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  1. I think that was kind of the point. Playing the lesser goalies and keeping our top 4 defense pair off the ice. Staal was not putting much effort in that I saw either.
  2. Canes rook lineup lost… vet lineup down 2-0. Gotta get some poo going.
  3. Our vets are trying to get way way too fancy on the power play for a preseason game.
  4. One thing I know it’s preseason and cheap tickets but you gotta love to see all these kids at these games. Build that younger fan base.
  5. Did anyone see that old lady box crowd in Tampa. Holy poo socialites and we think the Carolina panthers is a wine and cheese crowd.
  6. My god, they gotta fix the color commentators audio volume. He is like 10db too high.
  7. It is kind of surprising we aren’t seeing Slavin, Burns, Skjei and Pesce on this trip. I suppose to get defensive prospects a look with our vet forwards in Tampa.
  8. All three times in that timeframe looking at the schedule actually.
  9. Who wants to bet FUS ends up on the Vet majority side of the double header tomorrow night.
  10. And we have our first full refs you suck chant.
  11. Lemieux pushed into the goalie… refs call it goaltender interference.
  12. I don’t know which cane defended that 3-1 but holy poo it was perfect.
  13. Skjei on the board. Carolina came out fierce in these past 4:16.
  14. This Felix kid is NHL level ready. He’s playing in Sweden I think this year but next year…
  15. Bunting definitely looks likes he’s going to take time to adjust.
  16. No word on official lineups tonight as that squad apparently didn’t morning skate. Doesn’t look like Florida is hardly playing any main squad vets. I don’t recognize a single name from last season tonight. Only two other names I recognize are Knight and Lorentz.
  17. Day two roster. Looks like bunting will debut with KK and Noesen.
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