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  1. Congrats to the wolves. Now let’s get some prospects up.
  2. Avs are that good, the only way they were losing this year was Carolina or Florida. And honestly I don’t think we stood much of a chance unless we got our goalies healthy.
  3. Sign at almost any cost. The dude will pick up as a shooter again and his defense is excellent(and far better than dougie). Though I do feel like we need to split him, let him anchor his own line and give Slavin the project player to work with.
  4. I like Vas too. But that was some serious dirty poo by Tampa.
  5. I still can’t believe the poo Tampa got away with last night. That hit on colorados goalie was atrocious.
  6. Let’s hope Colorado doesn’t fall victim. Though I’m afraid they will. Send Kadri on Vas in retaliation.
  7. I’m sorry but Colorado is the most complete young team, and they aren’t afraid to play dirty. We’ll be there next year. Someone needs to get Rod to stop gut feeling though.
  8. Did Tampa really think they had a chance against Colorado?
  9. Gotcha. Well that’s good there’s more allied hockey!
  10. Huh? I thought that was the Calder.
  11. I don’t think he can fairly be judged as long as Rhule is coach. But it does appear he’s trying to save this poo organization.
  12. Fug. His comment doesn’t sound promising. Nino is a keep at any expense(after we lock up TDA) player.
  13. I’m hoping Chatfield too. Especially if we can’t figure Bear out.
  14. He just needs to shoot the puck more. He’s a Rod player, he just needs to realize it isn’t always about passing and setups. He needs to shoot the damn puck.
  15. I don’t even a league darling rangers could beat Colorado even if every game is fixed. Colorado is brutal, they’ll probably take Igor out game one and without Igor the rangers aren’t poo.
  16. What are the actual probabilities? We have an ass coach, a poo ass roster. We want to bring a diva in…when does this team face reality?
  17. Google onhockey and make sure you have an ad blocker on.
  18. We should have had 13 more goals Vs the rangers… just for perspective. That’s how many posts they hit and half of those were Aho.
  19. Jarvis coming into his own, frankly he needs his own line, should fix the scoring issue. That kid is lit and when he grows up a little, oh yes.
  20. No. They are just league supported. I do believe it’s time for a league management change.
  21. He’s retiring after us. Or going to get a few more years where he doesn’t have to work to hard(ala Steve Smith). But I feel like his fam loves this area and probably doesn’t want to go anywhere for now. He’s got his rings and hoisted the cup.
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