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  1. I missed that. I know they were trying to play it off as a cramp Sunday. Thanks for the info!
  2. If you got internet connection, someone on here can point you in the sports urge direction. Feel better dude. I know what you are going through is rough.
  3. Well we gotta wait for the cowboys for that. But we are on a good start so far.
  4. Balls. Was hoping YGM was a go. Looks like it was more than just cramps last week.
  5. Be safe dude! Too many covid cases especially up there in the eastern Washington area.
  6. Hopefully it turned out good! If you need any pointers hit me up.
  7. And honestly if Rhule is preaching humility he gets mad mad points in my book.
  8. Ya unfortunately my Cherokee’s and Sun Gold’s poo out a few weeks ago(user error) those bastards. My Russians and marzano’s are going well still though. He’s a lucky man.
  9. Just enjoy this. Don’t as the kiddies said, Jump the shark, just enjoyed this epic showing across the board.
  10. I wish to be as positive as you!
  11. The mainstream seems to like Rhule… that bodes good things from the media front.
  12. Just put some wings on your burger. She won’t notice.
  13. Ya I know it’s scary and not what I would think. But you got to look at the current management. Fitts has never prioritized rushers.
  14. Serious question though.. how much are we gonna play Nickel though?
  15. I don’t disagree but everything I’ve seen from our FO/coaching team so far. And make sure that “so far” is the quantifier. Is they would be willing to sacrifice the one big contract for 3-4 above average contracts. And don’t get me wrong I agree we pay burns even if he wants league best money. I’m just worried our GM/coach will test the market and posture different positions over him. Especially if he has a down year on the double up which it looks like what is going to happen. And he will end up pulling a Peppers, that’s why I really hope we can get one or two entrances to really keep him in “the program”.
  16. I know you have your prejudice, but is this team going to be willing to pay him top figures at his position, because that’s what he’s going to control. If that’s what you think, no worries. We’ll see what fitts can come up with. But right now I see fitts as a much more moderately conservative GM. Especially with his time at Seattle he’s much more prone to break the bank on CB’s and get above average D-line.
  17. I know you aren’t a hockey watcher but see the above post.
  18. If we want to keep him here. That’s the kicker don’t cloud your judgement with Hurney, Rivera, Gettleman, Richardson era. If we know we can find 2 burns for the price of one. I’d like to keep him here but it’s gonna take a playoff run or two.
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