3. Wonder why Brent. Maybe he just wanted to practice some shots?
  4. Ditto, though not particularly about Stroud. I just figured he changed his number again.
  5. Honestly I think he might have been suffering from a concussion. You are going to charge Staal, especially when he is stationary. Ya, good luck.
  6. Not to mention got a Fasty as well. Our grind line might not be offense. But if you run into any of them, best of luck to you.
  7. First off, I gotta say that’s some harsh light on Mike and Trip. Use a fugging shim at the least. Secondly, 1 down 4 to go.
  8. Koch better watch his 5 hole on Thursday because they will be gunning for him. Unless Rod decides to go double Andersen on the Rag’s. Which I kind of hope happens. Andersen is a playoff goalie. When he is healthy.
  9. That Chatty goal. He came out of a fuging canon. And he hit the spot Shi had no chance of covering. But maybe that was the game plan.
  10. I was not not sure our Chip game would work. But it wore them down… playoffs though. Chip game isn’t guaranteed.
  11. Andersen saved us. Rod played that perfect and our boys were ready for it. Now they gotta come to our house(probably Vs. Koch), and we will be ready.
  12. And that’s how you play a fuging grind game. I take it back Rod.
  13. What I was going to say is the canes just hit 5th gear. While the rags are stuck in second. Maybe the Chip game will actually work. We are definitely third period out skating them and the last thing they want is OT.
  14. Chatty pissed. Did we call our timeout or were they checking for offsides?
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