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  1. I don’t fear them either. I do fear the NHL HQ though. Hopefully they realize if they are trying to fix poo Hurricanes Vs. Avs is going to be their best Stanley cup. If there was two opponents that have not faced each other that would be fun to watch this season it’d be that.
  2. And somehow we had what was it 9 straight penalty kills + the 4v4’s against FL the last time?
  3. I’d prefer Florida. If TB knows they are going to lose they are going to try and injure our guys. Florida might try but I doubt they’d succeed.
  4. I’m also still peeved for them for the fact Bennett took a game but McDonagh didn’t. The latters boarding was way worse.
  5. Ya I was hoping FL would get their poo together tonight. Sadly seems like they are going to be a quick out for TB.
  6. Concerning. Hopefully its just a lingering pull and not something that requires surgery after the season.
  7. No tweets from the reporter crew so not sure exactly what the canes did/are going to do this morning.
  8. Just don't let him do a post game presser again. Thanks.
  9. I still feel like Paa is only at a 5-6/10, if that dude played full speed hit poo. oh man.
  10. Woah. Someone even laid two hands on Aho and the refs were there in an instant.
  11. Slavin is so high on pain killers right now but his game is still 1000 and 10%
  12. We just need the Aho/Necas/Svech flood gates to open this period. The first two have been trying way too hard and Svech has been shut down for the most part.
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