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  1. Don’t underestimate Fasty. He creates his opportunities. That’s what you need in the playoffs.
  2. Ya I did notice that too. Not a huge fan of not having our hardest grinder and playoff goal leader from last playoffs in there for game one… but such is sports.
  3. Fug… I’m pretty sure it’s his back or maybe shoulder. He hit the post and the boards hard. Shoulder to post back to boards.
  4. Rod doesn’t know if fast will practice tomorrow.
  5. Meh don’t like svech still on 3. 3 needs to be shutdown.
  6. Obviously Andersen’s got the starter crease. I would not be surprised if Rod continues to rotate goalies though.
  7. Martin, Blake and Nadeau also not at practice. I assume Morrow is pairing with TDA as a 4th pair which is why he got the invite.
  8. I had the late games. The pens fugged me.
  9. Fyi practice is at 11:00. Dunno if we are practicing tomorrow too or morning skating Saturday(doubt it).
  10. The more I think about it if Fast can’t go Saturday I want KK on Staals wing for the shutdown line.
  11. Fun Fact: Only canes to play 82 games. Martinook, Burns, Orlov. Other canes to play 81 only to be sat in a not meaningless game Jarvis, Slavin. Everyone else was 80 or below. With the except of Noesen who I believe missed a game early this season with Covid/RSV. Skjei and Staal also played every game they were started in as well as KK(who is lower due to healthy scratch).
  12. I thought Vancouver was legit out of the mix, crazy they are still in it, goes to show what losing game 82 means. Also fify, “canes play well away against not west coast teams” I honestly think Rod didn’t think we’d lose 82 because our goalie let in 6 goals…
  13. Flipped over to scout the isles after the first in the Tampa game. That game was sealed from the second TB goal.
  14. Everyone is like Toronto dipped to get Boston. I’m like nah. They literally are just playing to get Matthews a goal. They are not playing sound hockey at all.
  15. Also, everything I’m hearing so far(NHL insiders on X, Sirius NHL, NBA playoff schedule) points to us being earlier slot(yay…. not) on Sunday. I’m hoping for Saturday though.
  16. What are we thinking for lines if Fast can’t go for some games? My Preferred: Guenz - Aho - TT Svech(*) - Kuz - Jarvis Martinook - Staal - KK Noesen(*) - Drury - Necas What I think will happen: Guenz - Aho - Jarvis Noesen(*) - Drury - Necas Martinook - Staal - TT(*) Svech(*) - Kuz - KK(*) *Interchangeable
  17. Well Sutherland really fuged up the game by blowing the whistle. They need to rewrite the whistle rule somehow. It’s becoming a regular issue.
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